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2 Jan 2015

Spiked names "the GamerGate rebels" as one of its top people of 2014 for engaging in "a real, moral war for their right to play what they want."[1]

3 Jan 2015

  • French-language outlet Le Monde runs a blog by journalist Hubert Guillaud calling GamerGate an antifeminist movement and calling for the rejection of a geek culture that is "against women, the unfortunate, minorities, equality and democracy."[2]

5 Jan 2015

  • Rawstory runs an article accusing "GamerGate supporters" of attempting to SWAT Devi Ever.[3]
  • Gawker also runs an article claiming that "8channers" attempted to SWAT Devi Ever.[4]
  • Slate publishes an article penned by Jenn Frank calling GamerGate a reactionary movement opposed to greater inclusivity in the gaming industry.[5]
  • Based on Nothing mentions GamerGate in its 2014 gaming retrospective as "a bevy of gaming sexists and misogynists."[6]
  • William Usher releases an article addressing the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Ombudsman's response to complaints over its October 2014 coverage of GamerGate.[7]
  • Forbes contributor Dave Thier posts an article declaring GamerGate gone and forgotten while characterizing it as "a movement born out of disproven claims originating from a jilted ex-boyfriend’s blog post."[8]

6 Jan 2015

  • At the Consumer Electronics Show, Intel announces a Diversity in Technology initiative. Among its listed partners are the International Game Developers Association and Feminist Frequency, two noted anti-GamerGate organizations.[9]
  • VentureBeat posts an article on the Intel initiative, claiming that Intel's apparent support of GamerGate had been one of the company's biggest recent gaffes.[10]
  • The Verge posts an article on the Intel initiative, stating that "Intel opposes GamerGate." [11]
  • Polygon posts an article on the Intel initiative referring to GamerGate as a harassment campaign.[12]
  • As a response to Intel's inclusion of Feminist Frequency, GamerGate supporters began posting under the hashtag #IntelSupports.[13] Posts include images of Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathan McIntosh's most offensive and anti-capitalist tweets, visualizing the implicit support that Intel gives these positions by associating with Feminist Frequency.[14]

7 Jan 2015

  • A massive and sustained DDOS attack targets 8chan, obstructing access to the entire 2ch imageboard network for over 8 hours.[15]
  • Rock Paper Shotgun runs an article about Intel's initiative, characterizing Operation Disrespectful Nod as "a letter-writing campaign objecting to pro-diversity editorials."[16]
  • Vocativ runs an article on adult entertainer Princess Kora and GamerGate, calling the former a profiteer and the latter a controversy full of "terror threats by chauvinistic trolls."[17]

8 Jan 2015

  • Engadget UK runs an article on Intel's initiative claiming that the initiative is a response to GamerGate and painting GamerGate as a harassment movement targeting women.[18]
  • William Usher posts an article detailing IGN's newly-updated Standards and Practices page.[19]
  • Badass Digest runs an article on Intel's initiative, calling GamerGate "Internet assholes" and painting Intel as making "serious commitments to burying said assholes."[20]
  • ITNews runs an article on an Electronic Frontier Foundation blog about digital harassment. ITNews characterizes GamerGate as "the bullying a woman in game development," says that GamerGate has made "credible death threats," and endorses the GGAutoblocker list.[21][22]

9 Jan 2015

  • Livechan suffers either overload or DDoS attack.
  • In an article covering the #JeSuisCharlie hashtag, CNN Money refers to GamerGate as "online drama about video game journalism that morphed into sexist attacks on women"[23].

11 Jan 2015

  • The Guardian runs a "brief history" of GamerGate, explaining the scandal as "an army of internet dwellers" seizing an "opportunity to police a woman’s sexual behaviour."[24]

12 Jan 2015

  • Gamergate supporter lizzyf620 posts an article [25] on Buzzfeed detailing her view of gamergate as a gamergate supporter. The article is deleted within 24 hours.[26] Engadget editor/GameJournoPros member Ben Gilbert defended Buzzfeed, claiming that the article was "inflammatory and inaccurate" in a twitter argument with CEO of Stardock Brad Wardell.[27] Wardell reposts the article to his personal blog.[28] The article is restored to Buzzfeed shortly afterwards.

