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1 Feb 2015

  • #Pizzagate hashtag is created.

2 Feb 2015

  • Matthew Hopkins News (TheWitchFinderGeneral.com) reviews Depression Quest, giving the game only 27% and provoking Zoe Quinn into changing her Twitter screen name to 'found witch'[1]. Matthew Hopkins is the pen name of Sam Smith, an activist and law student who has been praised in the UK Parliament for representing vulnerable women[2]. Smith, via his Twitter account @MHWitchfinder indicates he is pursuing further stories about Anita Sarkeesian and Sam F Biddle of Gawker.

4 Feb 2015

  • TechRaptor publishes the first two portions of an interview they conducted with Allistair Pinsof, who was the subject of GameJournoPros blacklisting after he was fired from Destructoid. In his interview, Pinsof states that he decided to come out into the open after being blocked by IGF Chairman Brandon Boyer on twitter. Pinsof then described how Boyer used his personal connections in order to help a friend win the 2011 Fantastic Arcade Best of Show Award for Faraway. Pinsof also talked about how developer Shawn McGrath and artist Jason Degroot were not properly credited or compensated for work on Fez and how McGrath was libeled in Indie Game: The Movie.[3][4]
  • GiantBomb forum moderators censors links to Allistair Pinsof's Techraptor interviews and locks the thread from being discussed.[5][6]
  • r/KotakuInAction users report that moderators on the r/Games and r/gaming subreddits are banning all discussion of Allistair Pinsof's TechRaptor interview.[7]

5 Feb 2015

  • Slate.com releases an article by David Auerbach about how Wikipedia's flawed system led to The Guardian's article spreading false information about feminist editors being banned from Wikipedia to be accepted as truth due to their rule of taking "reliable sources"'s words as definite truth[8]
  • TechRaptor releases the third and final portion of their interview with Allistair Pinsof in which he talks about his thoughts on GamerGate and the circumstances in which he was fired from Destructoid. [9]
  • Anti-GG Game Developer Alec Holowka tweets "I remember getting pulled aside by Shawn McGrath randomly at some GDC to be told that Phil ripped Fez off him." [10] Less than ten minutes after posting his tweet, Holowka backpedaled, deleted his tweet, claimed that "it was just a funny/weird moment for me personally," [11] and accused GamerGate of harassing him [12]

6 Feb 2015

  • The Anti-Defamation League tries to push Feminist Frequency anti-gaming course material into Common Core. [13]
  • William Usher writes an article about Kotaku's piece attempting to debunk Alistair Pinsof accussations against brandon Boyer and IGF.[14]
  • Reddit user and Mod of /r/KotakuInAction, /u/Meowsticgoesnya, allegedly attempts suicide. KotakuInAction and GamerGhazi wish her well. [15]
  • Matthew Hopkins News publishes an article on the Gawker Mein Kampf scandal calling for #GamerGate activists to write to legislators. [16]

7 Feb 2015

  • University of Southampton is reveled to hold a seminar against GamerGate. The seminar is by Mark Bernstein, who was previously community topic banned on Wikipedia.[17]
  • Evidence emerges that numerous Steam astroturf accounts were involved in getting Revolution 60 greenlit. [18]
  • Article at Daily Dot, about Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack's upcoming book on women in the tech industry. #GamerGate mentioned, and portrayed in a very negative light. [19]
  • The Verge Updates Affiliate Link Disclosure Following #GamerGate FTC Campaign.[20]
  • TechRaptor releases an article talking about Shawn McGrath role in the Making of Fez and the Pinsof's claims about how Phil Fish “stole significantly from their [Mcgrath and Fish’s] code, projects and ideas to create Fez”.[21]

8 Feb 2015

  • More corruption of Reddit exposed.[22]

