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Parent Company GameStop Corporation
Owner Andy McNamara
Editor-in-Chief Andy McNamara
Boycotted? Yes

Role in GamerGate

A notable role in Game Informer is the fact that it has allowed discussion for both sides of GamerGate in its user-created blogs.

A blog by Game Informer Member Jack Gardner was written on October 20, 2014 and he gives opinions that are not favorable towards GamerGate.[1]

Another Game Informer Member whose user name is CodeNameCrono has written two articles relating to GamerGate topics. In one blog he wrote on January 9, 2015, he shows an unfavorable opinion for Intel Inside's choices of supporting IGDA and Feminist Frequency. He does go into details on why Intel Inside's decisions were not the best decisions to achieve equality in tech.[2] In his other blog that was written on January 19, 2015, he writes how ABC news is not holding itself to the standards of a notable feminist icon, Barbara Walters. It does go into details on the ABC news GamerGate hit piece.[3]

Further Questionable Content

In the November 2014, Gamer Informer had released its 259th issue.[4] In this issue on pg. 35, an interview by Matt Helgeson on Anita Sarkeesian was published.[5] The interview mostly covers her style of critic and the harassment she has claimed to received. Unfortunately, Helgeson does not criticize the methods of her approach and the validity it offers.[6] Some arguments Sarkeesian has given in the past in her Feminist Frequency videos are never brought up in a critical manner in the interview. One such claim she has made in the past is that violence against women in video games have some sort of an impact in the real world.[7] Despite her claims, this is contrary to studies on the correlation of violent video games and real life violent behavior.[8]

In January 2015, Gamer Informer released its 261st issue,[1] and on pg. 7 was a response the magazine had given on the critical feedback on the biased interview on Anita Sarkeesian in issue 259.[9] This response had stated that the Utah State University threats were real even though was proven false by Utah State University.[10] It also claims that this threat is proof of the gaming community being hostile towards women without providing proof of these claims. This response claims any legitimate criticism or feedback on her cannot be had due to her claimed harassment.

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