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An organized group of Wikipedia administrators refused to allow the "Gamergate controversy" page to mention the Gamergate controversy. These Wikipedians instead fabricated a harassment scandal and banned dozens of users for providing sources of information about the controversy. This hoax by Wikipedia administrators spread through the media uncorrected, which was used to further cement the "reliability" of the hoax.



Origins of Zoe Quinn's Bio Page

Sarah Stierch was fired from the Wikimedia Foundation in January 2014 for receiving cash in exchange for editing articles.[15] However, she remains an administrator, under the username Missvain.

On May 28, 2014, Shaun Edmonds attended a presentation[9] by University of Maryland alum Anastasia Salter about Zoe Quinn's game Depression Quest. Salter uses Twine in her courses[10] and touts it in seminars.[11] Salter studied with the creator of Twine, Chris Klimas, at the University of Baltimore.

On May 30, 2014, Shaun Edmonds created a Wikipedia account, at the encouragement of Wikipedia administrator Sarah Stierch.[12] Edmonds created Zoe Quinn's page on that same date, adding mentions to Twine and using promotional language:

As one of very few female game designers in the industry, Quinn's vocal and public resistance to misogyny has made her a key figure in advancing female equality within the video game industry.

An editor nominated the page for speedy deletion. Sarah Stierch removed the speedy deletion tag.[13] After this, Shaun Edmonds added Zoe Quinn's page to the University of Maryland's Women’s Studies Summer Technology Institute's Edit-a-Thon, which was assisted by Sarah Stierch.[14]

Article deletion

At 02:50 September 6 new user Nocturne25 added 9kb of contributions to a stub article on GamerGate.[1] The page was deleted at 11:18 September 6 by RHaworth for "G10: Attack page or negative unsourced BLP"[2] who then restored the page at 17:33 after requests by Kencf0618 and Sandstein.[3]

Nocturne25's edits have been deleted by a Wikipedia administrator.[1]


On 5 September, 2014, Mckaysalisbury resubmitted the article with the title "Gamergate controversy" and the text "GamerGate is an ongoing issue in the video game community, mostly surrounding mysogony [sic] and other types of intolerance"[4], citing an article by the heavily involved Stephen Totilo of Kotaku as its lone reference. The article is now a more verbose form of this accusation due to a number of prejudiced editors backed by colluding staff and administrators.

Doxxing of Titanium Dragon

Nathalie Collida doxxed Titanium Dragon and Tutelary on Wikipediocracy in retaliation for their contributions to the Talk discussions on Wikipedia. [25] Titanium Dragon identified Collida's accomplices as tarantino, James P. Persica, and Eric Barbour.

When Titanium Dragon reported the outing to ANI on September 8, 2014, Tarc and Black Kite called Titanium Dragon a misogynist and Anthonyhcole called for Titanium Dragon to be site-banned, while several editors called for a site-ban of Tutelary.

GameJournoPros article deletion

The Wikipedia page for the GameJournoPros mailing list was deleted on November 4, 2014 after a finding that it was not notable outside of the Gamergate controversy.

Noticeboard activity

Dispute resolution attempts

General Sanctions - Requests for enforcement (13 Nov - 25 Jan)

Discretionary sanctions log - see the sections Gamergate and Editing Of Biographies Of Living Persons


Thibbs report:

Reliable Sources discussions

  • March 2012: Redredryder questioned whether a positive review of Mass Effect 3 by Jessica Chobot should be considered a reliable source given that Chobot had worked on the game.
  • 27 August 2014: Woodroar, supported by Euchrid, requested use of The Mary Sue as a reliable source for the Zoe Quinn scandal.
  • 2 September 2014: Retartist requested that Wikipedia consider all gaming news sites unreliable for the subject of Gamergate due to the evidence of collusion and dishonesty uncovered in the Gamergate scandal.] The request was supported by MicBenSte and opposed by Shii, NinjaRobotPirate, and DrFleischman.
  • 10 September 2014: PseudoSomething requested use of an APG Nation interview with The Fine Young Capitalists and a GamesNosh report on the Phil Fish hack. NorthBySouthBaranof rejected GamesNosh as an amateur self-published source.
  • 6 October 2014: Masem questioned whether Leigh Alexander should be considered a reliable source after Gamergate activists reacted to one of her articles by petitioning Intel to stop advertising on Gamasutra. No one responded.
  • 25 October 2014: Masem and PseudoSomething argued that the data provided by a Newsweek and Brandwatch report contradicted one of the findings of the Newsweek article that cited the report. On 26 October 2014, TaraInDC sought approval to use the article for this disputed finding. This was approved by Elaqueate, EvergreenFir, RightCowLeftCoast, and Two Kinds Of Pork based on the reputation of Newsweek.
  • 4 November 2014: Schadrach questioned whether news sources should be considered reliable when they are the subject of a controversy. EvergreenFir objected to the question on the grounds that "every other uninvolved RS says it's not about journalism ethics."
  • 26 November 2014: Zakkarum noted that the New York Times, Washington Post, and the Guardian had misrepresented one anonymous comment about Felicia Day as representative of the entire Gamergate activist movement. and asked if these articles should be considered reliable for this allegation given that anyone could follow through to the original source and see that this allegation is not supported. AndyTheGrump told Zakkarum "This is not a forum", a threat of sanctions for asking the question. Parabolis denounced the question as "Ridiculous... conspiracy theory nonsense." EvergreenFir closed the discussion as a "content dispute."
  • 6 December 2014: Collect went to the Reliable Sources noticeboard to contest Gamaliel's removal of a quote by Ben Shaprio of Breitbart from the page for Dinesh D'Souza's film "America: Imagine the World Without Her". Collect argued that Breitbart should be considered reliable "for opinions by its commentators clearly presented as opinion" and noted that two previous RS discussions had found that it was. Black Kite, Mastcell, Scoobydunk, Stephan Schultz, and TheRedPenOfDoom said that Breitbart should not be considered reliable for the text of its own commentators' opinions. Aquillion argued that a reference to the quote in a third party source was needed to establishment that the quote was not WP:UNDUE, a standard not applied to movie reviews from other sources. Gamaliel,[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14] Scoobydunk,[15][16][17][18][19] Casprings,[20][21] Steeletrap,[22] and TheRedPenOfDoom[23] had edit warred to remove the quote since 6 November. After other editors obtained consensus to include the Shapiro quote, Scoobydunk, TheRedPenOfDoom, Gamaliel, and Erik edit warred to include quotes from two Huffington Post reviews referring to D'Souza's conviction for illegal campaign contributions and cheating on his wife.[24][25][26][27][28][29]
  • 19 December 2014: Ries42 questioned whether it was permitted to question "a possibly unreliable assertion" within an otherwise reliable source. AndyTheGrump replied that "we don't second-guess sources..."
  • 16 January 2015: Ryulong requested approval to use an article by Ian Miles Cheong of Gameranx. This was supported by Woodroar and NinjaRobotPirate due to Gameranx often being cited by reliable sources.
  • 25 January 2015 Ries42 raised the issue of the Guardian's misrepresentation of the proposed Arbitration Committee decision to ask whether an otherwise reliable source could be considered unreliable for statements that can be proven wrong through independent investigation. GRuban, ChrisGualtieri, Cullen, and Formerip supported this position. Collect called for writing disputed statements as opinions.
  • 4 February 2015: Avono requested approval of a report by the Adam Smith Institute. MrX rejected the source.

BLP Policy discussion

  • 11 February 2015: Ryk72 asked the BLP policy board to review the practice of banning users for linking to off-site evidence during talk page discussions, given the fact that BLPTALK explicitly allows this practice. On February 16 the request was forwarded to the Arbitration Committee which approved of the banning. [30] Following this decision, MastCell, PhilKnight, and The_ed17 banned EncyclopediaBob for having argued in support of Ryk72's position. [31]
  • Search for more BLP discussions: [32]

Revolution 60

Brianna Wu encouraged her fans to canvas the page for her game Revolution 60 in retaliation to claims made that the page was edited by a user with a conflict of interest. [33] [34]. Subsequently Ryulong was contacted through twitter by Ian Miles Cheong and began editing the page in their favour [35] [36]

Arbitration Committee case

ArbCom case:

Before the case closed, Sphilbrick removed a statement by Carrite as a "BLP" [37]



Thibbs report:

Involved Wikimedia Employees

Jimbo Wales

Founder of Wikipedia and Wikia.

At the request of 5 albert square, Jimmy Wales ordered Wikia to delete a page of evidence of administrator misconduct during the ArbCom hearing on Gamergate. Wales described the Wikia page as an "attack page". [38]


Kaldari is an employee of the Wikimedia Foundation and the creator of Wikiproject Feminism and Wikipedians Against Censorship. According to the Daily Dot[39] Kaldari used a sockpuppet to harass another user and created the shock site Snuffster "hosting images of murder victims, including children" in 2003.

On 20 October 2014, Kaldari described Wikipedia's critics as a "horde of pro-gamergate SPAs ... here to push a POV and continue their 'culture war'" and linked approvingly to an article describing critics of corruption in video game journalism as "sexist thugs."

Kaldari has been caught using a sockpuppet to harass Eric Corbett and formerly ran Snuffster, described by the Daily Dot as "a parody of early social networking site Friendster, hosting images of murder victims, including children."[40]

Sarah Stierch

Former Wikimedia Foundation employee Sarah Stierch, now renamed "Missvain", was fired for paid editing, yet retains her sysop bit.

Sarah Stierch is an Advisor to the Ada Initative, November 2011 - Present [41]

Sue Gardner

Former executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation, which operates Wikipedia. Gardner's recent op-ed in the Los Angeles Times claims that part of the reason women are leaving the tech industry "in droves" is because of a toxic culture of sexism, and presents some examples:

Why would a woman want to work for Uber, whose chief executive told GQ he calls his company “Boob-er” because his wealth makes him attractive to women?

Who would want to work for Snapchat, whose CEO, five years ago in college, sent emails to his fraternity brothers characterizing female students as “bitches” and “frigid” and “sororisluts”? Why would a woman want to attend industry conferences that feature presenters miming masturbation from the stage, or presenting apps that help users “stare at tits”?

However, Ms Gardner has herself engaged in sexual banter with her employees at the Wikimedia Foundation, as seen in this selection (link, permalink, link):

[10:09am] <Thehelpfulone>: sgardner: I'd want to know what they do :D
[10:10am] <GerardM->: Oh well, how do you like this ?
[10:10am] <sgardner>: (Maybe there is something scheduled already, just a general chat. We'll check.)
[10:10am] <sgardner>: Thehelpfulone: we could ask Kat, right now :-)
[10:10am] <Thehelpfulone>: indeed, mindspillage what do you do?
[10:10am] <sgardner>: (Pinning her up against the wall, as Ironholds likes :-)
[10:10am] <mindspillage>: ...
[10:10am] <Ironholds>: ...
[10:10am] <sgardner>: LOL :-)
[10:10am] <Ironholds>: NOT what I meant
[10:10am] <StevenW>: She spills her mind, obviously. ;)
[10:11am] <Ironholds>: sgardner: you know the WMF covering psychiatric insurance?
[10:11am] <Ironholds>: does it just cover YOURS, or are you going to pay for the trauma I've just suffered? :p
[10:11am] <sgardner>: Most definitely :-)
[10:11am] <mindspillage>: Mostly, we send a lot of email. So part of it is the basic oversight role: reviewing the budget, the annual plan, evaluating the executive director ::eyes sgardner::. and the general functioning of the org...
[10:11am] <sgardner>: We have a wellness allowance, so people can get whatever help they need :-)

Gardner is responsible for recruiting Sarah Stierch to help the Foundation bridge the "gender gap", a perceived lack of female contributors to the site (see Gender bias on Wikipedia). How these numbers were determined remains unclear, as many contributors remain anonymous and some are unwilling to reveal their gender, or fall outside of binary gender constraints (intersex, transgender, etcetera), and some studies show Wikipedia's female participation rate is 13%, not very far from the 15% female participation rate of other "public thought-leadership forums".[6] Nonetheless, Jimmy Wales stated in a recent interview that the Wikimedia Foundation intends to "double down" on the "gender gap", with the aim of increasing female participation at Wikipedia to 25%.[7]

Gardner has lamented her failure to bridge the perceived "gender gap" and stated "I didn't solve it. We didn't solve it. The Wikimedia Foundation didn't solve it. The solution won't come from the Wikimedia Foundation." Stierch was later fired after she was exposed as a paid editor.[8]

Biased Administrators

5 albert square

At 16:20, 11 December 2014 (UTC), near the beginning of the Evidence phase of the Arbitration Committee case on Gamergate, [42] 5 albert square asked Jimbo Wales to remove from Wikia a page listing evidence of administrator bias and misconduct in the Gamergate area.[43] 5 albert square claimed that "some Wikipedia editors were being harassed and bullied on and off Wikipedia because of it" and blamed the Wikia page for sockpuppeteers Dragonron and Torga creating accounts impersonating Ryulong, [44] which Dragonron began doing in May 2014, months before Gamergate. [45]

On 21 December 2014, 5_albert_square permanently banned Dwavenhobble from Wikipedia for making more than three reverts in one day after Dwavenhobble made two reverts to change the size of a banner from "small=yes" to the default size. Huon upheld the permanent ban on the grounds that Dwavenhobble had reverted The Red Pen Of Doom without knowing it. PhilKnight revoked Dwavenhobble's talk page access for appealing on the grounds that there was no talk page consensus for the size of the banner and for listing his past contributions as evidence that he can be a good editor. [46]

On 27 December 2014, during the Arbitration Committee case, 5 albert square permanently banned new user Errastas85 for presenting evidence against Ryulong, NorthbySouthBaronof and TheRedPenofDoom on the Workshop talk page. Drmies described Errastas85's comment as "definitely of the trolling variety, eminently blockable." PhilKnight and Huon denied Errastas85's appeals. [47] PhilKnight revoked Errastas85's talk page access for arguing in a third appeal that PhilKnight and Huon were WP:INVOLVED. [48] Dianaa had declined a request by Ryulong to take action against Errastas85, stating "We don't block people for one edit, without warning, unless there's totally egregious racism or such." [49] Errastas85's comment was:

Apologies for being so rude, but I noticed the following widely distributed evidence of WP:TAGTEAM/CIRCUS re: Ryulong, NorthbySouthBaronof and TheRedPenofDoom is missing from the evidence page. Errastas85 (talk) 01:20, 27 December 2014 (UTC) [50]

On January 8, 2015, 5 albert square permanently banned The Devil's Advocate from Wikipedia for asking Xander756 to send an email with a description of Xander756's revdeled appeal. 5 albert square described this as "contravening Wikpedia's biographies of living persons policy." HJ Mitchell endorsed the ban. Salvidrim revoked the ban after three hours. [51] The entirety of this alleged BLP violation is:

Could you e-mail me your best recollection of what you stated in your appeal? For instance, what did you say about Sarkeesian there and did you provide any sources? [52]


Wikipedia administrator.[16]

Acroterion supported Dreadstar's permanent ban of Visitantehumanoide and claimed that Zoe Quinn "has been extensively harassed, primarily for being female in a male-dominated culture." [17]

At 22:32, 26 October 2014 (UTC), in ArmyLine's ANI discussion on sanctioning Tarc, Tarc described Agent Chieftain, who has been an editor since 2007, as "an example of the type of new user that is plaguing the article" and called for an administrator to "take necessary actions" against Agent Chieftain. At 01:17, 27 October 2014 (UTC), Acroterion indefinitely blocked Agent Chieftain for calling Tarc and Ryulong mentally challenged. Chieftain's post was deleted by an administrator. After discussion, Acroterion reduced the suspension to a 90-day topic ban.

At 00:23 27 October 2014 (UTC), Acroterion topic-banned ArmyLine for one year for "inappropriate behavior at ANI" that consisted of reporting Tarc for abusive behavior and requesting sanctions against TaraInDC for describing [Eron Gjoni]'s accusation of [Zoe Quinn] cheating on him, for which Gjoni provided chat logs as evidence, as "unfounded claims of ethical violations" and "unfounded gossip based on a melodramatic screed by a bitter ex."

