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Brianna Wu
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Aliases: @Spacekatgal, LWu
Occupation: Video Game Developer
Affiliations: Giant Spacekat, CON

Brianna Wu is known as the co-founder of the game development studio Giant Spacekat [1], whose only game to date is Revolution 60. Wu is also a prominent anti-GamerGate voice, often known as "LWu".

GamerGate Involvement

Briana Wu's first involvement with Gamergate was to make a sock puppet twitter account, Drake Harper @BROLOLZ, on September 18, 2014.[2] Tweets from this account include "The death scenes in Tomb Raider give me an erection, but that doesn’t make me a misogynist"[3] and "Boobs are pretty, and I want to touch them, BRO."[4]

On October 14, 2014, Brianna Wu got into a debate on Huffington Post Live along with Hotwheels about GamerGate, in which Brianna stated it was about harassment of video games and transsexuals in gaming culture, while Hotwheels debated otherwise [5].

Past as John Flynt


John Flynt and Brianna Wu

On February 13, 2015 Breitbart Writer Milo Yiannopoulos confirmed the previous suspicions that Briana Wu was formerly known as John Flynt.[6] The article also shows Wu as an internet troll with an intolerance towards Christians and people from the southern United States.

Other evidence for this is Wu previously has worked in Socially Unconscious [7]. This can be shown in Socially Unconscious's website, seeing as there is no credit to Brianna Wu on the website [8]. John Flynt has also been mentioned in various University of Mississippi forums, being known around campus for his multiple instances of odd behavior and even outright lying [9] [10] [11]. In addition, it is shown that a webpage for the University of Mississippi's GSA (gay-straight alliance) had a plan for Flynt to talk about "the facts of transsexualism"[12].

Being Forced to Leave Home

Wu never left.jpg

Brianna Wu claimed multiple times that she had been forced to leave her house due to threats of violence received by GamerGate. This was proven false by users of chan boards showing that interviews conducted before she left her house and interviews done while she was in hiding where conducted in her home office.


In February 2015, Brianna Wu herself posted a thread on the Revolution 60 Greenlight discussion page asking "Is GSX Head of Development and noted Feminist Brianna Wu a terrible person?" in an attempt to receive more harassment. The post was quickly deleted when she was questioned about it. The Greenlight page for Revolution 60 has since been taken down 'in order to prevent more abuse from GamerGate' according to Wu.[13]

PC port and Steam Greenlight of Revolution 60

Briana Wu created a Kickstarter to port Revolution 60 from iOS to PC and Mac that was successfully funded on August 30, 2013.[14] Though initially asking for $5,000, the project was funded with $12,728. The estimated delivery for this port was August 2014. As of February 2015, the game has not been ported.

The greenlighting of Revolution 60 on was not without controversy. Wu accused people of downvoting the game, when in reality, the "not interested" button has no real impact on the greenlighting process.

It was given the "Game of the year" award by iMore, a site in which Brianna Wu's game studio had personal a relationships with. This relationship and the granting of 'Game of the year' status has been stated by GamerGate to be suspect.[15] The game itself also has many attributes that may be seen by common feminists as 'sexualizing women' such as hour glass figures, short skirts, and pronounced breasts.

Image of a game cover with three women in skimpy outfits

It looks like something Anita would criticize, doesn't it? Hourglass figures, skimpy outfits...

Politics and Fall

Some time in September 24 2015, Brianna Wu and Anita gone to the United Nations to request that gamers of all races, genders, and creeds had to be censored at all costs, because they all disagree with her and are part of Gamergate.

The United Nations launching a working group for the Broadband and Gender report on Violence Against Women and Girls, despite that there's also women, LGTBQ, and minorities supporting the consumer revolt. Where Brianna Wu and Anita demanded that gamers be censored since they disagree with them on "certain topics."[3]

In October 8, 2019, Brianna Wu states what is happening with Blizzard.

   "A riot is the language of the unheard," - MLK. I also support the Hong Kong protests. And I'm deeply disappointed in Blizzard Entertainment for this indefensible action. The game industry has ignored socials issues far too long, focusing on money instead. This kind of mindset gave us Gamergate. This kind of mindset is why the industry is a sexist cesspool for women. I expect better from Blizzard and I hope gamers will make their voice heard."[4][5][6]

Despite going to the United Nations demanding that gamers be gagged earlier.

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