13 Jan 2015

  • Rawstory runs an article accusing GamerGate supporters of attempting to SWAT web developer Israel Galvez, calling him a "prominent opponent of GamerGate."[29]
  • Gracy Lynn swatter revealed to have connections to GNAA and LizardSquad.[30].
  • The Washington Post runs an article primarily on 8chan, but takes the time to call GamerGate a "terrible thing" and accusing supporters of "a number of campaigns against female journalists and videogame makers."[31]
  • Badass Digest runs an article on 8chan and GamerGate, calling GamerGate supporters and 8chan users "a domestic terrorist group."[32]

14 Jan 2015

  • PC Gamer runs an article denouncing the use of the term "glorious PC gaming master race" and claims that it "isn’t a joke worth keeping around at the expense of making people uncomfortable." [33]
  • ABC news runs an interview with Anita Sarkeesian.[34] Shortly after the video is posted, ABC News starts deleting the top pro-gamergate comments from youtube [35]
  • Neirdan publishes "the GamerGate Council exposed" on his Triscales blog in an effort to discredit both the /gamergate/ board on 8chan as well as Gamergate.me and the upcoming StartButton website. When asked for evidence of co-option on twitter, he cited the removal of Operation UV from the Main Page for 2 weeks in December, after the FTC had already begun looking into Gawker while Operation Disrespectful Nod and Operation Baby Seal covered and went beyond the "second half" of OpUV.[36][37] See also: Solution6

15 Jan 2015

  • William Usher runs an article on Tyler Wilde, author of the PC Gamer master race article, revealing that Wilde maintained close personal relationships with employees of Ubisoft and Capcom, but wrote about their products without disclosing his potential conflict of interest to readers.[38]
  • PC Gamer deletes Tyler Wilde's articles covering Ubisoft games.[39][40]
  • NeoGAF bans the term "PC Gamer Master Race" and claims that the phrase hasn't been welcome on NeoGAF for a while [41]

16 Jan 2015

  • PC Gamer apologizes for the perceived ethical breaches of Tyler Wilde for Ubisoft Games, they moved forward by removing him from future Ubisoft coverage and stating "In any situation in which the writer was still required to comment on the subject, full disclosure will be provided in the article."[42] No comments on making an Ethics Policy public outside of the Review Guide were made, however they did mention they would disclose affiliate links in the future, and would fix any missed ones that people find.

18 Jan 2015

  • William Usher publishes an article describing how N4G refused to run a story about conflicts of interest at PC gamer and claimed that it was not gaming related.[43]

19 Jan 2015

  • The Guardian publishes an article on the Crash Override Network, accusing GamerGate of attempting to SWAT Israel Galvez and crediting the CON with ensuring Galvez's safety.[44]
  • The Guardian also publishes an article on the topic of cultural Marxism, comparing GamerGate with Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik.[45]

20 Jan 2015

  • Wired publishes an article on the Crash Override Network, claiming that GamerGate made Zoe Quinn "a target for angry videogame fans opposed to the diversification of gaming culture," and that "Quinn still experiences daily harassment."[46]