9 Feb 2015

  • It is strongly suspected in a KotakuInAction thread that Wired and Ars Technica, both Condé Nast properties, have not been disclosing affiliate links; as well as collecting personal information from their users.[23]
  • ShortFatOtaku released their first new Indie-Fensible video since December, that, while not covering any new leaks, goes over several points over the last few months Dev wanted to talk more about including Internet Aristocrat's departure, Angry Joe, and an Erik Kain article. He also explained the importance of rebuilding the system with new ethical standard in addition to destroying the old one. Link to Video
  • Adland.tv released an article detailing the Gawker response to the backlash from their (Gawker's) Coca-Cola Mein Kampf stunt. You can find Adland's article here and an archive of Gawker's post here.
  • KotakuInAction user Lunar Archivist posts an update on the CBC from the CRTC Thread Archive
  • Liana K Posts Part 1 of her 5 piece series on Feminist Frequency and her criticisms of the series and its community on MetalEater.[24]
  • Matthew Hopkins News publishes an article analysing stigmatising language used by Anita Sarkeesian and Sam F Biddle. [25]

10 Feb 2015

11 Feb 2015

  • Law and Order: SVU releases episode "Intimidation Game" in which a female game developer is attacked by gamer antagonists operating from "reddchanit." The episode is panned by gamergate and anti-gamergaters alike. [28]
  • Brianna Wu writes an article on bustle.com talking about a Law and Order episode "the Intimidation Game" that paints GamerGate in a negative light, talking about websites like Twitter as "built by men for men" and calling Kotaku in Action a "lunatic fringe group," and calling for the owner of 8chan to be arrested. (better description needed)[29]
  • William Usher writes a complete analysis of the Wikipedia entry about #Gamergate in which he examines each section while showing and explaining the of factual inaccuracies and disinformation in each one of them.[30]
  • Liana K Posts Part 3 of her 5 piece series on Feminist Frequency.[31]
  • Matthew Hopkins News publishes an article backing Liana Kerzner and promoting her Patreon. [32]

12 Feb 2015

  • Supernova addresses Adam Baldwin's attendance at their event, which became the target of two petitions created back in January(21-22), one against it, one for it. Supernova allows Adam Baldwin to assist.[33]
  • SupaNoThankYou hastag is started to harass Supanova for allowing Adam Baldwin to appear. [34]
  • Kotaku,[35] Polygon,[36] Ars Technica,[37] and The Verge[38] publish articles about the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode Intimidation Game, criticizing the ridiculous portrayal of the gaming community, yet still claiming it is grounded in reality because of the GamerGate hashtag.
  • Forbes's Erik Kain,[39] Hotair.com,[40] and DailyCaller.com[41] publish neutral articles and criticize the content and message of the episode. Erik Kain lambastes the influence this episode could have on women who are interested in working in the gaming industry.
  • Former Blizzard Developer Mark Bern comments on the anti-gamer SVU episode, denouncing the gaming media.[42]
  • ShortFatOtaku released their fourth Indie-Fensible video, reviewing the Law and Order: SVU episode "Intimidation Game", as well as describing in detail the social forces that make blaming gamers for imagined offenses an extremely easy endeavor.Link to Video
  • Liana K releases part 4 of her "Why Feminist Frequency almost made me quit writing about video games" column. [43]

13 Feb 2015

  • Peter Molyneux's is revealed to have failed to contact Bryan Henderson for over a year after Henderson won the "Curiosity – What's Inside the Cube" contest. Henderson was promised a cut of the revenue from Godus and the ability to play as an ingame digital god. [44]
  • Moviebob leaves The Escapist Magazine. [45]
  • Milo Yiannopoulos is interviewed on CJBK London about the Gamergate Controversy[46]
  • Breitbart London publish a damaging expose about Brianna Wu, revealing she is in fact neither 'Brianna' nor 'Wu'. [47]
  • Edmund McMillenn and Danielle McMillenn discuss the video games industry and #GamerGate in a Twitch stream, in it they say the corruption and agenda pushing in gaming journalism and the indie scene are far worse than what #Gamergate imagines.[48][49]
  • Liana K releases the fifth and final portion of her "Why Feminist Frequency almost made me quit writing about video games" columns. [50]

