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3 Nov 2014

  • Mozilla's The Open Standard calls for someone to write a rebuttal pro-GamerGate article.[1]

4 Nov 2014

  • Mozilla's The Open Standard publishes a pro-GamerGate rebuttal piece written by Georgina Young.[2]
  • IGF judge Mattie Brice tweets "judging IGF games now, and automatically rating low any games with men in them. loving all this power."[3]
  • William Usher from Cinemablend reveals that Leigh Alexander (Gamasutra), Patrick Klepek (Giant Bomb), Matt Clark (IGN), and Russ Pitts (Polygon) were all members of the GameJournoPros mailing list.[4] These four individuals were not included in Milo Yiannopoulos's original GameJournoPros expose.
  • David Pakman discusses with 'nerd culture blogger' Arthur Chu about #Gamergate and #Tweetlikenotyourshield.[5]

5 Nov 2014

  • Mozilla apologizes to their readers, stating that a controversial topic like GamerGate did not fit with the intent of The Open Standard. Mozilla proceeds to remove both the pro and anti GamerGate articles from The Open Standard.[6]
  • David Pakman interviews 8chan.co's Admin Fredderick Brennan aka Hotwheels/Copypaste who denounces Brianna Wu's Doxing and Harassment [7]

6 Nov 2014

  • Scrivener states they have not had a relationship with Gawker since June 2014 and do not intend to start a new relationship in light of the Gawker bullying comments.[8]
  • David Pakman discusses #gamergate with Liana Kerzner, Canadian cosplayer, sex-positive feminist and video game writer.[9]

7 Nov 2014

  • Dyson pulls advertising from Gawker.[10]
  • David Pakman interviews Matthew Rappard from The Fine Young Capitalists to discuss their involvement in #gamergate and details surrounding the doxxing of Zoe Quinn.[11]
  • TechRaptor interviews gaming journalist Liana K, who discusses the counteractive impact of polarizing feminist figures in #GamerGate.[12]

9 Nov 2014

  • Mattie Brice asks to be removed from the IGF judge position after the IGF contacted her with concerns that she would make biased judgments on games.[13]
  • William Usher posts a GameJournoPros email from May 2013 in which Brandon Boyer, the chairman of the IGF, sent out invites for the Horizon game conference to members of the mailing list. Kyle Orland, senior gaming editor of Ars Technica, responds by stating "The benefits of your GJP memberhip just keep growing. JOIN TODAY!"[14]

10 Nov 2014

  • The IGF publishes an apology to Mattie Brice, saying that her comment to "automatically rating low any games with men in them. loving all this power" was made in jest. They then state that they would welcome Mattie Brice if she chose to return to a judge position with the IGF.[15]
  • Milo Yiannopoulos's @nero account is suspended on twitter causing him to temporarily switch to alternate account @Caligula.[16]
  • David Pakman publishes a video of his opinion of GamerGate.

11 Nov 2014

  • Milo Yiannopoulos's @nero account is restored on twitter.
  • Milo Yiannopoulos has a dead animal sent to his home.[17]
  • William Usher reveals a GameJournoPros email sent by Ben Kuchera which showed that despite claims that he was harassed for talking about ethics, as of 7 Sep 2014, Kuchera admitted that he had "yet to receive a single message from an actual reader about any of this" and that he was "not convinced the people who play games or read our sites care."[18]
  • TheRalphRetort releases an article pointing out IGDA's affiliated researchers illegaly distributed an article of his.[19]
  • Giffgaff pulls advertising from Gawker.[20]

13 Nov 2014

  • Jennie Bharaj launches an indiegogo campaign for basedgamer.com. Basedgamer.com intends to be a gaming review site which operates similarly to rottentomatoes.com.[21]
  • Jimmy Wales asks Tarc to step back from editing the GamerGate wikipedia entry after Tarc claimed that slate.com writer David Auerbach said that victims of harassment were responsible for the harassment they received. Wales then recommends that Tarc be topic banned if he did not step back voluntarily.[22]
  • The Gamergate Dossier is released to the public.[23]

14 Nov 2014

  • Gamasutra tweets "Yes, @Intel reinstated ads on Gamasutra. Yes, it's a paid campaign. No, it's not an ad service. Thanks for reading!"[24] Analysis of Gamasutra.com's source code indicates that all intel ads are currently provided via google.[25] Later in the day, the Telegraph cited Intel PR confirming resumption of ads on Gamasutra.[26]
  • GamerGate Supporter Roguestar repeatedly has his account banned on twitter.[27] As of 17 Nov 2014, Roguestar's twitter is still suspended. Suspect abuse of twitters reporting system.
  • The CBC runs a hitpiece on GamerGate in which Milo Yiannopoulos and David Pakman are implied to have been involved in harassing women.[28] CBC writer John Bowman later states on twitter that "The fact is 'ethics in video game journalism' is not a topic of interest to a broad radio or online audience" but that "The harassment of women in technology is of wide interest."[29]
  • David Pakman releases a video talking about how CBC labels him as a "Harrasser of Women" for doing GamerGate interviews.[30]

16 Nov 2014

  • Jimmy Wales asks Ryulóng to step away from the GamerGate Wikipedia entry due to his animosity towards David Auerbach.[31]
  • GamerGate supporter Margeret Gel tweets that she was SWATed.[32]

17 Nov 2014

  • Matthew Schnee, Front-End Web Engineer at Blizzard,[33] tweets that someone should turn the GamerGate blocker into an employment blacklist.[34]
  • GamerGate supporter Mikie the Gengstar tweets that someone called 911 and had the police sent to his house under false pretenses.[35]
  • Solution6 ARG begins with the uploading of two YouTube videos containing embedded images hidden in the audio feed.
  • NicheGamer releases an article of a second interview conducted with the anonymous Xbox developer.[36]