On March 12 2015, Acroterion blocked the nonpolitical maintenance account Neptune's Trident for two days [53] for adding Brianna Wu to the category of transgendered people. HJ Mitchell extended the block to a month and revoked talk page access. [54]


In November 2014, Bbb23 blocked the account Pastapimp and revoked Pastapimp's talk page access after Sadfatandalone accused Pastapimp of being one of several accounts named for The Ralph Retort, a blog that has covered Gamergate. [55] Pastapimp was a new account that had only edited to Emily Schooley's page and had accused Schooley of paying the Internet Movie Database to list her as an actress in movies where she had been an unnamed extra. [56]


Wikipedia administrator.[16]

At 11:22 31 August 2014‎, Bilby deleted a comment in Talk:Depression Quest by Retartist that had accused Zoe Quinn of sleeping with reviewers of her game. Bilby allowed Retartist to make a second comment accusing Quinn of a conflict of interest.[18]

At 00:38 2 September 2014, Bilby deleted a long list of topics for research and discussion from the talk page for Zoe Quinn. The reason given was "no."

At 13:22 2 September 2014, Bilby deleted a discussion of the dominant narratives of the story as "an unsourced accusation against a living person" for having claimed that "Zoe Quinn and her supporters have harassed many people who only were peripherally involved in reporting about it, and the censorship of the issue is well-documented ..."

At 06:53 6 September 2014, Bilby nominated the Gamergate page for deletion for "RD2: Violations of the biographies of living persons policy." [2] At that time, the page said:

The controversy began in August 2014 when video game developer Zoe Quinn's ex-boyfriend released details purportedly about her personal life and relationships with a video game journalist from Kotaku and game developers, leading to accusations of violations of journalistic ethics and counter-accusations of misogyny and slut-shaming ...

Black Kite

Wikipedia administrator.[16]

At 18:17, 10 September 2014 Black Kite proposed "A new game and a suggestion" accusing PseudoSomething of sockpuppetry and calling on other administrators to guess the original account.[57]

On 11 September 2014 Black Kite called for Tutelary to be banned based on "the extremely convincing evidence posted elsewhere", [58] a reference to Nathalie Collida's outing of Tutelary on Wikipediocracy.

On 21 September 2014, Tarc, Black Kite, and TheRedPenOfDoom removed all mention of the Escapist forum DDOS from the Gamergate page.

On 18 October 2014, Black Kite supported Future Perfect's topic ban of Titanium Dragon and closed the discussion.

(counter-evidence) On 27 February 2015 Black Kite called for banning feminist editor Lightbreather in response to Amortias bringing a complaint against Eric Corbett. [59]

Technically a violation? Who knows. I'd argue that mentioning someone's politics is not a violation of the sanction (which simply mentions gender disparity). Of course, if any uninvolved admin had the bollocks (or the female equivalent) to simply remove User:Lightbreather from the encyclopedia completely, neither this, nor multiple other wastes of everyone's fucking time would continue to appear. Black Kite (talk) 00:38, 27 February 2015 (UTC)


Wikipedia administrator.[16]

(counter-evidence) At 02:53, 29 August 2014, Dreadstar removed a section of comment by Robofish that claimed Zoe Quinn was a victim of harassment. [60] Tutelary restored it. [61]

On 29 August 2014 (UTC), after Bluefoxicy questioned the reliability of sources that relied wholly on the word of Anita Sarkeesian without any further evidence or any apparent attempt to confirm Sarkeesian's allegations, [62] Dreadstar described these as "impeccable reliable sources" and "strongly" suggested that Bluefoxicy make no further questions along this line. [63]

On 15 September 2014 Dreadstar imposed a permanent ban on new user Visitantehumanoide for commenting on the talk page for Zoe Quinn that ‎"The article doesn't present any of the acusations against Zoe" and "Question about Kotaku article reliability".

Dreadstar filed a request to delete a drawing of Gamergate mascot Vivian James on the grounds that it would not significantly increase a reader's understanding of the article. When another editor pointed out that the article gave conflicting descriptions of what Vivian James looked like and a picture was therefore appropriate, Dreadstar then described Vivian James "an attack on a BLP" to justify deleting the image.

On 10 October 2014, Dreadstar issued a permanent block on user Snakebyte42 for complaining about the behavior of Ryulong and NorthBySouthBaranof, citing for an excuse the "egregious WP:BLP violation" of having said in Talk that "A journalist failed to disclose a close relationship with someone he was writing about and giving positive coverage to."

On March 26, 2015, Dreadstar retired from Wikipedia after being taken to ArbCom for insulting Mark Bernstein in email in response to Bernstein calling Dreadstar a child abuse apologist, for lifting HJ Mitchell's block on Mark Bernstein out of process, and for locking the Lawrence Olivier page while involved in an edit war on the page. ArbCom voted to desysop Dreadstar for his actions. [64]


Wikipedia administrator.[16]

At 03:50, 24 September 2014, Drmies blocked The Devil's Advocate for one day for arguing that Gamaliel is not a neutral party on the subject of Gamergate.

(counter-evidence) On 14 December 2014, Drmies told David Auerbach "I was quite impressed by your sensible piece on Gamergate" while criticizing Auerbach's report "Encyclopedia Frown" on the GGTF decision where Carolemooredc was banned. [65]

In response to Carrite complaining of "one-sided" news coverage and Jzyehoshua observing that "The real danger I see is not so much POV (since everyone has one ... but rather colluding to remove those one disagrees with," Drmies replied: [66]

Much better to give every fringey fringe equal air time. Or, alternatively,using subjective standards! Drmies (talk) 04:32, 24 January 2015 (UTC)

In response to this post, Binksternet and Acroterion retaliated against Jzyehoshua by removing all content from Jzyehoshua's talk page which had been blanked by JzG in 2010 when Jzyehoshua was indefinitely banned for breaking a topic ban imposed for suggesting the addition of several controversies to the page on Barack Obama. [67] [68]

Future Perfect At Sunrise

Wikipedia administrator.[16]

On 18 October 2014, at the request of NorthBySouthBaranof, Future Perfect At Sunrise topic-banned Titanium Dragon at the request of NorthBySouthBaranof for saying that Wikipedia should wait until there is evidence of who threatened Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian before blaming anyone for sending the threats. Future Perfect then deleted Titanium Dragon's response to the complaint.

On 17 November 2014 PearlSt82 reported DungeonSiegeAddict510 for comparing debate opponents to holocaust deniers and conspiracy theorists, and for an irreverent argumentation style. [69]

At 21:18, 22 November 2014 Future Perfect said DungeonSiegeAddict510 was "disrupting a thread again right now" to justify imposing a topic ban. At that time, DungeonSiegeAddict510 was replying to a taunt by MarkBernstein complaining about DSA510 calling his doxxers "terrorists".

On November 26-27 2014, When Tutelary reported Ryulong to ANI for taking money from an involved party while editing the Gamergate page, Future Perfect closed the report as a "frivolous, baseless and misplaced/forum-shopped request." AndyTheGrump, Dave Dial, Hasteur, Resolute, ReynTime, Sonicyouth86, Tstormcandy, and IP editor called for sanctions on Tutelary for reporting the conflict of interest. Ivanvector congratulated Ryulong on his efforts. [70]

At 15:08, 25 January 2015 Future Perfect topic-banned 09I500 and declared as a matter of fact that Zoe Quinn had no relationship, neither sexual or friendly, with Nathan Grayson: [71]

nothing less than having the unqualified attribute "false" in the phrase in question is going to find consensus, in light of the predominant understanding of WP:BLP.

09I500 was then indefinitely banned by HJ Mitchell for applying the same BLP standard to describe Emma Sulkowicz's rape accusation as false. JamesBWatson denied an appeal of the ban. [

On February 18, 2015 Future Perfect permanently banned ArmyLine for reporting Cailil to ANI for alleged "improper use of admin tools" in imposing a one-week block on for describing JzG as a "longterm disruptive admin" in a comment on ArmyLine's talk page. [72] jpgordon rejected ArmyLine's appeal and threatened to revoke talk page access.

At 10:03, 14 March 2015, Future Perfect deleted a comment by an IP editor criticizing the administrators for allowing NorthBySouthBaranof to violate a topic ban and allowing TheRedPenOfDoom to call EdJohnston a Nazi while blocking an editor for reporting the violation to AE. [73]

On 14 May 2015, after a complaint against TheRedPenOfDoom was rejected on the procedural grounds that the first submitter was an IP address and a second account that resubmitted the complaint was topic-banned, a user created the new account "Not the editor you are looking for :d" to refile the complaint a third time while complying with Wikipedia's stated policy. [74] Future Perfect at Sunrise deleted the complaint [75] and indefinitely banned the submitter as a "troll sock". [76] Huon rejected the new user's appeal.[77] Starship Paint resubmitted the complaint a fourth time and was not banned or accused of trolling.


Wikipedia administrator.[16]

In July 2013, Microsoft appointed Julie Larson-Green to lead the Devices and Studios Engineering Group which oversees the development of hardware products, including the Xbox gaming console. Orangemike added a section to Julie Larson-Green's article citing an Atlantic article by Rebecca Greenfield titled "Gamers Can't Handle the New Female Head at Xbox". Abriel removed the section as an "extremely biased/political agenda-ish article that cherry picked a minority of comments in order to make the gaming community as a whole sounding sexist in its receiption to Larson-Green." Orangemike restored the content on the grounds that "The Atlantic is a reliable source."[78] The Devils Advocate reverted the content on the grounds of it being "absurdly undue to have half this section be about random Internet meanness, maybe if this section is built up more a sentence about it can be added [79] At 17:09, 28 July 2013 Gamaliel restored the content on the grounds that "gamer misogeny is a widespread trend that should be documented"[80] Gamaliel and The Devils Advocate edit warred over the material for the next two days until Gamaliel allowed The Devils Advocate to reduce the material down from the majority of the section on Larson-Green's appointment, as it had been, to one sentence.

Gamaliel edited the Zoe Quinn page on August 19, making him WP:INVOLVED in his future administrative actions in this area.[81]

At 03:54, 22 August 2014 Gamaliel removed a talk page comment for saying "If you go to Zoe Quinn's twitter page right now, you will see comments left by Euchrid that are supporting her, telling off her detractors, etcetera. You act like you are being fair and impartial with your decisions, but what you are really doing is attempting to bend the rules in order to spin a lasting false narrative about Zoe Quinn." [82]

At 04:28, 22 August 2014 Gamaliel removed a talk page comment referring to "this Five Guys controversy", calling that a "slur". [83]

At 17:52, 16 September 2014, Gamaliel deleted a short history of the hashtags #5guysburgersandfries and #gamergate written by MicBenSte on the grounds that any mention of the #5guysburgersandfries hashtag is a BLP violation. [84]

On 21 September 2014, Gamaliel banned Titanium Dragon from discussing Gamergate on any page on Wikipedia. The ban on Titanium Dragon was later dismissed by Callanecc on formal grounds.

On 30 September 2014, Gamaliel imposed a 24-hour block on TabascoMan77

On 10 October 2014, Gamaliel supported Dreadstar's permanent block of Snakebyte42 for complaining about the behavior of Ryulong and NorthBySouthBaranof as "an obvious call". Gamaliel described Snakebyte42 as a single-purpose account even though Snakebyte42 had been active on another topic in September 2014.

On 3 February 2015, a user named wikigamaliel joined the GamerGhazi subreddit, a Reddit group dedicated to suppressing the spread of information about Gamergate. The user expressed knowledge of Wikipedia policy, suggesting that it is Gamaliel. [85]

On February 7, Gamaliel lifted the topic ban of MarkBernstein on the grounds that the topic ban has "served to silence your dissent about this issue". [86]

On 11 March 2015, after Mark Bernstein brought meritless AE requests against DHeyward and Thargor Orlando, Gamaliel imposed an interaction ban preventing any of the three from commenting on each other even though DHeyward and Thargor Orlando had no dispute between each other. [87] The interaction bans were lifted on 19 May 2016. [88]

On 11 March 2015, at the Wikipedia Signpost, Gamaliel and Andreas Kolbe promoted an error-ridden hit piece in Think Progress as "the most thorough piece of journalism about the Wikipedia controversy". They also promoted an opinion piece by Amanda Marcotte. [89]

On 17 March 2015, Gamaliel deleted [90] references to the 2006 essay No climbing the Reichstag dressed as Spider-Man because Mark Bernstein claimed it was anti-semitic. [91] Rhoark and Coldacid edit-warred with Gamaliel over the deletion of Rhoark's comments. [92] Gamaliel also deleted a comment by DHeyward vaguely referring to the month-long block of Neptune's Trident. [93]

On 4 April 2015, Gamaliel topic-banned Ranze for making reference to Zoe Quinn's nude modeling career and her real name. [94]

HJ Mitchell

Wikipedia administrator.[16]

At 14:16, 11 September 2014, in the discussion of Tutelary and Titanium Dragon being doxxed, HJ Mitchell called for "a siteban for Tutelary per NOTHERE" and "a page/topic ban for Titanium Dragon."

He also topic banned and blocked Cla68 for replying to why a defamatory comment couldn’t be used (by restoring the comment that was removed by NBSB in order to provide context). [9] [10]

At 13:10, 4 December 2014, in the ArbCom evidence page, HJ Mitchell declared it a BLP violation for NorthBySouthBaranof to directly quote Xander756 accusing administrator Kevin Gorman of "covering up Anita Sarkeesian's shady work history with Bart Baggett." [95]

(counter-evidence) HJ Mitchell banned ReynTime on December 5 for WP:NOTHERE. [cn]

At 02:05, 8 December 2014, shortly before the start of the evidence phase of the ArbCom case, HJ Mitchell asked Jimbo Wales to delete a Wikia page listing misconduct by administrators. [96] The page would be deleted after 5 albert square repeated the request.

On 23 December 2014, HJ Mitchell topic banned Cla68 and blocked him for a week [97] at the request of NorthBySouthBaranof for restoring a potentially defamatory comment by Kitsunedawn and saying "We need reliable sources before we start putting this kind of thing in the article."[98] Tutelary accused HJ Mitchell of an involved block because both were participating heavily in the ArbCom case. [99]

On 26 December 2014, Ryulong brought a case against KSolway for editing in a neutral manner. At 19:16, 2 January 2015, HJ Mitchell closed the case on the grounds that "Ksolway has not edited for several days. Should they return to the same conduct, I recommend a hand-written, neutrally worded caution to inform them of the expected standards of behaviour." [100] At 20:51, 2 January 2015, HJ Mitchell imposed a permanent topic ban on KSolway [101] for working on a draft copy of the Gamergate article in the Draft namespace.[102]

On January 7, HJ Mitchell permanently banned Xander756 from Wikipedia for "BLP violations" after Xander756 took an issue to the Administrator's Noticeboard. [103] An administrator revdelled Xander756's report. According to Xander756, "I got permabanned from Wikipedia for appealing my #gamergate subject ban on the basis of the fact I've never edited a #gamergate article." [104] After Xander756 cited both Anita Sarkeesian and Bill Baggett themselves to say that Sarkeesian and Baggett had worked together, HJ Mitchell replied to Xander756 in an email: [105]

I'm not even going to click the links. Either claim is a BLP violation, and if that's the best you can do for sourcing, the claim will never be included in the article.

At 22:15, 8 January 2015, HJ Mitchell permanently banned WhatOn as "some sock or other"[106] for saying on The Devil's Advocate's talk page: [107]

If someone civilly explains why they think an admin is incorrect in their determination, and they do not do that on an ANI page, you will ban them for it? Sounds more like an emotional decision rather than a well-reasoned one. Poor form chap, poor form.

At 22:15, 8 January 2015, HJ Mitchell permanently banned new user ExtraIndividual as "some sock or other" [108] for discussing the permanent ban of Dwavenhobble. ExtraIndividual had supported the ban. [109] Doug Weller revoked the ban on BASC appeal.

