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Twitter is a social network where users can post "tweets" up to 140-characters in length. Twitter utilizes "hashtags", which are words or phrases starting with the pound symbol (#). GamerGate was started when Adam Baldwin used the hashtag #GamerGate in reference to one of Internet Aristocrat's Quinnspiracy Theory videos.

Role in Gamergate


In April 2016, Twitter shadowbans President Donald Trump, his 3:04 PM Tweet wasn't showing in his timeline, even with "Tweets and Replies."[2][3]

In August 2018, Will Wheaton announces that he will leave Twitter on August 17,2018 and calling it D-Day (known as "DeactiDay"), it's because he, fans, and friends do not like how Jack Dorsey and the higher ups refuse to ban Alex Jones, it's because the latter did not break anything in the TOS. [4]

In February 9, 2019, Twitter suspended Anime Outsiders' account some days later, after AO showed evidence that proves the KickVic campaign was based entirely of false allegations.[5][6][7]

Twitter bans

  • On February 28, The Fine Young Capitalists were banned from Twitter for posting a link to their own video series on Gender Studies In Video Games. That ban lasted only for few hours.
  • On or before September 7, Twitter banned CameraLady for reporting on Gamergate.[1] As of September 22, the account has not been restored.
  • In late October, there were many reports of twitter users being spam reported by bots when they posted with the #gamergate tag.
  • In 2017, Godfrey Elfwick, a parody account, was permanently banned.[8]
  • In 2019, Project Veritas is temporary suspended due to decided that investigative journalism violates their TOS.[9][10][11]

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