18 Nov 2014

  • Matthew Schnee, Front-End Web Engineer at Blizzard apologizes for his earlier tweets on blacklisting GamerGate supporters from the video games industry.[37]

19 Nov 2014

  • Mike Cernovich interviews Geordie Tait, an outspoken detractor of GamerGate, live on his YouTube channel.[38]

20 Nov 2014

  • William Usher releases an article titled "#GamerGate: Ben Kuchera And The Life And Nepotism Of Game Journo Pros".[39]

21 Nov 2014

  • The Independent Game Developers Association (IGDA), releases a page on how to deal with online harassment. The resource includes a link to the anti-gamergate twitter blocklist bot created by Randi Harper and describes individuals on it as "some of the worst offenders in the recent wave of harassment." [40] The list automatically blocks anyone who has followed @Nero, @PlayDangerously, @RogueStarGamez, @TheRalphRetort, @_icze4r, @RealVivianJames, or @CHOBITCOIN, and does not analyze any content of user tweets for harassment.[41] Blocked twitter accounts include Roberto Rosario chairperson of IGDA Puerto Rico. Rosario tweets for the IGDA to remove him from the list or he will submit his resignation next Tuesday (25 Nov 2014).[42]

22 Nov 2014

  • The IGDA backpedals and takes down the link to the anti-gamergate twitter blocklist. In a private email to an anonymous indie dev, the IGDA stated that the list had nothing to do with the IGDA, and that the dev would need to take up the issue with the tool's developer to get their name removed.[43][44] However, the LinkedIn profile and Facebook posts from Donna Prior and WIG, the IGDA’s “Women in Games” division, indicate that the IGDA has a greater role in the twitter blocklist than they are currently claiming.[45]
  • Breitbart publishes on article about the IGDA controversy which includes statements from developers.[46]
  • GamesNosh publishes a satire article ridiculing the inclusion of KFC in the ggautoblocker as well as IGDA's endorsment of it.[47]
  • IGDA announces they removed links and references to ggautoblocker.[48][49]

23 Nov 2014

  • freebsdgirl (Randi Harper) creator of ggautoblocker, publicly released the email address and name to her twitter followers of a GamerGate supporter that contacted FreeBSD, the non-profit software organizaton she regularly contributes to.[50][51][52][53] She later removed this information after denying doxxing allegations due to claims of the email being posted on a public mailing list.[54][55] These claims are incorrect however, as FreeBSD's marketing email (marketing@freebsd) does not appear on any public mailing lists.[56] freebsdgirl's email address also does not appear on FreeBSD's administration page.[57] By releasing this information, freebsdgirl has violated FreeBSD's privacy policy.[58]

24 Nov 2014

  • Game developer Michael Massey resigns from IGDA due to its endorsment of the ggautoblocker.[59][60]
  • TechRaptor releases an article of various game developers reactions towards the IGDA controversy.[61]
  • Breitbart releases an article in which it lists IGDA's past and latest action that have destroyed it's reputation as a honest organization.[62]
  • David Pakman releases a video with his reaction and thoughts on having one of his twitter accounts being put on the ggautoblocker blocklist.[63]

25 Nov 2014

  • David Pakman releases a video update on the situation of him being put on the ggautoblocker list.[64]
  • The Raspberry Pi twitter account is found to be using ggautoblocker. One of the people who found themselves blocked is Roberto Rosario, chairman of IGDA Puerto Rico.[65][66]
  • Youtube channel Bro Team Pill releases a video in which they interview a game developer who sympathizes with GamerGate.[67]

26 Nov 2014

  • TechRaptor apologizes for making mistakes on the "Twitter Blocklist of over 10,000 Accounts causes Trouble for more than just Gamers and Developers" article and adds a disclaimer at the bottom.[68]
  • Georgina Young writes an apology to Techraptor's readers for the mistakes made in her latest article and explains she also had to change the mention of Christina Hoff Sommers as a feminist scholar to "Factual Feminists" (Her youtube channel's name) to stop the uproar from Third wave feminists that didn't recognize her as one despite her having a PhD from Brandeis University and written several books on feminism.[69]

27 Nov 2014

  • Techraptor makes an article about FTC forcing Gawker and Kotaku to disclose affiliate links. Later that day the author writes an update on the bottom of the article to clarify that this order from FTC only refers to Kotaku.[70]

28 Nov 2014

  • The Australia Culture Blog of The Guardian's website published an article of an interview conducted with Alanah Pearce, a video games journalist. In the interview she reveals that she is receiving harassment and various threats from young boys, the interviewer writes in the article that Pearce "believes the harassment she’s been receiving is directly related to Gamergate controversy".[71] After this article was released Rawstory published an article titled "Gamergate victim strikes back at male stalkers with a brilliant new ploy: Telling their moms".[72] After GamerGate supporters brought this article to her attention she tweeted, "Yeah, I'm not comfortable suggesting that this is related to GG. There's no indication of that." [73] The "GamerGate" in the headline was replaced with "game reviewer" and the article was updated to include the quote from twitter. An editors note was left saying she "previously said that Gamergate activists were behind her harassment, but then told the Guardian that she changed her mind about that". In the following days many other articles were written blaming the harassment she received on GamerGate.[74]

29 Nov 2014

  • William Usher publishes an article titled "#GamerGate: ‘Your Check – From A Publisher – Is In The Mail’ States GJP Thread".[75]
  • TechRaptor publishes an interview conducted with Jennifer Dawe, an Indie Developer and GamerGate supporter.[76]
  • TechRaptor publishes an article about Wikipedia's involvement with GamerGate titled "Wikipedia Attempts to Redeem Neutrality Over GamerGate Article".[77]

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