At 17:07, 11 January 2015, HJ Mitchell indefinitely blocked Bramble Window who had been arguing on talk pages for more negative coverage of Anita Sarkeesian and who had responded to the concerns of Tony Sidaway and HJ Mitchell by accusing them of concern trolling. Masem, DHeyward, and Thargor Orlando disagreed with the need for any administrative action.[110]

(counter-evidence) On 17 January 2015 HJ Mitchell blocked TheRedPenOfDoom for two days for edit warring on Gamergate draft. [111] [112] Hell in a Bucket gave Red Pen a barnstar as a reward. [113]

At 16:29, 18 January 2015, in response to a complaint by Woodroar, HJ Mitchell blocked DHeyward for two days for linking to Adland and Breitbart, for stating that Nathan Grayson failed to disclose his relationship with Zoe Quinn, and for raising the issue of PC Magazine updating its ethics policy. [114] HJ Mitchell described this as "repeated BLP violations" and failed to provide a single example of a BLP violation when asked for an example. [115]

On January 29, HJ Mitchell blocked Protonk for one day and topic-banned Protonk for three months for writing: [116]

IMO any policy that requires the statement "Zoe Quinn's ex boyfriend accused her of sleeping her way to the top" to be redacted is perverse and should be ignored. Protonk (talk) 22:34, 29 January 2015 (UTC)

(counter-evidence) At 21:16, 30 January 2015 (UTC), HJ Mitchell sharply refuted a statement by SonicYouth86 claiming that all Gamergate accounts were harassers. Template:Fact

At 10:53, 9 February 2015, HJ Mitchell indefinitely blocked Kau-12 [117] for writing: [118]

I agree here, if you guys look at the authors of many of the sites, you'll find interconnected relationships between writers, Leigh Alexander(TIME, Vice, Former Gamasutra) is a friend of Simon Parkin(The New Yorker). and Nick Wingfield(Times). I simple google search of two names together come up with this stuff. Leigh Alexander has written for Gamasutra in the past, who runs the Games Developers Conference, Leigh Alexander spoke at the GDC. It's all the best interests of these writers to say "The Games Journalists found no corruption taking place, GG is merely a hate group", I don't think its conspiratorial per-se. But simply friends doing favors for friends doing favors for friends. Kau-12 (talk) 10:46, 9 February 2015 (UTC)

Huon upheld the block of Kau-12, describing this comment as "ranting about how our policies prevent you from rewriting the article the way you'd like to."

On February 17 2015, HJ Mitchell indefinitely blocked Pwnisher248 and wiped his talk page [119] for correctly describing Brianna Wu as transsexual. [cn] HJ Mitchell revdeled Pwnisher248's appeal and revoked talk page access. [120]


Brandon Harris, aka Jorm, is a former employee of the Wikimedia Foundation and closely monitors the GamerGate article.


Wikipedia administrator.[16]

On 30 January, 2015, JzG referred to a user a "drama whore" after blocking him "preemptively", and attempted to blackmail him into accepting a topic ban covering "all articles related to gamergate (broadly construed), sexual identity and gender politics (broadly construed), editors and media involved in the aforementioned, including on Wikipedia noticeboards". The block was later lifted by a different administrator, though no action was taken against JzG.

On 2 February 2015, JzG blocked TyTyMang, called him a "drama whore", and demanded that TyTyMang agree to a topic ban as a condition of unblocking him.[121] JzG justified the block by on the ground that TyTyMang was a new account in the Gamergate area.[122] TyTyMang was a user of the Reddit sub KotakuInAction. Template:Fact The block was lifted after Coldacid requested review at AN where Coldacid and Xezbeth described JzG's demands as blackmail. [123]

At 00:49, 2 February 2015, JzG claimed:[124]

The claim that gamergate is about "ethics in videogame journalism", for example, has been extensively reviewed and found to be entirely bogus.

On 4 February, 2015 JzG posted a diatribe in response to numerous queries about his actions on his user page: "I understand Reddit has already pitched in, and no doubt the usual griefers will be right along. Guess what? That's one more admin who's going to shrug and say "fuck this for a game". Never mind, it's someone else's problem now, I have nothing more to say on the matter." He has remained involved in the GamerGate drama since then, making statements such as: "Re a comment above: Wikipedians (as opposed to people whose sole purpose here is advancing the views of the Gamergate cult) would almost certainly recognise the reference". The user at the time was topic banned and was posting on their own talk page, suggesting JzG has been actively seeking out such conflicts.

On February 11 2015, JzG accused ArmyLine of "off-wiki coordinated Gamergate trolling". [125]

On February 16 2015, JzG took a battleground stance: [126]

Wikipedians (as opposed to people whose sole purpose here is advancing the views of the Gamergate cult)

At 22:23, 24 April 2015 (UTC), at the request of Ryulong, JzG added to the spam blacklist "per WP:BLP concerns and the fact that this site is worthless as a source." [127] Previously, in the discussion of Know Your Meme, MER-C had said "The spam blacklist is not a means for settling content disputes"[128]

On 12 February 2015, JzG reported AnsFenrisulfr to AE for "membership of the gamergate cult" [129] as retaliation for reporting NorthBySouthBaranof to AE on 10 February for appearing to break a topic ban. [130]

Kevin Gorman

In November 2014, Kevin Gorman blocked Xander756 from Wikipedia for two weeks and permanently topic-banned Xander756 from Gamergate-related topics for reporting NorthBySouthBaranof to ANI for edit warring and deleting his comments on the Anita Sarkeesian talk page. [131] An administrator revdeled Xander756's edits which were strongly sourced to Anita Sarkeesian herself. No action was taken against NorthBySouthBaranof. Master of Puppets banned Xander756 from his own talk page for contesting the grounds of the ban. [132]


Wikipedia administrator.[16]

On 2 October 2014 PhilKnight placed an indefinite ban on TabascoMan77 for posting a message to Tarc's talk page:

Tarc, I understand that you have a predilection for being snarky. I, myself, can be the same way. However, I didn't appreciate your condescending tone (eg: "more than 24 hours, bro"). I'm not your "bro". I am an editor here, off and on. I meant my edit in WP:GOODFAITH. I understand why it was redacted and I support that. Try some WP:CIVILITY. Thank you.

Tarc replied:

civility reminders from an angry gamer is like a compassion lesson from the Unabomber

PhilKnight did not block Tarc. TabascoMan77's appeal was denied by JamesBWatson.

On 22 December 2014 PhilKnight upheld the permanent ban of Dwavenhobble for changing a template size and blocked Dwavenhobble's talk page access for asking Huon to "state a reason beyond personal opinion tha I should be banned that said ban is valid." [133]

On 16:50, 13 January 2015<U+200E>, PhilKnight revoked WhatOn's talk page access for allegedly "inappropriate and/or disruptive" edits [134] as the very first edit to WhatOn's talk page.[135] Because WhatOn's talk page access was revoked, WhatOn created an alternate account to question the ban and was banned again for ban evasion. [136]


Wikipedia administrator.[16]

On October 5, Protonk described the entire controversy as "a campaign of sexism and harassment."

On 11 October 2014, Protonk called Snakebyte42 "an editor who exclusively and problematically edits in a single topic area" even though Snakebyte42 had recently made edits to another topic area and had participated in one discussion thread on the Gamergate Talk page.

At 00:21, 20 January 2015, in response to arbitrator Roger Davies saying that there is no actionable evidence against LoganMac, Protonk called for LoganMac to be banned for "obvious and ongoing disruption". [137]

At 04:22, 27 January 2015, commenting on ArbCom's response to the erroneous Guardian article, Protonk said: [138]

If this is Arbcom's statement to the community then I think a proper reply might be to tell them to kiss our ass.


Wikipedia administrator.[16]

At 22:08, 28 September 2014, Ronhjones deleted a public domain image of Gamergate mascot Vivian James on the grounds that it "Violates non-free use policy"


On 20 September 2005 SlimVirgin defended writer Chip Berlet of Political Research Associates against an accusation of being "fringe." [139] Berlet's opponents describe him as a Marxist who routinely accuses people of fascism and racism. [140] [141]

In 2007 SlimVirgin blocked Dpotop for reverting Anonimu's removal of negative information on the Romanian Communist Party. Dpotop was unable to find a report of his behavior on the wiki and suggested that a backchannel was used. [142]

On September 18, SlimVirgin edited the Biographies of Living Persons rules to remove text that "Wikipedia articles concerning living persons may include material—where relevant, properly weighted, and reliably sourced—concerning controversies or disputes in which the article subject has been involved.", and rewrote the policy to lead with the statement that "Biographies of living people should not be used by parties to on- or off-wiki disputes to continue their hostilities." [143] Elaqueate reverted the change an hour later.

At 19:28, 23 January 2015 SlimVirgin described every opponent in the content dispute as "sexists", compared them to "white racists", and called for them to be "banned immediately" in violation of Wikipedia policy. [144]

The key issue is this: if white racists were to start editing articles about black people, they'd be banned immediately by admins or the community. We wouldn't dwell on details, and it's unlikely that we'd need an ArbCom case. But when sexists edit articles about women, lots of people seem to think it's okay. So the community doesn't ban them, admins are wary of acting alone, things end up at the ArbCom, and even there the central issue isn't recognized. This is systemic bias, and it is present throughout our entire dispute-resolution process.

On 25 January 2015, SlimVirgin asked HJ Mitchell to unban Mark Bernstein on the grounds that Bernstein was "trying to draw attention to" Wikipedia being "used as a weapon against women in computing." [145]

Tony Sidaway

At 22:41, 7 September 2014, Tony Sidaway described the opposition to corruption in gaming journalism as "a carefully planned campaign of slander and intimidation" basing his opinion on [Zoe Quinn]]'s interpretation of chat logs.1

On 16 November 2014 [146] and 22 November 2014 [147] TonySidaway removed talk page comments suggesting additions to the article.

On 13 November 2014, Tony Sidaway removed a comment by Kurtis for "BLP issues" for saying that Anita Sarkeesian "raises numerous valid points, but I feel these are grossly undermined by the tactics that she has used in conveying her perspective." Tony Sidaway described this as "the same kind of vile nonsense that gets out given as an excuse for the hate campaigns against women in gaming." [148]

At 01:25, 13 February 2015 Tony Sidaway said "ArbCom wants this pestilence (the Gamergate nonsense) gone from Wikipedia and empowers you to do what is necessary."[149]

Prejudiced Editors

On December 1, after Kevin Gorman had topic-banned Xander756, attemped to canvass Kevin Gorman for retaliation against one of Dwavenhobble's edits. [150]

On December 16, described this list of editor bias and misconduct as "the Wikipedia hitlist". [151]

On December 26, identified KSolway, an editor in Gamergate talk space, as The Hour of Judgement radio series co-host Kevin Solway and described Solway as an "antifeminist activist" for having hosted former feminist Suzanne Hindmarsh to discuss "The Nature of Woman" in 1995. [152] 2 Solway had his real name and his website on his user page since 2003, so this is not against Wikipedia's outing rule.

At 03:07 - 3:29 6 September 2014, reappeared on Wikipedia after a 4-week suspension [19] to remove about 4kb of text from the Gamergate article for original research and use of what Wikipedia considers unreliable sources.[1] then left a message on Nocturne25's user talk to lecture Nocturne25 on being "encyclopaedic" and predicting that "someone will just come along and afd (delete it) the page."

This user's past "encyclopaedic" edits include:

  • Reverting the "vandalism" of a user describing the Israeli prime minister's spokesman as "chief spokesman" rather than's preferred encyclopedic terms "international spin-doctor" and "Chief Propagandist"
  • Adding "government shill" to the biography of Adrian Lamo

Statement by

I was happy for him to write the article, but the article in the state it was, was a piece of shit :) I'm not pro or anti gamer gate, I just thing the whole thing is dumb. o/


At 16:49, 10 October 2014, in response to Halfhat asking why only one of the five guys was listed in the article, Artw said that "Wilipedia is not in charge of policing peoples sexual activity on behalf of creeps." [153]

At 28 October 2014, Artw Said "describing the allegations against Quinn as anything other than false is a WP:BLP violation so please stop beating that dead horse."

At 22:35 20 November 2014, Artw argued against using an article by Reason associate editor Scott Shackford, calling Reason "a specialist publication for the kind of right wing politics espoused by Baldwin et al." [154]

On 23 January 2015 Artw claimed that the Guardian's notoriously inaccurate article on the ArbCom decision was entirely true. [155]

I'm not seeing any big problems in article accuracy, sadly. Artw (talk) 18:18, 23 January 2015 (UTC)
I literally listed all the factual errors in the article, at the top of the section. There's a substantial number even excluding the Bernstein quote.Bosstopher (talk) 18:51, 23 January 2015 (UTC)
I'm seeing those as pretty minor quibbles or subjective on your part, TBH. Artw (talk) 20:01, 23 January 2015 (UTC)


AndyTheGrump was among several users calling for Tutelary to be banned from Wikipedia for reporting Ryulong to ANI for taking money Template:Fact

In the ArbCom Workshop, AndyTheGrump repeatedly descripted quoted Wikipedia policy as "Just plain wrong", "an attempt to fundamentally redefine Wikipedia", and "contrary to existing policy" Template:Fact


Anthonyhcole called for a site-wide ban of Tutelary, Titanium Dragon, and PseudoSomething for "trying to smear the defamation of Quinn" by trying to discuss issues other than harassment of Zoe Quinn in the talk pages for Quinn and GamerGate.


Aquillion called the removal of The Fine Young Capatalists in the Article claiming their involvment insignificant [11]


On March 1 2015, someone created a thread on 8chan's /gamergate/ board canvassing users to vote against the request to delete the article Violence Against Men. One hour later, Bikemaster9 joined Wikipedia to report the thread to the deletion discussion, describing 8chan users as "mysogynists with an axe to grind." benlissquare accused Bikemaster9 of being the original poster of the 8chan thread.[[156]]


At 14:19, 25 March 2015, when Galestar argued that Wikipedia has maintained a neutral point of view on such subjects as Ku Klux Klan, Osama bin Laden, the Holocaust, and the Ecole Polytechnique massacre, Binksternet replied "I would not argue for mistakes made elsewhere to be repeated here."[157]

Binksternet collected references to justify calling feminist researcher Christina Hoff-Sommers "anti-feminist". Aquillion, EvergreenFir, and Mark Bernstein concurred.[158]


ChargingHawk joined Wikipedia on 12 November 2014 [159] to give "Defender of the Wiki" Barnstars to NorthBySouthBaranof, Gamaliel, TheRedPenOfDoom, and TaraInDC "for keeping the 'Gamergate controversy' article in line with reality." Offsite evidence strongly suggests that Charginghawk is affiliated with the New School and the activist group Personal Democracy Media.

Dave Dial

On 26 October, 2014, Dave Dial called for ArmyLine to be topic-banned for reporting Tarc and described Armyline as a "4chan/8chan/reddit/MRA agenda driven SPA."

At 21:03, 31 December 2014, after Wikipedia administrator OverlordQ had resigned in protest of the deletion of the Cultural Marxism article, Dave Dial associated OverlordQ with a since-deleted Reddit account posting to the forum KotakuInAction which is known for covering Gamergate. Dave Dial also claimed that OverlordQ had been posting to 8chan, whose users are anonymous. [160]

On 16 January, 2015, Dave Dial accused Slate reporter David Auerbach of being "very much pro-GG and anti-woman". This caused no other than Jimbo Wales to take notice and post the following on Dave Dial's talk page:

"This kind of personal attack is outrageous not least because it is false. Mr. Auerbach is neither pro-GG nor anti-feminism."

Dave Dial replied less than an hour later with the following:

"You are going to block me for having an opinion, Jimbo? I believe that it's true, and nothing you say or threaten me with is going to change it. Perhaps you should take a class on 'free speech' to coincide with the 'free speech activist' claim you make. Take some of the $500k you got from the UAE(a bastion of freedoms). Why don't you go back to trying to get more RTs on Twitter than David Cameron to show people how much you support a cause. In theory, but not practice. Thanks."

On the 19 January, 2015, Dave Dial blanked his page. As of February 18, 2015, he continues to be involved in the GamerGate proceedings on Wikipedia and has received no formal sanctions for his attacks.


Euchrid is one of the co-authors of Wikipedia's page on Depression Quest. [161]

On August 21, 2014, in the responses to one of Zoe Quinn's Twitter posts, Euchrid accused people talking about corruption in the indie scene of "invasion, harassment, and abuse" and trying to drive women out of gaming. [162]

Evergreen Fir

On October 29, EvergreenFir defended Ryulong as "not making personal attacks."

Butter and Cream Incident

On 18 October 2014, Butter and Cream reported Ryulong for edit warring on the Gamergate Talk page. Future Perfect responded by indefinitely blocking Butter and Cream "for acting as a tendentious single-purpose account trying to stir the shit on Gamergate controversy." NorthBySouthBaranof then said "Ryulong should be commended for acting to prevent this account from disrupting the encyclopedia any further and this matter should be closed."

Butter and Cream responded at that user's own talk page, saying:

Future_Perfect_at_Sunrise seems like a fairly corrupt admin. Is he friends with Ryulong or NorthBySouthBaranof? ... Admin shows up from nowhere, only attacks me. He didn't even know what had been going on. The admin board notices are left untouched. Someone had told him that I was the culprit.

Butter and Cream responded to the block by saying it was "Because the particular administrator didn't like my point ... the administrator also blocked another editor from having access to the talk page, and this editor simply agreed with me."

Beginning seven minutes after Future Perfect threatened Butter and Cream by saying "you're quite likely to have your access to this talkpage blocked pretty soon," somebody using Butter and Cream's account deleted the discussion disparaging Future Perfect from Butter and Cream's talk page and started spamming the talk page with the definitions of "larva", "newt", and "embryo". Phil Knight subsequently blocked Butter and Cream's talk page access.