14 Feb 2014

  • Pandodaily reports that lawyers involved in the intern class action lawsuit against Gawker will use social media, especially places where GamerGate discussion takes place, to spread awareness of the case and try and reach former interns with the help of the people involved in #GamerGate.[51]
  • Armedgamer.com reviews Revolution 60, with mainly negative comments, even calling the game 'offensive' and an 'insipid, stumbling, humorless mess of a game that should never have left the brainstorming stage'[52] (posted to KiA)

15 Feb 2015

  • Matthew Hopkins News publishes an article revealing developers of minor indie game That Which Sleeps have broken Kickstarter promises. [53]

16 Feb 2015

  • Pornstar Merces Carrera uploads Youtube video, hitting front page of KotakuInaction as she explains her friend being victimized and criticising fake victimhood of SJWs.[54] [55]
  • William Usher releases an article about ABC admiting not being interested in the whole #Gamergate story because some details "would be hard to spin"[56]

17 Feb 2015

  • Dailycaller writes an article about #Gamergate, questioning the harassment narrative and how people use it as a excuse to harass those participating in the consumer revolt under the pretense: "they deserve it".[57]

18 Feb 2015

  • Operation FairPlay starts. [58]
  • Spiked-Online releases an article about Adam Baldwin being allowed to attend SupaNova, in which they say that GamerGate "has become the rallying point for one of the most effective fightbacks against cultural authoritarianism in recent memory."[59]

19 Feb 2015

  • Techraptor releases an article about a lawyer using social media to gather plaintiffs for a Gawker Intern lawsuit.[60]

20 Feb 2015

  • /r/KotakuInAction user TheAndredal posted the thread 'Working on an ethics policy for Gamespot, want advice', a Mod-verified claim that GameSpot was going to be working on a new Ethics Policy, and that TheAndredal could have input. Within 12 hours, after some good points were brought up, an update to the thread was posted that stated: "Ben Howard saw this and has now stopped talking to me all together. Saying i somehow lied. Which is wrong. It doesn't look like they're going to listen to us after all. He removed himself from the conversation that we had and i've not recieved any update from them on this. If you really want to help me, send them emails."[61] Ben Howard subsequently made a post clarifying his position, stating "He is not working on an ethics policy for us, that is something we continue to work on internally. I did mention that we have and will declare when preview travel and accomodation is paid for - as in the case of Danny O'Dwyer's trip for WWE last. Most preview trips are budgeted and paid for by us ourselves. This thread has become a (mostly) useful feedback thread however, so i can assure you we do read and listen to these threads."[62]

21 Feb 2015

  • Brianna Wu uses out-of-context tweets to try to pin someone threatening to gas PAX East on #GamerGate. When viewed in full context in the timeline, it's obvious they were threatening to kill those who use the #GamerGate hashtag that are pro-reform.[63][64][65]
  • Techraptor posts 'The Life of AfterLife Empire – An Interview with Danielle Maiorino', an interview with TFYC winner Danielle Maiorino about her game AfterLife Empire as well as her experiences during her brief time in the games industry.
  • APGNation posts an editorial titled 'For Better or Worse: Entitlement in Gaming' showcasing good and bad sides to the so-called "gamer entitlement", such as the backlash on NeoGaf for Tekken 7 character Lucky Chloe, the Mass Effect 3 ending backlash, and the backlash to the lack of playable female characters in Assassin's Creed: Unity
  • The FatDuckTech journalist Alex Kidman attacked Satoshi Kamasutra over a Storify detailing a rant Kidman had about Adam Baldwin (Archive). Despite Kidman calling Baldwin "a coward and a hatemonger" among other things, Kidman claimed that Satoshi had "defamed him".[66]

