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1 Dec 2014

  • NicheGamer releases another article of an interview conducted with Xbro, an Xbox game developer. This interview was on the subject of IGDA and blacklists.[1]
  • TechRaptor published an article about David S. Gallant an indie developer, David S. Gallant decided not to give steam keys to GamerGate supporters who had previously bought his game "I Get This Call Every Day".[2]
  • William Usher releases an article about John T. Drake a former press representative for Harmonix and current director of portfolio strategy at PlayStation who was in a relationship with Andrea Rene, a freelancer and former contributor to the Escapist, while doing preview for Harmonix’s Fantasia: Music Evolved. There were no disclosures of this fact or any acknowledgments during the time the preview was published.

2 Dec 2014

  • Brad Wardell writes an entry in his blog showing disapproval of Zoe Quinn's call to blacklist an illustrator who drew a comic she found offensive, due to this the opposition of GamerGate started a boycotting campaign against Brad's company Stardock.[3][4]

3 Dec 2014

  • Techraptor's Georgina Young interviews William O’Neal, a Journalist who was a member of GameJournoPros, about his famous phrase and his depiction of the private google mailing list.[5]
  • William Usher publishes an article about Desura's stance on David S. Gallant's actions as well as their policies, they also revealed that David removed his game from Desura. David claimed that Desura's "social media representative acted in an unprofessional manner" towards him, so therefore he decided to pull his game.[6]
  • William Usher releases an update on the David Gallant situation, the update reveals that David is unable to withold steam keys from being given to specific accounts. Due to this David abandons his plan of withholding steam keys from GamerGate supporters who had originally bought his game.[7]
  • An article on The Amherst Student, a college student newspaper, was released by William Harvey. Its tone is fairly neutral, and seriously talked about both the perceived harassment and corruption both sides present. At this time, the article appears to have been removed, though an archive can be found here.
  • Target Australia pulls GTA5 from shelves. The decision is attributed to an online petition that claimed that the game encouraged players to “commit sexual violence and kill women.”[8] Shortly afterwards, Kmart Australia announces that they're pulling GTA5 as well.[9]

4 Dec 2014

  • Techraptor covers the story of Devi Ever, a game developer that used the money of her kickstarter to donate to a non-profit instead of paying back her backers their refunds for her failed project.[10]
  • Nichegamer interviews developer Christian Allen, who worked on AAA games including Halo: Reach, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and Ghost Recon. Allen criticizes the current state of game journalism and states that "I have personally sat in negotiations where a publisher negotiated a higher review score for a game in exchange for an exclusive cover or assets for a separate upcoming game. It is common, especially with previews. This is why you often see glowing previews of bad games, or pre-release reviews that have to be revised post-launch." [11]
  • Kotaku publishes an op-ed defending Target's decision to remove GTA5. The article attacked Grand Theft Auto‘s for portraying women as "‘prostitutes’ or wailing, nagging buffoons" and stated that "the petition was the work of women with serious, sincere concerns." [12] Ben Kuchera of Polygon [13] and Kyle Orland of Ars Technica [14] express similar sentiments, claiming that refusing to sell GTA5 was not censorship.
  • Totalbiscuit tweets "When you see games media sites celebrating the censorship of a videogame, you know they've forgotten what it means to be proconsumer." [15] PennyArcade also criticizes the decision, publishing a strip comparing the removal of GTA5 to bookburning [16]

5 Dec 2014

  • NicheGamer publishes an article in which Xbro responds to a facebook post by Sela Davis a software engineer at Xbox Live.[17][18]
  • William Usher publishes an article about CBC's executive producer's acknowledging the media slant against Gamergate.[19]
  • APGNation publishes an article of an interview conducted with Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers about Gaming and GamerGate.[20]

7 Dec 2014

  • Destructoid writes an article, talking about AbleGamers refusing to receive money from Mercedes Carrera's charity porn stream due to it's links to #Gamergate. AbleGamers claims they were DDoSed shortly afterwards. Although AbleGamers didn't name a culprit, Destructoid draws the conclusion that #GamerGate DDOSed AbleGamers.[21]
  • TheRalphRetort releases an article in which an individual pinged the IP address for AbleGamers' webserver during the supposed DDOS attack and received a ping response time of 139ms which indicates that there was no DDOS on AbleGamers. TheRalphRetort hypothesizes that AbleGamers received a spike in normal traffic which was mistaken for a DDOS.[22]
  • Techraptor interviews Mercedes Carrera and Mark Barlett, founder of AbleGamers. Mark confirms that AbleGamers was not the target of a DDoS attack that their network issues were caused by normal increased traffic.[23]

11 Dec 2014

  • NicheGamer interviews Adrian Chmielarz, the Co-owner/Creative Director of The Astronauts (The Vanishing of Ethan Carter), and the former Co-owner/Creative Director at People Can Fly (Painkiller, Bulletstorm).[24]
  • Breitbart releases an article about GamerGate's Anti-Bullying Campaign and how it cost Gawker over a million dollars.[25]

13 Dec 2014

15 Dec 2014

  • Breitbart journalist, Milo Yiannopuolos, Announces he is putting on hold his current book:'The Sociopaths of Silicon Valley' to write one about #GamerGate to which he refers as the biggest internet storm in a decade.[28]
  • Hatred, An indie game which prominently features extremely violent behavior, is pulled from Steam Greenlight, reportedly for being 'too offensive' to be supported by the service.[29]

17 Dec 2014

  • After heavy backlash and criticism from consumers, Hatred is reinstated on Steam Greenlight, along with a personal comment from Gabe Newell about the removal
  • More Gamejournopro emails are leaked, revealing that a circle of journalists lead by Patrick Klepek from Giant Bomb conspired to blacklist developer Kevin Dent from receiving any interviews or media attention.[30]
  • Jimmy Wales defends the deletion of the GamerGate.Wikia.com's "Wikipedia" article.[31][32]

18 Dec 2014

  • An anonymous Redditor publishes a private e-mail from Jimbo that reveals Jimbo's strong feelings on GamerGate. Jimbo called people who investigate corruption in journalism and publish their findings online "vicious assholes" and questioned the decentralized, leaderless approach of GamerGate.[33]

19 Dec 2014

  • William Usher continues the story about the blacklisting/boycott of Kevin Dent which was done by GameJournosPro. This Boycott/Blacklisting may have breached AntiTrust laws, something that can be reported to the FTC.[34]
  • CrimeandFederalism.com releases an article in which it shows with evidence how Margaret Pless and Zoe Quinn doxed the lawyer Mike Cernovich, filled false police reports against him and put his live in danger by trying to get him swatted for showing support to the ideals of #GamerGate.[35]

29 Dec 2014

  • William Usher releases an article critical of the Dec. 28th state of Wikipedia's article on the Gamergate controversy. He also sends a selection of GameJournoPros e-mails to Jimmy Wales.[36]

30 Dec 2014

  • GameJournoPros member Patrick Klepek leaves Giantbomb for Kotaku [37]

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