At 01:51, 7 September 2014, claimed that "the name GamerGate is itself a meme designed to attack a living person." [163]

On 10 October 2014, Johnuniq called for Tutelary to be indefinitely topic-banned for questioning Dreadstar's decision to block Snakebyte42.

At 09:43, 23 November 2014 (UTC), Johnuniq called for sanctions against Masem for saying that he has kept unsourced and unsupported allegations about Zoe Quinn out of the Gamergate article.

On 9 December 2014 Johnuniq supported the topic ban of Avono for having linked to an offsite news article that included defamatory material about Zoe Quinn when Avono had not mentioned that material and had used the article to support a different point. [164]

On 30 January 2015 Johnuniq endorsed the ban of DarknessSavior in the Go-Busters edit war on the grounds that "All the gamergaters are remarkably polite." [165]

On 18 February 2015 Johnuniq called for GoldenRing to be topic-banned for reporting MarkBernstein to ArbCom for a dozen cases of what GoldenRing called "disruptive / battleground edits since the sanction was lifted." [166]

At 10:42, 28 June 2015 Johnuniq brought up Gamergate in an unrelated AE report accusing Floquenbeam of edit warring and misusing administrative tools. [167]


MarkBernstein entered the area on November 4, 2014 by making edits to the articles on Brianna Wu and her game Revolution 60.

At 18:09, 22 November 2014, MarkBernstein described talk of an improper relationship between Zoe Quinn and Nathan Grayson as an "unrelenting torrent of vituperation against women in computing." [168]

At 17:45, 23 November 2014, MarkBernstein requested sanctions against Wikipedia administrator Masem for disagreeing with him a lot. [169]

MarkBernstein was topic-banned Template:When

HJ Mitchell blocked MarkBernstein for a month for breaking the topic ban Template:When

Gamaliel banned MarkBernstein at the suggestion of Drmies. The Wordsmith concurred. [cn] Template:When

On 25 January 2015, Mark Bernstein informed Gamaliel that a comment by Avono was "inaccurate and defamatory" and ordered it removed from Wikipedia. [cn] Gamaliel overwrote the comment but did not revdel it. The comment was: [cn]

He is now accusing the wikipedia foundation of conspiracing to discredit him [170]. \Template:Ping Will the WMF respond to the erroneous accusation made by the media that have been perpetrated by Mark Bernstein (who by the way accused an admin of being a rape apologist)? I think a proposal for a site ban is in order.

In February 2016 Bernstein described the notion of equality between the sexes promoted by Christina Hoff Sommers as a "specious and self-serving redefinition of feminism -- a redefinition that have been broadly rejected"[171]

It should be clear to all the the subject dissents from many facets of the thought of Simone de Beauvoir, Gloria Steinem, bell hooks, Germaine Greer, or Judith Butler; these and related thinkers are what people in general understand to be meant by "feminism". MarkBernstein (talk) 19:43, 18 February 2016 (UTC)

Topic Ban

On March 8, Dreadstar topic-banned Mark Bernstein for 90 days for continuing to make accusations against other editors. Bernstein was defended by several editors.

  • PeterTheFourth said "I'll admit to not understanding how this is a comment on other editors, although it certainly mentions them."
  • ForbiddenRocky questioned whether Dreadstar had sanctioned other editors.
  • Squigglesquash offered Bernstein "a note of support" and praised Bernstein as a "good faith critic."
  • NorthBySouthBaranof, while under a topic ban, accused Dreadstar and ArbCom of "culpability in this debacle and sweeping it under the rug."
  • HJ Mitchell described the topic ban as "a little over the top, but within the bounds of reason". In response, MarkBernstein threatened HJ Mitchell with unspecified "consequences."
  • Dave Dial claimed that Dreadstar's threat to permanently ban MarkBernstein
  • Protonk denounced the topic ban as "WEAPONS GRADE BULLSHIT."

Gamaliel defended Dreadstar.

Mark Bernstein reported Dreadstar to both ANI and ARCA, in both places promoting Lauren C. Williams's Think Progress article and implying that he had been topic-banned for mentioning it. At ANI, Bosstopher called for Dreadstar to resign.

MarkBernstein reported Thargor Orlando to AE for accusing Bernstein of creating drama and describing him as "unable to collaborate constructively in the space due to his personal feelings." At 23:00 March 10, NE Ent closed the discussion about Dreadstar with a comment that appeared to lift Dreadstar's topic ban of Bernstein, and commented on Bernstein's talk page at 23:46, 12 March to clarify that "closing the ANI thread doesn't affect the topic ban," and reported Bernstein to AE for breaking the same topic ban on 00:45, 13 March 2015.


Montanabw said that a drawing of Gamergate mascot Vivian James was "an attack on an individual and by association, similarly situated individuals, and hence it is a BLP violation"


Former administrator. Previously PolarScribe.

On 6 September 2014, NorthBySouthBaranof described the harassment of Zoe Quinn as "By far the most notable part of this, as discussed in a wide variety of reliable sources.",[20] removed "victim playing" as a subject of the controversy,[20] and engaged in edit warring on the GamerGate Talk page.[21]

On 6 September 2014, after NorthBySouthBaranof repeatedly deleted sourced commentary from the talk page, Titanium Dragon threatened NorthBySouthBaranov with a ban. In response, NorthBySouthBaranof accused Titanium Dragon of "a singleminded obsession with depicting Zoe Quinn negatively through the use of fringe sources, promotion of scurrilous rumormongering and repeated insertion of material previously rev-deleted by administrators..." At that time, Titanium Dragon had made no edits to the GamerGate page but had been saying on the talk page that:

This was sparked by Zoe Quinn's ex's blog post. We need to note what is salient here and not go into the lurid details excessively ... Seeing as this is what set the whole thing off, it needs to be noted, and it is impossible to cover this incident without noting what set it off.

NorthBySouthBaranof described Gamergate as "a facade to justify harassment of Zoe Quinn and other females in gaming."

On 7 September 2014, NorthBySouthBaranof repeatedly removed from the lede any mention of "accusations of use of personal relationships to obtain favourable reviews and awards in gaming industry, alleged dominance of left-leaning gaming journalists," and replaced them with "the misogynistic response to feminist cultural criticism" [172] [173]

On 7 September 2014, NorthBySouthBaranof removed this text as a BLP violation:[174]

Al Jazeera reported that the "technology commentator Milo Yiannopoulos wrote at Breitbart that #GamerGate was the "widespread frustration from players that every blog out there seems more concerned with policing misogyny and 'transphobia' than reviewing the latest game releases".

On 7 September 2014, NorthBySouthBaranof repeatedly removed text referring to "accusations of violations of journalistic ethics due to close relationship between development studios and games critics, and domination of video game journalism by supporters of left-wing ideology" [175] [176] [177]

On 5 October 2014, NorthBySouthBaranof described Gamergate as "a facade to justify harassment of Zoe Quinn and other females in gaming",[178]

On October 18, 2014, NorthBySouthBaranof reported Titanium Dragon for requesting confirmation that death threats received by Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu came from the Gamergate campaign:

We really need to be careful about this death threat stuff; no one has been charged with anything as far as I know, there are concerns about their authenticity and seriousness, and in the past people have made threats against themselves for various messed up reasons.

Future Perfect At Sunrise immediately topic-banned Titanium Dragon and deleted that user's response. Black Kite supported Future Perfect's ban of Titanium Dragon and closed the discussion.

In the final arbitration decision, NorthBySouthBaranof was topic banned. Only, he's still allowed to talk about's anyone's guess.[22]

At 18:59, 9 January 2015, NorthBySouthBaranof said: [179]

The only reason Gamergate is even notable is its harassment campaigns. There is not a single mainstream reliable source which doesn't discuss Gamergate in the context of vicious, misogynist, anonymous harassment campaigns against Quinn, Sarkeesian, Wu and others, because it's essentially the only thing of substance that Gamergate has done. So yes, there's going to be a significant focus on the harassment which Gamergate is responsible for. That is an inevitable consequence of their actions, and it is why the very word is poisonous at this point to anyone not ideologically committed to the movement.

At this point in time, not one single act of harassment had been traced to Gamergate activists.

Mass ban request

NorthBySouthBaranof accused several editors of being part of "a campaign by Gamergate supporters to use Wikipedia to further smear campaigns against Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu" on the grounds that these users questioned the state of the article. Template:When Template:Fact These editors and the evidence against them:

  • - Told Artw that Eron Gjoni's act of "putting forward evidence of an abusive relationship has nothing to so with 'policing sexual activity on behalf of creeps'."
  • Bluefoxicy - commented in Talk:Anita Sarkeesian that "The large issue I have is the entire source is unsupported allegations from a known-sensationalizing public figure with known limited credibility due to multiple earlier false statements. If we ignore the issue, there's a gap in the article; if we report the issue, we either make potentially-misleading statements (i.e. lending credence by reporting without criticizing) or question the credibility and make leading statements (i.e. bias)."
  • Bosstopher - added text sourced to AGP Nation that The Fine Young Capitalists's "founder, Matthew Rappard has since accused Quinn of DDoSing the TFYC site, deceit and attempted bribery. Both sides deny the accusations made against them."
  • Crisis - asked "Should we mention anywhere that Zoe Quinn isn't her real name?" and added her real name to the article.
  • DHeyward - argued that improper relationships between journalists and their subjects are a separate issue from harassment, and compared the situtation to that of former US President Bill Clinton defending himself against allegations of cheating on his wife by claiming to be the victim of a right-wing conspiracy.
  • Pepsiwithcoke - deleting a section sourced to articles citing Brianna Wu while commenting that "there is reason to believe that Wu released the information herself to try and make herself look like a victim."
  • PizzaMan - added text cited to Polygon that "there is no evidence of Sarkeesian actually contacting the police during" a time she was tweeting about contacting the police.
  • Poroboros - cited Thunderf00t to say that Anita Sarkeesian had misrepresented the facts of two games in her Feminist Frequency videos.
  • QuantumMass - added the text "There have even been some allegations made by the Pro-GamerGate group that Brianna, herself, is the individual faking these death threats or others involved in the controversy to instigate the issue. These allegations are also not, yet, confirmed", citing an analysis of the Operation False Fag II image. This is described by NorthBySouthBaranof as "libelous allegations that Wu faked death threats"
  • Thronedrei - Accused Brianna Wu of lying about finding her home address on 8chan and saying "her story isn't believable as she changes the info on the two occasions she tells this fib."
  • Titanium Dragon - cited Game Espresso, Inquisitr, and Kotaku.
  • Tomous43 - a new user permanently banned by Dreadstar on 26 October 2014 for "Violations of the Biographies of living persons policy)" on Talk:Anita Sarkeesian.
  • Xander756 - talked about Anita Sarkeesian and Bart Baggett
  • YellowSandals - wrote something that was revdeled by Acroterion

NorthBySouthBaranof accused other editors of "Repeated attempts to present false claims about living people as true or disputed." Template:When Template:Fact

  • AgentChieftain - Asked "why are we saying that the allegations against Quinn were 'proven' false, when the only sources say that Stephen Totilo, Grayson's boss, said he didn't find any wrongdoing?"
  • Akesgeroth - wrote that the article had "an absolute lack of neutrality."
  • Avono - wrote that "a friendship existed" between Zoe Quinn and Nathan Grayson
  • DHeyward - wrote that Quinn and Grayson had "a relationship".
  • Diego Moya - argued against Wikipedia declaring all allegations against Zoe Quinn false, writing "An assertion that Quinn received favorable coverage cannot" be disproven "as what counts as favorable coverage is subjective... The way to debunk and prove the accusations false is by presenting the facts, not by compromising Wikipedia's detachment by adopting the values of judgement of the references as our own."
  • Tjraptis20 - wrote that the sources cited by Wikipedia to claim that all allegations against Zoe Quinn were false failed to support that claim.


At 02:29, 20 January 2015 PeterTheFourth accused LoganMac of "very explicitly coordinating harassment on a very publicly linked account on Reddit." [180]

At 23:16, 26 February 2015 PeterTheFourth deleted a link to a study of 2000 Gamergate-related tweets because other pages on the linked site have "BLP violations". [cn]

Hi! The site you linked has many, many BLP violations, so I'm redacting the link. PeterTheFourth (talk) 23:16, 26 February 2015 (UTC)

An account named PeterTheFourth was banned from the Counterstrike wikia in November 2014 for "Intimidating behaviour/harassment/personal attack on users" [181]

Ramba Ral

At 10:06 6 September 2014‎, Ramba Ral blanked the GamerGate page and nominated it for speedy deletion as an attack page.[23] At that time, the page said:

The basis of the controversy was the initial release of sensitive private and personal information of video game developer Zoe Quinn and her perceived relationship with video game journalists ...


ReynTime joined Wikipedia on 23 November 2014 to to back up MarkBernstein's description of Christina Hoff Sommers as "right-wing". [182]

On December 3 2014, ReynTime requested sanctions on Avono for linking to a news article that happened to include a defamatory statement about Zoe Quinn that was unrelated to the point that Avono was making in the discussion. DHeyward noted that Wikipedia's BLP rules explicitly allow linking to and discussing defamatory statements. The Wordsmith gave Avono a 30 day topic ban. Ed Johnston concurred. [183]

HJ Mitchell banned ReynTime on December 5 for WP:NOTHERE.


  • Leaked Crash Override Network/Anti-GamerGate logs show marching orders to edit Wikipedia articles were passed on to Ryulong[184]
  • Crash Override Network leaks reveal that Ryulong was taking orders from Zoe Quinn through SRS admin Tesseract[185]

At 29 September 2014, Ryulong called for user Loganmac to be banned for talking offsite about the politics on the Gamergate talk page. He started a witch hunt against all the editors that didn't share his biased POV, on the basis that all of them were sockpuppet accounts(SPA) and tried to get them perma-banned. Several admins/editors reviewed the list of users and determined that his claims were completely false, as several editors have made contributions in lots of articles before Gamergate.

Ryulong forbid using Breitbart as a secondary source for reporting on the GameJournoPros list, a story which Breitbart broke, because of "BLP violations inherent in its original involvement", which translated to English means that any citation to any Breitbart article on any subject would be legal grounds for Zoe Quinn to sue Wikipedia.

18 October 2014 Ryulong removed a talk page comment chastizing The Red Pen of Doom for calling other wikipedia editors "sexually repressed basement dwellers"[186]

At 04:49, 27 October 2014, Tutelary reported Ryulong for making 15 reverts to Talk:Gamergate Controversy. Dreadstar closed the report as "Stale" at 19:13, 27 October 2014, less than a day later.

At 04:00, 28 October 2014, Ryulong asked Nandesuka to place sanctions on DungeonSiegeAddict510. Nandesuka saw no cause to take action.

Ryulong reverted an edit by Fyrius which had added a reference to as an example of what "those supporting the hashtag state."

In November 2014 Ryulong sought donations from GamerGhazi, [187] an organization formed to suppress the spread of information about the corruption scandal in game journalism. Ryulong received $350 from GamerGhazi users after a promotion there by moderator IrbyTremor.[188]

Brianna Wu canvassed her fans to the page for her game Revolution 60. [189] Subsequently Ryulong was contacted through Twitter by Ian Miles Cheong [190] and began editing the page in Wu's favour.

On 2014 December 27, Ryulong reported Errastas85 to Intervention Against Vandalism for a single edit contributing an image to the ArbCom Gamergate Workshop talk page that showed the percentages of edits to the Gamergate Controversy page by user. [191]

At 08:08, 27 January 2015, Ryulong nominated for deletion the Wikipedia article on Adland, a publication which had covered Gamergate.[192]

Ryulong continued to edit until 25 December, 2014[7] and edited related articles until he was finally banned for his antisocial behavior. Favorable admins continue to make edits and even blocks at his behest[8].

Ryulong and Loganmac

At 08:34, 3 October 2014, LoganMac reported Ryulong for harassment on Wikipedia and offsite.