22 Feb 2015

23 Feb 2015

  • Metro interviews Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's President and CEO Jim Ryan, wherein Ryan says "I think the GamerGate thing is absolutely horrible." Also in the interview, he states that minority quotas are the wrong way to solve the diversity issue " I don't think you can or should discriminate one way or the other. Quotas in boardrooms, quotas in sporting teams, I personally don't believe that these are the right way to achieve a world where discrimination is not prevalent." [69] News sites MVC,International Business Times, and Engadget reported on the interview.
  • Techraptor founder Rutledge Daugette responded to the claims made in John Kelly's blogpost detailing a potential bias about the game SeedScape because of the pro-reform leaning team. In the forum post/topic, Rutledge breaks down the numerous points claimed by John Kelly and responded to them, while leaving the thread open for discussion.[70]

24 Feb 2015

  • Scrumpmonkey, via the Word of the Nerd website, responded to the Moviepilot article 'The War for the Soul of Geek Culture' by Alisha Grauso with part one of a three part series titled 'The Shocking Inadequacy of GamerGate Coverage'. In this piece, Scrupmonkey "lay[s] out an alternative vision, and also explain why sensationalist claims made in the media about gamers are false."[71]
  • Kat Crawley, now former writer for the InfoSec Institute, is fired from her writing position after writing 'Child Porn, SSNs, and Gamergate: The Vile Tale of 8chan'. She posted the response from her editor on /r/GamerGhazi, with said editor stating "At best, it was a bad fit for us. At worst - which I am now in my third day of being called on the carpet for - it has tarred our name and damaged the brand" and "This isn't the first time I've been taken to task for content appearing under your byline but it is the last."[72] Since posting the email from her editor, it has been deleted. She also reached out to numerous big names considered anti-reform, including AMIB and Randi Harper. [73][74][75][76][77][78][79]
  • BuzzFeed's Joseph Bernstein interviewed Jan Ronkowski about the Jace Connors Character, after Ronkowski felt that GamerGate supporters, who were looking into the possibility it was a hoax the week prior, got too close for comfort. It was also revealed that the restraining order against "Jace" by Brianna Wu was never filed, as the authorities could not locate the man given that he did not exist. Despite the fact that it was never approved, she implied that it was active in both interviews and on social media. [80] [81]

25 Feb 2015

  • William Usher posts an article on his One Angry Gamer blog detailing Brianna Wu claiming that IGN, Game Informer, and Giant Bomb are part of the problem, with Wu stating “If I were asking the media to do anything it would be: don’t let big game companies and media like IGN, Giant Bomb and Game Informer off the hook. They are the primary reason this problem exists.”[82]
  • In response to VG247's refusal to allow an op-ed by Mark Kern, the hashtag #LetMarkSpeak is started and is made to trend in the United States.[83] TechRaptor, Niche Gamer and TotalBiscuit all offer coverage on their platforms instead.[84][85][86]
  • In light of CBC's new hitpiece on #GamerGate, /r/KotakuInAction moves to contact the Canadian Radio-Television Commission[87]

26 Feb 2015

  • It is found out that Code Liberation receive moneys on each of the GamerGateIsHate T-shirts and get promoted by Leigh Alexander for making them.[88] In response, the GamerGateIsLove T-shirt campaign is started.
  • Sargon interviews Brandon Morse and Liana K after their hiring at Defy Media/The Escapist
  • Due to the recent Escapist news, ShortFatOtaku takes a look at The Escapist, bringing up some issues worth noting.
  • Mercedes Carrera is interviewed by Patrick Bissett at The Daily Caller, discussing #GamerGate and her recent charity[89]
  • Dale Goodridge talks to TechRaptor's Georgina Young in The People of #GamerGate
  • Brad Wardell discusses female characters in Stardock's latest game, Fallen Enchantress, and how they meet Anita Sarkeesian's list of "eight things developers can do to make games less shitty for women"[90]
  • Polygon's Brian Crecente interviewed former Ubisoft developer Jade Raymond, when asked about sexism in the games industry, she commented: "It's weird," she says. "I guess I'd never experienced any issues — working in the game industry is great. I think all of the people in the game industry are great that you get to work with." She also noted her first experience with the uglier side of the gaming community, which happened during the promotional period for the first Assassin's Creed game. [91]

27 Feb 2015

28 Feb 2015

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