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GamerGate in Brief

GamerGate is a hashtag and consumer-revolt of gamers around the world that began in August of 2014. #NotYourShield is a sister hashtag, created to lend a greater voice to female and minority gamers who supported #GamerGate and who were dismissed and ignored by the games media. Beginning in 2014 the video games media, spurred by a scandal involving one of their own, launched a vicious attack on gamers and gamer culture. Their goal was the self-professed slander of "gamer" as an identity and the pushing of a "Social Justice" political agenda into the world of videogames through cronyism, censorship, and collusion within the videogame trade press and mainstream media.

The united backlash by the global gamer community against this dishonest media campaign became the event known to the world as #GamerGate. This is their story.

Why a Wiki?

The official #GamerGate Wikipedia article is a product of the Wikipedia standard of "Verifiability, Not Truth." Since 2014, #GamerGate wanted the article to cover the problems they had found in the games media, the dishonest way the media had colluded and lied about gamers, and the actions being taken to protest these problems. An opposing side, including some highly privileged Wikipedia editors who had personal ties to relevant media and industry personalities, wanted the article to reflect only what the "reliable sources" in the games media were falsely reporting: That #GamerGate was a "hate mob filled with violent misogynists attacking women in the games industry." After many bans and arbitrations, and even the personal involvement of the owner of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, the faction opposing #GamerGate won out. Since that time the official Wikipedia article has become an exercise in hysterical propaganda, and has been used to poison discourse against #GamerGate all around the world.

Read more about the problems with Wikipedia and #GamerGate here: Wikipedia

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