User Ryuolong has been constanly uncivil to new editors and people he calls "Gaters", he told me on social media to "learn to fucking read" Since then I've seen his twitter account (since he mentioned me, I had no interest in looking up his name as he did with me), where he has called GamerGate supporters "gamergate douche"[193], "gamergate fags"[194], "toxic people"[195], "shitnuggets"[196], "priviliged white guys"[197], "fucking middle class straight white men"[198]. He calls the Vivian James (the GamerGate "mascot" of sorts) drawing "nice shit avatar"[199]. And countless other examples

... Also, as you can see above after I posted a screencap criticizing Wikipedia as a site, he looked up my twitter and reddit. He posted on ANI for this in an attempt to get me topic banned, yet knowing this was ONLY offsite behaviour, he tried to state I'm a SPA He then posted on the GamerGate talk page "so basically it's time we showed LoganMac the door"

It's worth noting, this is a person who already got desysopped for "inappropriate off-wiki behavior" and whose uncivil behaviour has been remarked by several other users

Mass ban request

Ryulong issued a call for Wikipedia administrators to "Nip Gamergate in the bud" by mass-deleting several "brand new accounts and long dormant accounts arriving who have done nothing on the English Wikipedia except contribute solely to the article, its talk page, and several related articles and talk pages." These accounts included:

  • AnyyVen: New account as of October 17. Mostly edits to Gamergate Talk. Edited Revenge porn in October.
  • ArmyLine: Editing since 2012. Including articles like David Horowitz, Laboratory animal sources, and University of Toronto Students Center.
  • Artman40: Editing since 2006. Wide variety of edits, including a lot of science articles and gaming articles. Edited Kepler (spacecraft), Plasmodium. Medusa, Binary star, etc in October.
  • Bosstopher: Editing since 2011. Edits include various biographical pages and talk pages on historical events and biographies. Edited Kaarle Krohn in October. Saints Cyril and Methodius, Gregorian mission and others in September.
  • Butter and Cream: New account, claims to be an experienced IP address editor. Was blocked for disagreeing with Ryulong.
  • Cs california: Editing since 2006. Edits include botanical articles, gaming articles, and food/cooking articles. Edited Passiflora antioquiensis in October, Pol Pot, Micropenis, Arisaema sazensoo and Arisaema yamatense in August. Is administrator of two offsite Wikia wikis.
  • DavidHOzAu: Editing since February 2006. Edits include many gaming topics, android software development and engineering. Edited Engineering in October.
  • Derpen: New account as of September 12, only edits to Gamergate Talk and related. Wrote a neutral account of Gamergate on Urban Dictionary.
  • DownWIthSJWs: New account as of October 22, only edits to Talk:Gamergate. Had a comment deleted by Tarc for saying that [12] and [13] have superior articles on the subject and "certain editors (you know who, I won't mention names) are determined to fill the article with opinion and yellow journalism, instead of just listing the facts chronologically."
  • east718: Wikipedia administrator. Described by Ryulong as an example of "zombie accounts that have become SPAs" for describing Ryulong's complaint as "a transparent attempt by Ryulong to get people who disagree with him blocked/topic banned."
  • Exefisher: New account as of October 5, only edits to Gamergate Talk. First action was a question about Gamergate to the BLP Noticeboard.
  • Ginnygog: Editing since October 2014. Only one edit on the *talk page* of Gamergate. Not controversial.
  • Halfhat: Editing since April 2014. Edits include Phil mason, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and lots of user talk pages. Edited Kooper, Goomba, and Net (device) in October.
  • Iamaom: Editing since 2009. Edits include lots of user pages and lingustics pages. Has only made three contributions to the Gamergate talk page, and isn't very controversial.
  • Ironlion45: Editing since 2005. Edited Mising White Women Syndrome in July 2014 and Talk:Fertilization in March 2014. Described by Ryulong as another example of "editors like yourself who have come to the English Wikipedia push an agenda" for describing Ryulong's complaint as "blacklisting people simply because you disagree with them."
  • Javier2005: Editing since February 2014. Edits include Jack White, Fermatta Music Academy, Foxit Reader, clickbait, Anita Sarkeesian and others. Edited Clickbait in October and Fermatta Music Academy in August.
  • Kau-12: Editing since 2006. Edits about a game called Exteel.
  • Lasati: Editing since 2007. Edits on video game design and Gerhard Klopher.
  • Loganmac: Editing since 2008. Edits include a bunch of band stuff like As I Lay Dying and a TV show called My Life as Liz. On the talk page for Edge of Tomorrow in September, as well as the "Wikipedia: Non-free content review" page.
  • Muscat Hoe: Editing since September 2014. Edits include Left 4 Dead 2, the Keratin 5 protein, the page on the Birdman film, and others. Edited Valerie Arem, Birdman(film), Inferno (Dan Brown novel) and others in October.
  • Nathan905RB: New account as of October 16. Only edits to Gamergate Talk and related. First action was to request protection of the [14] article for being "heavily biased towards supporters of Gamergate."
  • Pepsiwithcoke: Editing since 2012. Edits include WWE, Madison Rising, Classic Game Room, Spencer Gifts, New York Knicks, and others.
  • Racuce: New account as of October 9. Admitted to have joined to focus on the subject.
  • Ranze: Editing since 2012. Including articles like ThunderCats (1985 TV series), Tokimeki High School, Roman Polanski, The Jim Henson Company, and others. Edited David Benoit, Insert key, List of fallacies, Formal fallacy, Dora the Explorer, etc in October.
  • Retartist: Editing since 2013. Edits include various tech and political articles.
  • Skeeveo: New account as of October 9. Edits only discuss the POV of the Gamergate page.
  • Skrelk: Editing since 2006. Edits are widespread. Edited Competition between Airbus and Boeing and Nuclear weapon in October.
  • SmoledMan: Editing since 2012. Edits include articles on Windows 8, Microsoft, energy, the Chicago Transit Authority, and others. Only has three posts on Gamergate, all in the talk page.
  • Snakebyte42 Editing since 2012. Lots of comic edits. Edited Tales of Zestiria, Moon Knight and The Dark Knight (film) in September.
  • Tabascoman77: Editing since 2007. Edits include various films, etc.
  • Theawesome67: Editing since 2013. Mostly talk page edits, only one of which is on the GamerGate talk page. On the talk page for Lego Ninjago and edited "Wikipedia:Sandbox" in October.
  • Thronedrei: Edited Misaki Momose and Mayu Watanabe in September.
  • Torga: Editing since 2008. Edits include topics like Prostitution in Europe, Suikoden, and the film Idiocracy. Edited Alexander Dale Oen, Øygarden, John Alvheim, Stoltenberg, Idiocracy and Suikoden in September.
  • Tupin: Editing since 2008. Only two edits on the Gamergate page. Other edits include GLaDOS and Galactic Empire.
  • Thronedrei: Editing since December 2008. Edits include a whole bunch of Gundam stuff.
  • Uncle Crimbo: New user as of October 16. First and only action repeated The Red Pen Of Doom's insult of that user's opponents back at that user. Was permanently banned by HJ Mitchell. No action was taken against The Red Pen Of Doom.
  • Will McRoy: Editing since 2013. Edits include Council on Foreign Relations, Boreal forest of Canada, Are Your Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, Sri Chinmoy, Anita Sarkeesian, and others.
  • Willhesucceed: Edited Mediabistro/Mecklermedia/TV Newser in October. Made edits about NHK in October. Edited Mariah Carey in October.
  • YellowSandals: New account as of October 19. Only edits to Gamergate Talk.

EvergreenFir agreed that fifteen of these were single-purpose accounts. Obsidi called for twelve of these accounts to be topic-banned for a month and for Ryulong to be topic-banned for two days. Future Perfect closed the discussion 18 hours after it was opened. Tutelary removed the closure notice. NorthBySouthBaranof readded it.

Ryulong described a copy of his mass ban request in Retartist's userspace as a copyright violation.


Returned from a six-year absence to describe opponents of the deletion of the Cultural Marxism article as a "hate group".[cn]

Returned three months later to defend Mark Bernstein after his March 8 topic ban. [cn]


On 26 October 2014 TaraInDC called for ArmyLine to be topic-banned [200] for noting that the first sentence of Wikipedia's article on the Gamergate controversy "claims that the ex-boyfriend lied about Zoe's unethical actions" and suggesting that Wikipedia "ban whoever added it" as a BLP violation. [201] TaraInDC described this as "posting unfounded claims of ethical violations by a BLP subject left, right and center today." TaraInDC further described Eron Gjoni's accusation of Zoe Quinn cheating on him, for which Gjoni provided chat logs as evidence, as "unfounded claims of ethical violations" and "unfounded gossip based on a melodramatic screed by a bitter ex." After ArmyLine requested boomerang sanctions against TaraInDC for insulting him and for BLP violations against Eron Gjoni, Acroterion topic-banned Armyline.

At 22:19, 30 October 2014, TaraInDC brought YellowSandals to ANI and accused YellowSandals of homophobia for arguing that "Even if the entire Catholic Church decries homosexuality as wrong within its canon, that does not mean we go to the homosexuality page on Wikipedia and change it to call homosexuals a group struggling with sin and degeneracy." [202]

On 26 January, as the ArbCom case was closing, admin DragonflySixtyseven asked TaraInDC to comment on Mark Bernstein's blog post "Infamous." TaraInDC defended the abusive editors as "preventing Wikipedia from being used as an outlet for a mass harassment campaign." Zappernapper added "i support the feminist (equal gender rights) side in this whole thing." [203]

Mass ban request

TaraInDC said that "something more than the sanctions does need to be done" about users Annyven, Dungeonsiegeaddict510, Filthylaugh, Galexander, Halfhat, Loganmac, Muscat Hoe, Strongjam, Swim Jonse, Willhesucceed, TuxedoMonkey, and YellowSandals.


On September 16, 2014, Tarc told Zoe Quinn that "Some of us have been trying to keep the shenanigans out of your Wikipedia bio, seems like the lunacy there is receding."

Tarc began the censorship of MyMoloboaccount's then-unedited sandbox copy of the Gamergate page under the false pretense of it being a "POV fork", linking to a definition that allows for POV forks in the user namespace:

New drafts should be written in the "user:" or "talk:" namespace and not in the main namespace; however, accidents happen and those who think they have found a POV fork, in turn, should check to see whether the article title indicates a temporary subpage and whether the talk page of the main article indicates that this is a place to work on consensus rather than to dodge it.

On 21 September 2014, Tarc, Black Kite, and TheRedPenOfDoom removed all mention of the Escapist forum DDOS from the Gamergate page.

At 16:24, 10 November 2014, Tarc filed a deletion request against a page in Retartist's user space that collected evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Tarc and other editors in preparation for a proposed ArbCom case.

At the end of the ArbCom case, Tarc admitted to entering the area with intentions to treat it as a battleground: [cn]

I entered a contentious topic area to protect living people from abuse at the hands of the identified "pro-Gamergate" editors named in this Arbitration, as well as the hordes of SPAs on the periphery. I do not care about the topic itself, I just cared that the organized 8chan/reddit trollfest needed to be thwarted.

Offsite, at Inquisitr, Tarc said: [204]

there are no actual sides; there is no such thing as an anti-Gamergater. Those who condemn Gamergaters are condemning the rampant misogyny that it stands for, are condemning the rape and death threats sent to Wu, Quinn, and others. "Gamergate is really about ethics" isn't a "side", it is more on par with "Obama was born in Kenya", i.e., a debunked and defeated conspiracy theory. If you say that you saupport Gamergate, then you are in support of hatred and violence directed at women in the video game industry, and the people who stood up for those women.

On 19 September 2015 Tarc was banned from Wikipedia for harassing Masem offsite. [205] Tarc responded to be ban by admitting to sockpuppetery. [206]

You aren't retarded enough to think bans work, are you? I've been active in the "Gamergate Controversy" article all along.


On 21 September 2014, Tarc, Black Kite, and TheRedPenOfDoom removed all mention of the Escapist forum DDOS from the Gamergate page. [207]

On 23 September 2014, TheRedPenOfDoom gave Gamaliel a "Barnstar of Civility" for topic-banning Titanium Dragon.[208]

On 28 October 2014, TheRedPenOfDoom denied that anyone had ever expressed concerns about ethics, censorship, or politics [209]

there is a progameragate "side", the one covered by reliable sources is the side that sends death threats to women
No true gamergater is going to be a wuss and talk about "ethics" when we can drive women from their homes. In an amorphous and chaotic movement with no defined leaders, goals, or even principles, you cannot simply choose a particular subset of the voices that you wish and claim that they are the representatives of some sort of "pro" "side". The media has reviewed and rejected, multiple times, the vague, wide-ranging, contradictory and false content of gamergate tweets and what is left as a coherent piece is misogynistic terrorism.

At 18:54, 22 November 2014, TRPoD accused Thargor Orlando of trolling [210] for saying that accusations against Zoe Quinn and Nathan Grayson should be described as "unfounded" rather than "unproven" [211] and for telling MarkBernstein to "stop with the bad faith accusations here."

On 16 December 2016 RedPenOfDoom deleted a talk page comment by accusing Ryulong of a "vendetta" and "grudge against 8chan and Frederick Brennan" [212] [213]

TRPoD describes Gamergate as:

If you insist, yes, there is a progameragate "side", the one covered by reliable sources is the side that sends death threats to women. No true gamergater is going to be a wuss and talk about "ethics" when we can drive women from their homes. In an amorphous and chaotic movement with no defined leaders, goals, or even principles, you cannot simply choose a particular subset of the voices that you wish and claim that they are the representatives of some sort of "pro" "side". The media has reviewed and rejected, multiple times, the vague, wide-ranging, contradictory and false content of gamergate tweets and what is left as a coherent piece is misogynistic terrorism.

Other activity

In 2008, TheRedPenOfDoom edit warred to remove critism of Noam Chomsky from an article accusing the United States of terrorism.[214]


Tivanir2 called for an indefinite block of Tabascoman77 for saying that he would write a news article critical of Wikipedia administrators' actions regarding Gamergate. The discussion was closed by Euryalus and Black Kite with the decision to take no action. PhilKnight banned Tabascoman77 shortly after the decision was made to take no action against that user.


Woodroar described an unedited copy of Wikipedia's locked Gamergate page in a user's sandbox as "a rather outrageous BLP violation." [24]

Woodroar filed a complaint against Titanium Dragon, demanding sanctions on that user for:

  • saying that someone was "questioned" instead of spoken to by an employer
  • saying that an investigation "found no evidence of wrongdoing" rather than that the allegations were shown to be false.
  • saying that Zoe Quinn was "the target of social media outrage" because of "her involvement with The Fine Young Capitalists, her own attacks on people online via social media (and just regular old media), the censorship campaign, ect."

The complaint was closed by Callanecc who threatened everyone involved with sanctions for insulting each other.

Troll accounts

A few accounts have harassed editors who are hostile to claims of corruption in journalism.

  • - First contribution November 1. Claimed to be an experienced editor. Accused Ryulong of "harassment" for posting a generic welcome template to the user's talk page.
  • Harris_Beckford - Account created November 1. Spammed fruit-related content and harassed Dwaipayanc, NorthBySouthBaranof, and Ryulong.

Deletion of Cultural Marxism page

Wikipedia deleted its page on Cultural Marxism and replaced it with a "conspiracy theory" page in direct response to Escapist editor Alexander Macris using the words "Cultural Marxism" to describe activities in Gamergate.

On 27 September 2014, Escapist editor Alexander Macris published "a list of sources drawn exclusively from professors and scholars practicing cultural Marxism in which they use the term to describe the Frankfurt- and Birmingham-descended schools of thought."[215]

On December 2, Wikipedia editor RGloucester, who described himself as a "cultural marxist" on his own talk page, [216] deleted the Cultural Marxism page without consensus and redirected it to the page "Frankfurt School Conspiracy Theory".[cn] During the ensuing drama, Dave Dial denounced long-time editor Pudeo as an SPA. [cn] FreshAcconci, DD2K, and Herzen edit-warred to keep the page deleted. [cn] FreshAcconci threatened to ban Studio7manga for "vandalism" for reverting RGloucester's deletion of the page. [217] Jimbo Wales restored the page on December 6.

A second deletion discussion on December 28-29 ended with the page deleted.[218] Wikipedia administrator OverlordQ resigned in protest of the page deletion, declaring that "the agenda-driven cliques are more interested in playing politics then actually making an encyclopedia."[219] Former administrator TParis resigned in protest shortly afterwards, claiming that a "liberal" bias was making it impossible to participate in Wikipedia from a "center-left liberal" perspective.[220]

I can see bias in all areas of the 'pedia on both conservative and liberal sides of the scale. But political and social articles in particular are strongly controlled by the left. I could accept that except for the small matter of editors specifically smearing living people who are conservative and shielding articles or whitewashing them for liberals ... Instead of backing up their arguments with sources, editors routinely call conservative viewpoints as idiotic, racist, sexist, or biased opinions. Liberal viewpoints don't get any of that same sort of labeling, ad hominem arguments, or blatant dismissiveness.
The fact of the matter is, this project is full of people who openly hate conservatives and conservative editors (...) I've realized a long time ago that I am not welcome here, even as a center-left libertarian, and if I feel unwelcome here then I can only imagine how true conservatives feel. There is simply no way to be anything less than a rank and file liberal and be an administrator, and there is increasingly little opportunity to be a conservative and a regular editor. I consider myself a center-left liberal or barely a conservative. Even still, there is a strong chilling effect against editors who are not well into the left side of the spectrum from editing political articles and so I've avoided editing them, myself. Even as an administrator, I've feared the harassment and bullying on those topics.