21 Jan 2015

  • MCV runs an article as a right-leaning hate movement that fell under its "need to keep concocting conspiracies that were increasingly far-fetched."[47]
  • The Guardian runs an interview with Rami Ismail where it claims that "The Gamergate controversy, which kicked off last August, is a sort of leaderless online protest against suspected cronyism and corruption in games journalism, but its 'enemies' are often progressive industry figures who are suspected of wanting to censor and re-shape the medium." [48]
  • Greg Tito and an unspecified number of employees are laid off from the Escapist Magazine. Tito cites budget cuts from Defy media as the cause of the layoffs.[49]
  • The BBC runs an article on the Crash Override Network calling Zoe Quinn a "GamerGate abuse target."[50]
  • The Telegraph runs an article on the Crash Override Network claiming, among other things, that "the #Gamergate hashtag was used by video games fans around the world to troll Quinn and other female games critics in the industry."[51]
  • The Mirror runs an article on GamerGate calling it an "amorphous mass of angry people insisting it is all about ethics while harassing and doxxing prominent women in the games industry."[52]
  • William Usher posts an interview with an anonymous AAA game developer, in which the developer calls GamerGate "one of the best things to happen to the industry since Dark Souls got a PC port."[53]
  • Prominent female GamerGate supporter Lizzy F (@lizzyf620) is doxxed by an anonymous poster on the 8chan board /baphomet/[54] and permanently shuts down all of her pro-GG social media accounts as a result.[55] /baphomet/ immediately rejects the poster for attempting to use them as a "personal army", with the poster suspected of being a third-party troll due to the IP having only made 4 posts on the board, all within the thread. The thread is promptly deleted and the user who posted the dox is banned. Several groups, including @TheFartRises and /baphomet/ itself, work to find who is responsible for posting the dox.
  • Authoritarians make a petition to remove Adam Baldwin from the Supernova Pop Culture Expo falsely claiming he has been involved in numerous instances of harassment and abuse towards women by supporting #Gamergate.[56]

22 Jan 2015

  • In response to the petition made a day before to remove Adam Baldwin from the Supernova Pop Culture Expo. A petition is made to support his assistance.[57]

23 Jan 2015

  • Ben Kuchera admits to taking work from another source without providing a citation.[58]
  • The Guardian publishes an article about Wikipedia, claiming it banned five editors from gender-related articles as result of the gamergate controversy.[59]
  • David Auerbach called out The Guardian's innacurate reporting.[60]

24 Jan 2015

  • TheMarySue publishes an innacurate article about Wikipedia banning five feminist editors due to the Gamergate Arbcom.[61]

25 Jan 2015

  • ShortFatOtaku gets all clear to show the videos about IndieCade and IFG again.[62]
  • Hacker's botnet was found to be responsible for doxxing and hacking both those for and against GamerGate. [63]

28 Jan 2015

  • While at a panel at MAGFest, James Portnow libels Totalbiscuit by claiming he's a leader of gamergate who took $20,000 to endorse Guns of Icarus. Portnow continued by claiming that gamergate is the "last dying screams of people who are leaving power" and compared gamergate to the KKK.[64] Totalbiscuit refutes Portnow's accusations and comments "I am extremely disappointed in James poorly researched argument. I expect better of him and the Extra Creditz team. It's another knife in the back from a person that we assisted and promoted in the past and at this point thats ceasing to become a surprise every time it happens." [65]

29 Jan 2015

  • Wikipedia Arbcom topic bans 11 editors from GamerGate, GamerGate-related, and gender/feminism-related wikipedia entries, including Ryulong, Tarc, NorthBySouthBaranof, The Devil’s Advocate, Tutelary, ArmyLine, DungeonSiegeAddict510, and Xander756, Titanium Dragon, Loganmac and Willhesucceed.[66]

30 Jan 2015

  • The board of the Puerto Rico IGDA unanimously votes to close the chapter.[67]
  • The Guardian runs an article titled "When will gamers understand that criticism isn't censorship?" The focus of the article is on Anita Sarkeesian, but GamerGate is tangentially mentioned.[68]
  • Mother Jones runs an article on Men's Rights Advocates, mentioning GamerGate as "mobs who bombard feminist critics with rape and death threats." [69]
  • The Telegraph runs an article on Zoe Quinn claiming that GamerGate was used by fans of video games to pile "horrific" abuse on feminist games critics.[70]
  • Gaming media site Joystiq ceases operations.[71]

31 Jan 2015

  • Breitbart.com releases an article written by Sabrina Lianne in which she addresses the bigotry Graham Linehan displayed towards "pro-Gamergate" individuals, especially pro-Gamergate women.[72]

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