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1 May 2015

  • GamerGate in DC meetup takes place at 930PM at the local 16. The event received about 200-300 attendees, including Milo Yiannopoulos, Christina Sommers, Allum Bokhari, Cathy Young, Frank Salter, Daddy Warpig, Lizzyf620 and Ralph. Several hours into the event, the DC police arrived after someone posted a bomb threat on twitter.

6 May 2015

  • Operation DeepFreeze which documents various ethical breaches of video game journalists and their site goes live. In planning.since 2009.
  • DeepFreeze was tweeted under #OpDeepFreeze to avoid confusion with US government antarctic expeditions of the almost identical name "Operation Deep Freeze" (abbreviated as OpDFrz) which began in 1955.

7 May 2015

  • At around 2 PM EST, Gamergate.me was set to private mode by the owner Drybones. [1] There was Kotakuinaction [2] post and a stickied /gamergatehq/ post [3] about the wiki being down, and two images circulated--one of his Twitter feed saying 'I'm done' and saying 'I've wasted 9 months' [4] as well as a response on 8chan harshly criticizing Drybones for not accepting donations as well as criticizing his vidya.fm project. [5] Later, the wiki was set to public mode again at 8 PM EST. Drybones pinned a tweet to his wall saying that he is transferring the website (gamergate.me) to the head admin of the wiki. [6]

25 May 2015

  • Ian Miles Cheong issues an apology to gamers, and #GamerGate. [7]