Jobrot jumped into the Cultural Marxism deletion discussion and immediately began lecturing others on Wikipedia policy[221], ran off Ideloctober[222], had Kaffeburk banned[223], and attempted to have Second Dark banned[224][225], all on false accusations of being "right-wing" or affiliated with Gamergate.

Chillum (now HighInBC) banned an IP editor with an unjustified accusation of sockpuppetry as punishment for opening an SPI against RGloucester and Jobrot, and salted the statement of evidence against the two. After the IP reported this to ANI as an abuse of administrator power, Dave Dial closed the IP's report and called for a range block.[226]

From the IP's SPI summary:

User:Jobrot claims to be a Noob on their user page: [227]
Jobrot first edit 8 Dec 2014 was to a heated discussion to delete and article that existed for 9 years: [228]
On the same day Jobrot starts using wiki technical jargon of why the article should be deleted. Clearly not a noob and demonstrating the clearest example of using deception to avoid being caught as a sock or for meat puppetry which is treated the same as a sock per WP:SOCK. I edit analyzed every editor involved in the AFD review because of comments made about new accounts, etc. Only one showed a remarkable similarity to Jobrot and that is User:RGloucester. [229]
Of 529 total edits made by Jobrot nearly all are linked to RGloucester who claims to be a Marxist on their user page. Jobrot is editing as a SPA and only in closely related Marxist articles to the deleted Cultural Marxist article. There is no way Jobrot is legite and clearly a meat puppet. The facts speak for themselves and I was banned for doing my homework and starting a SPI. (talk) 15:31, 23 February 2015 (UTC)

Jobrot outed himself as Reddit user quietthomas[230] who led a brigade against Wikipedia from /r/QueerTheory[231] and /r/Feminism[232] and has a history of trolling KotakuInAction[233].

Arbitration Committee case

The Arbitration Committee case on Gamergate was opened on 27 November 2014 and closed on 29 January 2015.

ArbCom Members

  • Beeblebrox - drafting arbitrator
  • Roger Davies - drafting arbitrator
  • David Fuchs - drafting arbitrator
  • Courcelles
  • DGG
  • Euryalus
  • LFaraone
  • NativeForeigner
  • Newyorkbrad
  • GorillaWarfare
  • Guerillero
  • Salvio Giuliano
  • Seraphimblade
  • Timotheus Canens


  • Ks0stm
  • Sphilbric

Bans and suspensions

Remedies announced January 29 2015. [234]

Site bans:

  • Ryulong - Banned from Wikipedia (8/4/1) for edit warring and battleground conduct (12/0/2)

Topic bans:

  • The Devil's Advocate - Topic-banned (9/4/1), limited to one revision per article per 48 hours (10/1), and banned from noticeboards (10/1) for edit warring, battleground conduct, and BLP violations (14/0/0). A proposed vote to ban The Devil's Advocate from Wikipedia reached (9/4) but failed as three of the supporting editors expressed a preference for a topic ban.
  • Loganmac - Topic-banned (12/0/0) for battleground conduct and was declared a single-purpose account (14/0/0)
  • NorthBySouthBaranof - Topic-banned (9/3/2) for edit warring, misrepresenting sources, and battleground conduct (11/2/1)
  • Tarc - Topic-banned (11/2/1) for edit warring and battleground conduct (11/1/2)
  • Titanium Dragon - Topic-banned (12/0/0) for combative behavior and BLP violations (13/0/0)
  • Tutelary - Topic-banned (13/0/0) for battleground conduct in unhatting discussions (13/0/0)
  • Willhesucceed - Topic-banned (11/0/1) for battleground conduct, edit warring, and point-making behavior (13/0/0)


  • TheRedPenOfDoom warned (10/4/0) for battleground conduct and creating a hostile editing environment (13/0/0)
  • TaraInDC warned (11/2/0) for battleground conduct (12/1/0)


  • Site bans: 0 pro-GG, 1 anti-GG
  • Topic bans: 5 pro-GG, 2 anti-GG
  • Warnings: 0 pro-GG, 2 anti-GG

Endorsement of previous administrator conduct

In closing a case that included numerous accusations of administrator misconduct, ArbCom declared that "Administrators who have enforced the Gamergate general sanctions are thanked for their work and asked to continue providing administrative assistance enforcing discretionary sanctions and at Arbitration enforcement."

ArbCom specifically endorsed the bans of ArmyLine, DungeonSiegeAddict510, and Xander756.

A motion to recognize that Gamaliel had edited in the content area failed on a 7/7/0 vote.

A motion to recognize that Masem had edited in a manner inconsistent with a neutral point of view failed on a 2/11/0 vote.

Dropped charges

ArbCom's decision made no statement regarding several dozen editors against whom evidence was presented.

Policy on biographies of living people

Arbcom unanimously finds that "all edits about living people in all pages within the encyclopedia ... should be backed by reliable sources, avoiding self-published material. Poorly sourced or unsourced controversial material must be removed immediately, and may not be reinserted without appropriate sourcing."

This is more strict than the previous BLP policy which allowed more leeway in sourcing material about living persons, requiring that material be contentious before it may be removed and allowing for the use of the subject's own words. [235]

Comparison to previous BLP policy

Conditions for removal of material

Previous BLP policy called for the removal of "contentious material... that is unsourced or poorly sourced."

Contentious material about living persons (or, in some cases, recently deceased) that is unsourced or poorly sourced - whether the material is negative, positive, neutral, or just questionable - should be removed immediately and without waiting for discussion.
Talk page exception

Previous BLP policy allowed talking about and linking to contentious material as long as the contentious material was not repeated on the talk page.

Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced and not related to making content choices should be removed, deleted, or oversighted, as appropriate. When seeking advice about whether to publish something about a living person, be careful not to post so much information on the talk page that the inquiry becomes moot. For example, it would be appropriate to begin a discussion by stating This link has serious allegations about subject; should we summarize this someplace in the article?

On Febraury 14, ArbCom explicitly rescinded the BLPTALK exception. [236]

Use of primary sources

Previous BLP policy forbid the use of primary sources and discouraged the use of secondary sources that relied upon primary sources. An exception was made for primary sources published by the subject of the article under restricted circumstances:

Living persons may publish material about themselves, such as through press releases or personal websites. Such material may be used as a source only if:
1. it is not unduly self-serving;
2. it does not involve claims about third parties;
3. it does not involve claims about events not directly related to the subject;
4. there is no reasonable doubt as to its authenticity;
5. the article is not based primarily on such sources.
Accusations of criminal activity

Previous BLP policy forbid mentioning accusations of criminal activity unless the subject had been convicted in a court of law.

For people who are relatively unknown, editors must give serious consideration to not including material in any article suggesting that the person has committed, or is accused of committing, a crime unless a conviction is secured.
BLP policy involving groups

Previous policy is vague as to whether BLP applies to groups.

The extent to which the BLP policy applies to edits about groups is complex and must be judged on a case-by-case basis. A harmful statement about a small group or organization comes closer to being a BLP problem than a similar statement about a larger group; and when the group is very small, it may be impossible to draw a distinction between the group and the individuals that make up the group. When in doubt, make sure you are using high-quality sources.


On January 23rd, before the Arbitration Committee had finalized its decision, The Guardian published an article condemning Wikipedia for blocking 5 feminist editors from the site.[237] The article had a few fatal flaws: They based their facts from Mark Bernstein's blog, which erroneously stated that 5 feminist editors were going to be banned.[26] They also put out this article while the arbitration case was still ongoing, and no one had been blocked. [27]

David Auerbach of Slate wrote The Wikipedia Ouroboros to describe the problem.

Multiple news outlets repeated the Guardian's false claims.

quote: "Wikipedia stripped women of their editing power and gave it to the sexist pigs of the men's rights movement."

Future Perfect blocked SingDavion for a week for raising this issue in the Arbitration Committee case while under a topic ban. DeltaQuad then permanently banned SingDavion as "Not here to contribute, socking themselves, and likely someone else's sock" even though SingDavion edits under his real name Sing Davion.

On 27 January 2015, a group of throwaway accounts and IP address editors from 8chan's /gamergate/ forum [238] created the page ArbitrationGate Controversy to condemn ArbCom as sexist for its decision in the Gamergate Controversy case, citing the Guardian article that made this accusation. Twitter user @NorBdelta claimed to have "suggested it as a joke". [239]

ITS HAPPENING! #ArbitrationGate! - Holy hell I suggested it as a joke. #gamergate 6:10 AM - 27 Jan 2015

Longtime editors MrX and NE Ent cleaned up the presentation to bring the page within WP rules. [240]

The page was deleted within two hours of being nominated for deletion [241] even though standard practice is to leave the nomination up for seven days. [242]

Carrite made the comment:

Roger Davies more or less precisely correct details the actual content of the ArbCom decision above - but the so-called Reliable Sources all insist that ArbCom has made a retaliatory hit against feminist Wikipedians in its decision, in de facto lockstep with the Gamergaters. Now imagine (and this is easy to imagine) that somebody inserts this "fact" into the article and that you can't restore actual balance because five or so POV warriors are "tending" the article, that any newcomer to the article is banned off as a "single purpose" meatpuppet, that any long-term Wikipedian is voted down by the clique because "reliable sources" do not exist to demonstrate that what Roger says is true - or that if they do exist, they may not be used because they "violate BLP." There, my friends, you have in microcosm the essence of what has gone wrong with the Wikipedia Gamergate article. Carrite (talk) 14:53, 25 January 2015 (UTC) [243]

Loganmac's edits

Loganmac added a neutral paragraph on the coverage of the ArbCom decision to the List Of Wikipedia Controversies page. Bilby attempted to delete it.

January 2015 The English Wikipedia Arbitration Committee banned five feminist editors deemed to be breaking the site's rules from gender-related articles amid the GamerGate controversy. This gathered a response from outlets such as The Guardian,[282] Gawker,[283] The Inquisitor,[284] Think Progress[285] and The Mary Sue.[286] The accuracy of these reactions were promptly addressed by the Committee.[287]

Loganmac added the same text to the Gender bias on Wikipedia page. [244]

Loganmac also edited the Arbitration Committee page after trolls had added similar words to it. [cn]

Short-term outcome

The topic ban of NorthBySouthBaranof was not enforced until this lack of enforcement was commented upon by Gamergate activists, at which point HJ Mitchell warned NorthBySouthBaranof to find another subject to edit. NorthBySouthBaranof refused. [cn] As before, editors requesting sanctions against NorthBySouthBaranof were punished. [cn] A new set of administrators began banning identifiable Gamergate activists who had not violated any policy. [cn]

On February 11, Future Perfect blocked ArmyLine for a week for reporting JzG's ban of TyTyMang to ANI, considering this a violation of ArmyLine's Gamergate topic ban because JzG had demanded that TyTyMang accept a Gamergate-related topic ban even though TyTyMang had not edited Gamergate-related subjects. JzG denounced the questioning of the ban as "off-wiki coordinated Gamergate trolling". [245]

At 22:11, 10 February 2015, 1-month-old account AnsFenrisulfr reported NorthBySouthBaranof to AE for removing alleged BLP violations from the Gamergate talk page. It was noted that policy allows a topic-banned user to remove BLP exceptions. Newyorkbrad called for closing the report on the grounds of it being submitted "by a novice account with only a handful of edits" and not on a policy issue.

At 22:53, 10 February 2015, NorthBySouthBaranof reported Retartist to ANE for dropping a list of 120 different news articles on Gamergate talk page. Retartist was topic-banned on the grounds that one of the links was William Usher's article #GamerGate: Destructoid, Corruption And Ruined Careers which discussed the Chloe Segal fraud.

Newly hostile editors

Following the Arbitration Committee decision, many users and administrators responded to the site ban of Ryulong by becoming more aggressively partisan.


Made his first edit in 5 years to criticize the decision.[246]

Condemned ArbCom for its neutrality.[247][248]

Trying to parse this awfully written statement seems to support the following apparent positions of the Wikipedia Arbitration Committee:
* The Arbitration Committee does not care that editors were exposed to coordinated off-site harassment, and is in fact deliberately ignoring that.
* The systemic bias of wikipedia in regards to gender issues continues to be deliberately ignored.
* The belief of the committee that "gender-related dispute or controversy" is a narrow enough issue that a ban on editing articles "broadly related" to it is no-big-deal. (Such a "broadly construed" ban would mean they can't edit the article for The History Channel because it has programs about the Suffragettes.)
* The false-sense of impartiality, with a stated belief that there is a "Gamergate" and an "Anti-Gamergate" side, and that both "sides" should be treated equally.
* Feminism isn't an attempt to bring balance between the male and female population, but a "point of view" that must thus be "fairly" balanced out with Anti-Feminist points of view. Thus wikipedia must view "Feminists" with caution.
If these are true. Then the Arbitration Committee does not deserve the support of the community. --Barberio 17:16, 27 January 2015 (UTC)

Another comment [cn] Template:When

As this stands, it serves as a "Chilling Effect" towards expert editors from the realms of gender studies and feminist theory. From my reading, I certainly get the indication that it was a supported opinion that being a feminist Admin could be "projecting a point of view", which is a rather concerning misunderstanding of Feminism, and perhaps blindness to Wikipedia's systemic demographical bias. Balanced POV and Feminist are actually the same thing after all. If this is not what the committee intended to say, they need to redraft.
I am very concerned to read comment here from Roger Davies that seems to state that he believes there is an "anti-gamer gate" side that should be treated as if they were also a partisan threat to wikipedian consensus. Opposition to a harassment campaign is not 'picking a side' in a partisan squabble. The intent of the "gamer-gate" side was to disrupt Wikipedia with false information to support their wider harassment campaign.


Commenting on the reliability of Kotaku and Gawker in reporting on activists trying to put them out of business:

Since every other uninvolved RS says it's not about journalism ethics, I don't see why Kotaku and Gawker can't be RS as well on it. EvergreenFir (talk) Please Template:Re 17:45, 4 November 2014 (UTC)

EvergreenFir closed a discussion of whether news sources should be considered reliable for the claim that Gamergate activists harassed Felicia Day when there was no evidence that Gamergate activists were responsible.

At 02:01, 13 February 2015 (UTC), after Gamergaters accused North of violating a topic ban, EvergreenFir said that a "Defender of the Wiki" barnstar awarded to North by Red Pen was "Well deserved".


At 19:46, 23 January 2015 (UTC), Floquenbeam indefinitely banned Skyrock84 as an "Obvious GamerGate-related sleeper sock" [249] for noting that NorthBySouthBaranof had misrepresented a source to claim that all accusations against Zoe Quinn were "false". [250] The ban was upheld by PhilKnight.


Guettarda deleted this comment by Skyrock84 as a BLP violation: [cn]

In recent editing, I see a lot of unnecessary contention about whether the accusations raised by Gjoni against Zoe Quinn are true or false. It isn't focal to the article, so rather than to have unnecessary reverting back and forth, I would strongly suggest to simply leave any judgement on that out. - Also, I don't see anywhere in the Telegraph article used as source any indication on the truthfulness of Gjoni's allegations of Zoe having slept with several persons, neither negative or positive. The Telegraph only states that allegations have been made. I would appreciate any pointers in case I have overlooked them, so I can avoid misjudgement. --Skyrock84 (talk) 18:19, 23 January 2015 (UTC)

Guettarda deleted this comment by Skyrock84 as a BLP violation: [cn]

May I repeat my question about where exactly the source denies that ZQ has slept with several men? All what it shows is the verbal accusation by Gjoni, without any indication of further research into the truthfulness of the claim. --Skyrock84 (talk) 18:34, 23 January 2015 (UTC)

Jéské Couriano

Commentary on the Arbcom case: [cn]

if the people involved in the "pro-GamerGate" side wish to import the "dispute" any further into Wikipedia, it needs to be made unambiguously clear that they can't expect to do so without consequence.


Commentary on the Arbcom case: [251]

Even with the case being (laughably) "expedited", it still manages to feel like an artifact, considering the speed at which the gamergate supporter accounts filter in and out.

Commentary on the Go-Busters edit war: [cn]

Good to know that the Gamergate supporters learned that they can submit these with throwaway IPs every time an admin acts against them. They truly absorbed the lessons of the arbcom case- spam bureaucracy and feigned ignorance with as many people as possible as hard as possible. Parabolist (talk) 21:08, 30 January 2015 (UTC)


Commentary on the Arbcom case: [cn]

The Arbitration Committee is probably the biggest factor to Wikipedia's disrepute, especially towards female and LGBT editors. I said so after Sexology, I said so after Manning naming dispute, I said so after GGTF, and I'm saying it again now after Gamergate. In all four cases, people who were trying to prevent specialised POV pushing from bigots were reprimanded severely and said bigots were given free reign in their topic areas. Far from being a neutral arbiter of disputes, ArbCom, no matter who is on it, seems intent on keeping and worsening the heterosexual cisgender white male systemic point of view. Sceptre (talk) 05:22, 24 January 2015 (UTC)


Commentary on the Arbcom case: [cn]

In August, a woman was targeted in an intense campaign of harassment. Ever since, those who have tried to keep that campaign from infecting Wikipedia have become subject to harassment themselves, much of it taking place beyond our metaphorical walls.

Spirit of Eagle

Commentary on the ArbCom case:

For the last few months, I've been watching the non-stop attempts of GamerGate supporters to add personal attacks to articles, harass editors and in general turn Wikipedia into a propaganda mill.

Tokusatsu edit war

A long-standing edit war between Ryulong and the fan communities for Japanese television shows became part of the Gamergate controversy when Tokusatsu fans returned to Wikipedia after hearing that Ryulong had been banned and were immedately banned by other administrators on the false grounds of being "gamergaters".


Go-Busters title edit war

At 01:41, 14 December 2011, GoSilver created a Wikipedia page for the Japanese television show Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. GoSilver gave thanks to AlienX2009 who had often edited the Kamen Rider page. Ryulong immediately deleted the Go-Busters page with the message "NO NO NO NO" and redirected it to Super Sentai, then nominated the page for speedy deletion.[252] Wikipedia policy WP:CRYSTALBALL regarding product announcements supports Ryulong's position.[253]

Ryulong rewrote the page as Tokumei Sentai Gobasutazu, leading to an edit war with IP users over whether the name of the show is "Go-Busters" or "Gobasutazu". Other users noted that promotional materials used the English name Go-Busters, while Ryulong said those were not reliable sources. Ryulong allowed the name to bechanged back to Go-Busters after TV Asahi launched the official Go-Busters website.

2015 Buddy Roid / Buddyloid edit war

In 2012, a similar argument took place over over whether characters in the show should be referred to as "Buddy Roids" or "Buddyloids". The television show itself refers to "Buddy Roids", but official merchandise had been sold in Japan using the name "Buddyloids."[254]

At 19:41, 24 January 2015, IP address began edit warring with Ryulong by repeatedly changing the 'l's to 'r's in the Go-Busters article. The account was blocked at 06:29, 25 January 2015. The IP editor knew enough Wikipedia policy to argue against the deletion of its user page, suggesting it was not a new user.[255] [256]

Ryulong responded by placing a "Final statement on Vaglass, Buddyloid, and Metaloid" on the talk page, arguing that all official translations since the appearance of "Buddy Roid" in an early episode have used the spelling "Buddyloid". On January 25 05:47, Reddit user zahlman reported the incident to /r/wikiinaction in a condescending manner blaming Ryulong for the edit war.

Edit wars following Ryulong's banning

After Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee banned Ryulong due to actions regarding the Gamergate controversy, news spread among fans of Japanese art forms who accused Ryulong of owning certain pages and preventing errors from being fixed.

At the request of Ryulong, HJ Mitchell began banning any user attempting to raise the issue of the "Buddy Roid" / "Buddyloid" spelling dispute. No sanctions were authorized for these pages. [257]

  • - Blocked for a week by HJ Mitchell for providing six sources to support the spelling "Buddy Roid" and complaining about other editors being blocked.
  • - Blocked for three months by Salvidrim as a sockpuppet of
  • - Blocked for three months by HJ Mitchell for changing the name of a TV series from Ryulong's preferred Gorenger to Goranger.
  • - Blocked for three months by HJ Mitchell for changing the translation of Kenjin from Ryulong's preferred Defense to Stronghold on the page for Garo: The Animation.
  • - Blocked for a week by HJ Mitchell for arguing against "Buddyloid", having written "I find it entirely hypocritical that Ryulong uses an official website of a Sentai series as a source but doesn't want to use an official website of a Power Rangers series as a source. Is an official website reliable or not?"
  • DarknessSavior - 5-year-old account, claims to be "a professional Japanese translator who has lived in Japan for a year and has been working in the industry for three years." Permanently banned by Courcelles for changing the name of a Kamen Rider medal from Ryulong's preferred "Condol" to "Condor" and arguing for "Buddyroid" on the Go-Busters talk page. The ban was upheld by Guerillero on the grounds that DarknessSavior had previously requested a 3-month topic ban of Ryulong for actions in the Gamergate controversy.
  • Fidsah - 9-year-old account with a small number of generally unhelpful edits. Previously sanctioned for vandalism. Permanently banned by HJ Mitchell for changing the name of a Kamen Rider medal from Ryulong's preferred "Condol" to "Condor".
  • FlossumPossum - New account. Permanently banned by Courcelles for getting involved in the Kamen Rider dispute. The ban was upheld by PhilKnight on the grounds that FlossumPossum had edited its own talk page "to test out functionality."
  • Loganmac - 7-year-old account with few edits until the Gamergate controversy. Blocked for one day by HJ Mitchell for changing "Buddyloids" to "Buddyroids" while claiming "Per WP:COMMONNAME and official spelling in actual show."
  • TyTyMang - 2-month-old account. Permanently banned by JzG for reporting administrator abuse in the Go-Busters edit war. Unbanned by Beeblebrox.
  • Whymy - 10-year-old account with few edits. Permanently banned by Salvidrim as a "sleeper sock" for a single talk page contribution providing a source for the spelling "Buddy Roid". The ban was upheld by PhilKnight as "a sleeper account resurrected for nefarious purposes", with support from Salvidrim and Dave Dial. reported Guerrilero to Arbitration/Requests/Enforcement for the ban of DarknessSavior, alleging that Guerrilero was acting as a meatpuppet of Ryulong. Future Perfect deleted the report as a "baseless and procedurally misplaced complaint."[258] Zeus Kabob reopened the appeal using the same text as the IP editor. Protonk replied "No." HJ Mitchell closed the report as "Out of scope for AE."[259]

TyTyMang reported the ban of DarknessSavior to Administrator's Noticeboard. Grue, Xezbeth, and Nyttend described the ban as "ridiculous" and "bordering on malicious." Johnuniq and Ironholds endorsed the ban on the grounds that "All the gamergaters are remarkably polite." Tony Sidaway endorsed the ban as a "straightforward WP:NOTHERE block". Geni supported the ban as "fairly preventative because when the gamergate activists next swing through they will have one less account to be detrimental with." east718 lifted the ban as "unjustified/overly long."[260]

Salvidrim lifted the ban on FlossumPossum after reported the ban to the Administrator's Noticeboard.[261] [262]

Meatpuppetry allegations

Old Naval Rooftops accused OuendanL and Kitsunelaine of sockpuppetry for supporting Ryulong's spelling. Salvidrim said: [263]

I happen to know for fact these are separate users, and although they are friends (or at least have mutual friends), there does not seem to be any real violation of policy via meatpuppetry. ☺ · Salvidrim! · ✉ 00:52, 26 June 2015 (UTC)

Later activity

Block of Greedo8

In January 2015, NorthBySouthBaranof edit-warred with 09I500 and Greedo8 on the 4chan page over whether a source provided by NorthBySouthBaranof said that all accusations against Zoe Quinn were "false". At 19:02, 23 January 2015, Greedo8 requested that the Arbitration Committee open a case against NorthBySouthBaranof. At 19:55, after three arbitrators had declined the case, Courcelles revdelled the entire request "due to BLP concerns". Risker then permanently banned Greedo8 from Wikipedia.

Floquenbeam banned Skyrock84 "as a sock puppet that was created to violate Wikipedia policy" for having noted on the 4chan Talk page that the source did not support NorthBySouthBaranof's position. Floquenbeam later rescinded the ban and imposed a one-year topic ban.

09I500 was topic-banned by Future Perfect at the request of NorthBySouthBaranof, and was then indefinitely banned by HJ Mitchell for applying the same BLP policy to the Emma Sulkowicz article to insist that the article describe her rape accusations as "false". 09I500's changes to Emma Sulkowicz were reverted by SlimVirgin.

Site bans of TDA and Cla68

Shortly after Gamaliel joined the Arbitration Committee, ArbCom banned The Devil's Advocate and Cla68 without a hearing or evidence or the opportunity to defend themselves. Both users had presented evidence against Gamaliel in the Gamergate case.

Evangeliman came off two months of inactivity to make a Village Pump proposal for ArbCom to be given authority to block anyone without a hearing, as was done to The Devil's Advocate and Cla68. Weak support from Floquenbeam. The blocks were defended by MastCell and opposed by everyone else.[264]

Evangeliman joined October 2014, spends most of his time undoing blanking by troll ips, and has an interest in gendergap politics.[265][266][267][268]

BLP and the American Politician

In the request for an an Arbcom case about Gamaliel's activities regarding an April Fool's Day joke about Donald Trump's hands, Runescrape suggested that the Arbitration Committee have a look at Gamaliel's Twitter activity.[269] The_ed17 banned Runescrape for presenting this evidence, using a false accusation of being "a sock puppet that was created to violate Wikipedia policy."[270]

Harassment of David Auerbach

David Auerbach is a writer who has been published in Slate.

On 13 April 2015, Protonk nominated David Auerbach's page for deletion. [271] Auerbach complained:[272]

Yesterday: I criticize @Wikipedia
Today: Wikipideans try to delete my biography
Does this seem proper, @jimmy_wales?

On 10 May 2015, Slate writer David Auerbach complained that "several untrue statements have been made about me" on the Gamergate Controversy talk page. [273]

On 22 June 2015, Auerbach complained that editors on the talk page were describing his reporting as "fringe", a term that on Wikipedia refers to such outlandish ideas as holocaust denial, creationism, and claiming that NASA never landed on the moon. Aquillion and MarkBernstein supported this description. FreeRangeFrog dissented. [274] Anythingyouwant reported the issue to BLPN. [275]

On 4 August 2015 Auerbach wrote in opposition to Liz's candidacy for ArbCom. [276] WJBscribe removed the comment, describing Auerbach as a "sole purpose GamerGate account".[277]

Auerbach criticized the decision of the Arbitration Committee in the case of BLP and the American Politician.[278] [279]

Wikipedia arbitration committee agree that Rob "Gamaliel" Fernandez abused power, but leaning toward NO punishment.
ArbCom in a nutshell. Note that a female admin lost adminship for a SINGLE abuse, while Fernandez' multiple offenses somehow merit less.
I hope that ArbCom does not enact such a patently sexist double standard, but so far that seems to be the case. Wikipedia is a boy's club.
To @molly0x57: if Opabinia thinks desysopping Fernandez is "disproportionate," does she think Yngvadottir's desysop WASN'T disproportionate?

After Auerbach complained that Gamaliel had been disparaging him on Twitter, Gamaliel and Protonk contacted Auerbach's employers at Slate and the New America Foundation and asked for him to be fired. [280] Shortly afterward, Sydney Poore and Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight of Wikipedia's anti-harassment team gave Gamaliel a $50,000 grant to act as communications chair for WikiConference USA.[281]

Valoen's enemies

During a discussion about Involuntary Celibacy, several editors accused Valoen of canvassing users from offsite.[282][283]

The accusers were:

  • 2602:304:CF8C:9320:F565:2C17:F9D6:F86
  • Nasal Ant Horn, an anagram for Nathan Larson of SuicideWiki and "child liberation" site ChildWiki
  • MisterTester / Randy Neal
  • David90000

A comment by Lithorien:

As a secondary note, I find it odd that I am getting accused after attempting to edit on the GamerGate page. With the link provided by Sammy above (Sea Lion page), I wonder if it's the work of this group to discredit and threaten editors. Lithorien (talk) 01:05, 5 January 2016 (UTC)

Examples of banworthy offenses

Titanium Dragon excerpts

These were described by ArbCom as combative enough to merit a topic ban, with Newyorkbrad dissenting.

On reliable sources and conspiracy theories

Published to Talk:Zoe Quinn on September 1, 2014. [284]

We should not be saying that Zoe Quinn traded sexual favors for career advancement, any more than we should say that Michael Brown was shot because he was black. But we can - and should - report on what reliable sources are talking about in terms of the reaction. Titanium Dragon (talk) 23:15, 1 September 2014 (UTC)
We do publish conspiracy theories about living people all the time; the 9/11 conspiracy theories are an example. Heck, some of the stuff about the shooting of Michael Brown qualifies as a conspiracy theory about living people. We only publish conspiracy theories about living people in their articles if they are notable for them - David Icke's page makes note of them, for instance, and Barack Obama's page made mention of them at one point, before they were pushed out into the 2008 election sub-article because his biographical article is so long. It really depends on the person in question and their notability relative to their general notability - most presidents have conspiracy theories surrounding them, for instance, but generally don't rise to the level where they are worthy of inclusion in the main article, though they are usually mentioned in various sub-articles.
As I noted, I was pointing out that the idea that any of this stuff isn't included in Wikipedia is simply false; Lewinsky is simply an obvious example of someone who is notable soley because of a scandal. And frankly, it is very comparable with Zoe Quinn, because the only reason Zoe Quinn is notable is because of various controversial incidents she has been involved with.
In the case of Zoe Quinn, she isn't especially notable outside of said controversies - she is more of a scandal attached to a person than a person attached to a scandal, seeing as her notability outside of this is sharply limited. Titanium Dragon (talk) 23:34, 1 September 2014 (UTC)

Source list

Published to Talk:Zoe Quinn on 2 September 2014. [285]

List of Relevant Material

Per Diego Moya's request in the ANI, and in the interest of moving the article forward, I have compiled a list of things which I feel are relevant and can be sourced.

  • Eron Gjoni released details of Zoe Quinn's personal life on August 16th, 2014. Sources: Pretty much everywhere, but the actual date of August 16th, 2014 is elusive. Should we cite the original blog post for the date? Anyone have a RS on the specific date?
  • Zoe Quinn slept with Joshua Boggs shortly before he hired her to work for Loveshack. This has been confirmed by several sources, but I am unable to find a good RS which mentions the timing issue, though several mention that he is her boss. Talking Ship mentions it but is probably not the best source.
  • Outraged gamers posted numerous comments on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and the forums and comments sections of many game journalism websites demanding an investigation of the claims, accusing Zoe Quinn of using improper personal relationships to advance her career and garner positive coverage in the press, as well as accusing the independent gaming industry and gaming journalists of nepotism and corruption. Sources: Bright Side of News
  • Unrelated posts about improper and unprofessional behavior and discussion on corruption in the video game journalism industry were also removed. Sources: Bright Side of News
  • A video documenting the scandal on YouTube was pulled down due to a false copyright claim by Zoe Quinn or someone claiming to be Zoe Quinn. Sources: Game Revolution
  • The censorship of the video caused John Bain to comment on the issue, and subsequently become the target of harassment by Zoe Quinn's supporters. Source: New Media Rockstars
  • The censorship of the video caused InternetAristocrat to make several videos documenting the incident, one of which received over 750,000 views. Sources: New Media Rockstars, can cite video itself on itself for view count.
  • Lack of coverage of the scandal by several major websites lead to additional charges of a media blackout and a coverup of corruption by gamers. Source: Bright Side of News
  • Kotaku released a press release defending Grayson, confirming that he was in a romantic relationship with Zoe Quinn but stating that it started after he wrote the article about Zoe Quinn. Source: Kotaku
  • GamesNosh's webhost asked that they remove a post documenting the scandal and the ensuing coverup. Source: Bright Side of News, can possibly source GamesNosh itself as it noted the issue and it is about itself?
  • Zoe Quinn claimed that her personal life was no one else's business and refused to address the validity of the complaints laid against her, save to note that Grayson had not written a review of Depression Quest. Source: GamesNosh, could possibly cite Zoe's post itself as well as it was about herself and her reaction? Possibly could site some other sources as well?
  • Zoe Quinn reported that she had become the subject of harassment. Source: The Daily Beast, Daily Dot, lots of other potential sources

The Daily Beast, Daily Dot, lots of other potential sources

Other journalists beseeched gamers to focus on the men involved in the scandal instead of Zoe Quinn. Source:

Those seem to be the relevant facts: what happened, who was involved, what the reaction was. Thoughts? Titanium Dragon (talk) 00:33, 2 September 2014 (UTC)

Titanium Dragon on reliability

Published to Talk:Gamergate controversy on October 18, 2014. [286]

Also so long as it isn't about other living persons, isn't unduly self-serving, ect. Unfortunately, Quinn's own reliability even about stuff concerning herself has been called into question; The Escapist had to issue an apology for not fact-checking her previous claims of harassment, as there was no independent confirmation of them, and no charges were ever filed. Titanium Dragon (talk) 09:41, 18 October 2014 (UTC)

Lack of credibility of death threats

Per Utah State University, citing the FBI:

  • "Following a disturbing email received late Monday evening, Utah State University police and administrators have been working throughout the day to assess any level of risk to students or to a speaker scheduled to visit. USU police, in conjunction with several teams of state and federal law enforcement experts, determined that there was no threat to students, staff or the speaker, so no alert was issued."
  • "Throughout the day, USU police worked to assess the level of threat with other local, state and federal agencies, including the Utah Statewide Information and Analysis Center, the FBI Cyber Terrorism Task Force, and the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit. After a careful assessment of the threat, law enforcement officials determined that it was similar to other threats that Sarkeesian received in the past."

We really need to be careful about this death threat stuff; no one has been charged with anything as far as I know, there are concerns about their authenticity and seriousness, and in the past people have made them against themselves for various messed up reasons.

Even beyond these issues, though, I'm seeing news articles which are reporting on these threats as if they were credible even days after they were dismissed by authorities; we should be very careful about this sort of thing, and try to make sure when the authorities are involved that they can confirm this stuff. Independent confirmation of this stuff would be nice, because many folks involved (on all sides) have reasons to lie about being the subject of persecution, or simply exaggerate in a play for sympathy. Titanium Dragon (talk) 09:41, 18 October 2014 (UTC)


Xander756 claims to be formwer Wikipedia staff [287]

I was staff on Wikipedia and an editor for like 10 years. I got immediately and PERMANENTLY banned by a feminist administrator after I asked on Anita Sarkeesian's discussion page if there should be mention of her work history with pick up artist bart baggett on her wikipedia entry. I linked to Anita's resume and bart baggett's official website proving their connection.
Go to Anita Sarkeesian's page and click the Talk tab on the top. I'm afraid you won't be able to see my edits however because the administrator literally scrubbed them from Wikipedia. This is almost UNHEARD of. Simply deleting something still leaves it in the history for people to view. Here is a link to my contribution history on Wikipedia:[288]
As you can see, all of my edits to her Talk page under the subheading "Bart Baggett Connection" are GRAYED OUT and STRICKEN from the record.
Edit: You can also see I was an editor since November 2006. So 9 years as an editor, and also had staff rights. All gone and perma banned for merely MENTIONING Bart Baggett.

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Many of the editors and some administrators have communicated and posted to GamerGhazi, an activist forum for suppressing the spread of information about Gamergate.

Ryulong, who was heavily involved in the creation and framing of the article, received $350 from a member of GamerGhazi[5] after a promotion there by moderator IrbyTremor[6].

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has excluded the defunct website Wikipedia Watch from the Wayback Machine. The website had hosted a list of complaints about Tarc compiled by Daniel Brandt.[28]


Arbitration Committee member GorillaWarfare posted at least two #StopGamerGate2014 tweets and retweeted #StopGamerGate2014 posts by Matt Binder, Rob Thomas (ShadowPraxis), and Kat Haché.[289]

GorillaWarfare is a member of the botting group BotAlly which includes Atheism+ Block Bot creator vex0rian and gg-bot owner FluffyPira.[290] gg-bot was designed to spam the Gamergate hashtag.[291] Early tweeters of the #BotAlly hashtag include several people related to Gamergate and/or IGDA: Patricia Hernandez, Brendan Keogh, Darius Kazemi, Ian Bogost, and Mattie Brice. [292]

GorillaWarfare recused herself from the ArbCom vote to take the Gamergate case, but voted on the final decision.

Feminist Frequency

Wikimedia Foundation board member Mimi Ito is a co-worker of Feminist Frequency writer Jonathan McIntosh who she described as "our curator for the political remix genre."[293] Her brother Joichi Ito is a board member of the New York Times which published a front-page article falsely claiming that Gamergate was about the harassment of Feminist Frequency's Anita Sarkeesian.

Harnisch Foundation

Ruth Ann Harnisch is the top donor to Feminist Frequency.[294] Her Harnisch Foundation has hosted RH Reality Check, Women, Action and the Media, Democracy Now!, and The Nation, along with an annual Wikipedia fundraising event attended by Jimmy Wales.[295]

Harnisch funds the Awesome Foundation whose board members include Wikimedia Foundation advisory board member Ethan Zuckerman, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and Advance Publications heir S.I. Newhouse IV.

United Nations

Wikimedia Foundation trustee Bishakha Datta is the chair of the Association for Progressive Communications,[1] a member of the Internet Governance Forum and a promoter of the notion that disagreeing with a woman on the Internet is "Cyber Violence" and should be judged as a crime under existing battery law.[2]

Democratic Party

Clinton Global Initiative

Wikimedia Foundation advisory board member Trevor Neilson is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative.[296] His Twitter feed[297] shows him praising Shaun King, retweeting the Center for American Progress, and threatening to report another Twitter user to his employer for a difference of opinion about Trayvon Martin.

In 2015 the Wikimedia Foundation paid $436,000 to Minassian Media, the company of Clinton Foundation Chief Communications officer Craig Minassian.[298]

Purpose Action

Wikimedia Foundation advisory board member Barry Newstead is a member of the Bridgespan Group with Purpose Action co-founder Jon Huggett.

Wikimedia Foundation board member Esra'a Al Shafei is funded by the Omidyar Foundation and is a board member of AccessNow,[299] a project of Democratic Party activist group Avaaz / Purpose Action[300] that is best known for its public relations support for the delivery of arms to al-Qaeda in the Benghazi scandal and to ISIS in Syria.[301]

George Soros

Wikimedia Foundation advisory board member Melissa Hagemann is a senior program manager with the Open Society Foundations.[302]

Wikimedia Foundation advisory board member Rebecca MacKinnon is a member of the Soros-funded New America Foundation and the Global Network Initiative.[303] MacKinnon and fellow board member Ethan Zuckerman co-founded Global Voices which is hosted at the Berkman Center.

From 2010-2013 the Wikimedia Foundation employed Zack Exley as Chief Community Officer. Exley is a co-founder of the New Organizing Institute and had previously been a fellow of the Open Society Institute and creative director at MoveOn.[304] The Wikimedia Foundation hired Barry Newstead and Zack Exley at the same time in June 2010. [305] Exley oversaw the expansion of the Wikimedia Foundation from 20 to 200 employees.[306] Zexley is a senior strategist with marketing firm OMP[307] which serves the Democratic Party.[308]

MacArthur Foundation

Wikimedia Foundation advisory board member Clay Shirky is a member of the MacArthur Foundation's Data and Society Working Group along with Joichi Ito, Ethan Zuckerman, Blue State Digital member danah boyd, Citizen Engagement Lab/Color of Change member Catherine Bracy, Expert Labs founder Anil Dash, Personal Democracy Media co-founders Andrew Rasiej and Micah Sifry, Daily Show producer Baratunde Thurston, and Brad Burnham and Nick Grossman of FWD.US financier Union Square Ventures.[309]

Model View Culture

In 2016 Wikipedia hired Ashe Dryden of Model View Culture and Valerie Aurora of the Ada Foundation to design a code of conduct.[310]

Wikimedia Foundation chief talent and culture officer Gayle Karen Young Whyte is a member of the Ada Initiative[3] and the Daily Kos meet-up Netroots Nation.[4]

Fight For The Future

Wikimedia Foundation advisory board member Craig Newmark is a financier of the Berkman Center and a past supporter of Fight For The Future.[311]

Skyline Public Works

Wikimedia Foundation chief revenue officer Lisa Seitz-Gruwell is the chief operating officer of Skyline Public Works[5] which "invests in political entrepreneurs who are focusing on advancing the progressive movement" in association with the Rappaport Foundation.[6]


Wikimedia Foundation treasurer Garfield Byrd is the chief financial officer of the KIPP Foundation whose board includes Reed Hastings of the Democratic activist group FWD.US. Byrd has also been the chief financial officer the Pacific School of Religion which is funded by the Arcus Foundation, and the Community Foundation Silicon Valley, a predecessor to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation which has funded the Hamas front organization Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Al-Qaeda front organization International Islamic Relief Organization.

Code Pink

Celinda Lake of Lake Associates, who describes herself as "one of the Democratic Party's leading political strategists", was hired by the Wikimedia Foundation in 2017.[7]

Lake signed on to Code Pink's Women Support the Iran Nuclear Deal[8]


Wikimedia Foundation trustee Raju Narisetti was CEO of Gizmodo Media Group, formerly known as Gawker and now a subsidiary of Univision under Haim Saban, from September 2016 to April 2018.[312][313]

Sexual harassment claims

Wikimedia Foundation president Christophe Henner was accused of sexual harassment by Wikimedia France board member Nathalie Martin and of retaliating against Wikimedia France with the support of Katherine Maher by cutting their budget until Martin's supporters resigned.[9] [10]

Tides Foundation

The Wikimedia Foundation donated $5 million to the Tides Foundation in 2016.[11]

Business interests

Silicon Valley corporate collusion

Wikimedia Foundation board member Arnon Geshuri was involved in an agreement between Google, Apple, and other companies not to recruit employees from one another.[314]

Wikimedia Foundation board member Guy Kawasaki is in the social media circles of Bonnie Russell of Personal Public Relations[315] who an anonymous Tor user accused of being "Black PR working for Brianna Wu." Others in the same circle include Larry Page, Mark Cuban, Robert Scoble, and Richard Branson.

Esalen Institute

Wikimedia Foundation chief operating officer Terence Gilbey is general manager of the Esalen Institute.

Longtime Esalen employee[12][13] John Marks and his wife Susan Collins Marks run Search for Common Ground which ran the The U.S.-Muslim Engagement Project with the Consensus Building Institute and the Rockfeller Brothers Fund.[14][15][16] The project produced a report in 2008 that called for American support for the Muslim Brotherhood.[17]

Susan Collins Marks is on the board of the Future Shapers Collaborative with Muna AbuSulayman,[18] manager of Kingdom Holdings of Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal and daughter of Abdulhamid Abusulayman of the International Institute of Islamic Thought who called for the "Islamization of Knowledge" in 1989.[19]

Credit Management Services

Wikimedia Foundation treasurer and chief financial officer Jaime Villagomez is CFO of loan management company Karum Group LLC, formerly known as Credit Management Services, whose board includes executives of Dillard's, Visa Mexico, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

WMF Donors

As of 2013,[316] the Wikimedia Foundation's major donors include:

Indie Task Force

Wikipedia's Indie Task Force uses Polytron's Fez character as its mascot. An accusation of racketeering involving Polytron was one of the major incidents of the Gamergate controversy.


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Icon selection

Czar suggested using Fez as the group's icon, and sought suggestions for a more neutral image.

Contemporary controversies

JaysonSunshine block

On 29 April 2011, JaysonSunshine posted a six-paragraph essay on his user page alleging the existence of a cultural taboo against discussing pedophilia in a "rational" and "scientific" manner, citing the Rind et al controversy. On 27 August 2014‎, RHaworth deleted the essay from JaysonSunshine's user page. After failing to resolve the dispute in talk, JaysonSunshine took RHaworth to arbitration where other editors sided with RHaworth.

At 05:06, 28 August 2014, Worm_That_Turned indefinitely blocked JaysonSunshine for having "carried on with the subject of Rind et al" in private email.

Maup Caransa edit war

On 8 September 2014, Viriditas accused Wikipedia administrator Drmies of edit warring to keep "highly problematic wording, bordering on unintentional antisemitic stereotypes and language" in the Maup Caransa page, showing four unexplained reverts in just over 24 hours. Wikipedia administrator John closed the report because the four reverts were not within 24 hours. After Viriditas overturned John's decision on account of John being an interested party, Wikipedia administrator Spartaz blocked Viriditas for three days.

John Barrowman edit war

On 26 January 2014, Wikipedia administrator John removed tabloid sources from the page for actor John Barrowman and threatened to block editor Viriditas for having reverted the change on account of the sources being reliable for the information referenced. Viriditas justified the inclusion of the sources.

On 17–23 September 2014, Wikipedia administrators John, Spartaz, and Drmies conducted an edit war on the John Barrowman page by repeatedly deleting a section sourced to a Mirror interview of John Barrowman. On September 18, John blocked Viriditas for reverting the edit. The block was lifted the same day by PhilKnight.

Ryulong and Nanshu

Nashu and Ryulong feuded in early 2014, which resulted in Atama giving Nanshu a warning in February and a one-day block in April after insulting Ryulong.

After Ryulong deleted several of Nanshu's edits to the pages for several minor East Asian languages in early October 2014, Nanshu filed a complaint and sought to have Rylong banned from Wikipedia.

Sturmgewehr88 accused Nanshu of having "literally made up his own grouping of the Ryūkyūan languages based off of a non-mainstream source..." and noted that "Ryulong has made significant contributions to all of the Ryūkyūan language articles and to Ryūkyūan subjects in general. It is obvious that he has a strong understanding of this subject..."

CSDarrow block

On 3 September 2014, Dreadstar issued a permanent block on CSDarrow for calling Roger Whitcomb, Wikipedia's source for a claim that the Men's Rights Movement supports the decriminalization of martial rape, "a lone, well known radical nutcase who has not been active in over a decade." Dreadstar justified the block as a "biography of a living person" (BLP) rule violation and refused to lift the block after being informed that Whitcomb had been dead for years. The block was lifted by PhilKnight.

On 10 September 2014, HJ Mitchell issued a one-year block on CSDarrow for removing the reference to Roger Whitcomb "without a clear consensus" while the article was under protection. CSDarrow claimed to have a clear consensus for the edit. Bbb23 had protected the article to prevent this specific edit due to the lack of a consensus. The block was supported unanimously by several editors citing CSDarrow's history of edit warring on the same article, lack of contributions to other articles, and the fact that CSDarrow had presented a defense. Of these editors, only Blackmane addressed the question of whether or not CSDarrow had a clear consensus.

The Federalist and Neil deGrasse Tyson

On October 17, Andyvphil accused Dreadstar of edit warring on the article for The Federalist by removing a well-sourced section which described how Federalist columnist Sean Davis had accused Neil deGrasse Tyson of misquoting George W. Bush. HJ Mitchell and Drmies had previously discussed the issue with Andyvphil. NorthBySouthBaranof described Dreadstar's edits as "Good-faith invocations of BLP." Protonk dismissed Andyvphil's report as "a trumped up version of the admin protected the wrong revision."

On 21 October 2014, Andyvphil reported Gamaliel for making a personal attack and allegedly misusing administrator tools. Deflecting from the issue of Gamaliel's actions, Dave Dial, Drmies, Black Kite, and Ivanvector accused Andyvphil of a "racist" "BLP violation" for having said that Neil deGrasse Tyson had once "washed out" of a postgraduate program and "got special consideration on account of his race" to enter another postgraduate program at Colombia University, which had a racial preference system at the time. UltraExactZZ called for Andyvphil to be topic-banned. This was supported by Tivanir2, Nick, and Dave Dial before anyone presented an of Andyvphil's conduct. The block was further supported by a dozen other editors. NE2 justified banning Andyvphil on the grounds that "since August 2014 he's edited exclusively at a handful of topics all related to U.S. right-wing politics" and added in a comment that "His problem is that he's too conservative. Get it?" Carrite and Baseball Bugs justified the ban on the grounds of edits that Andyvphil had made in 2008 and already been sanctioned for. John further deleted a long debate between Andyvphil and Viriditas from Andyvphil's talk page, citing BLP, and threatened further sanctions on Andyvphil for asking John to list one single thing from the discussion that was a BLP violation. In opposition, TParis said "The revdel'd diff looked a bit weak to me to call this editor a racist. It amounted to saying that the sources support the fact that NDGT didn't complete his first thesis. And then a question that could be seen as race baiting but could have been a honest question." Wikidemon noted that "nobody has even attempted to make a case for a topic ban" and Gaijin42 noted that Andyvphil's claims about Tyson had been supported by Neil deGrasse Tyson in two interviews. HJ Mitchell noted that "nobody has presented a shred of evidence" against Andyvphil. Beeblebrox imposed a permanent ban on Andyvphil editing articles about living persons.

JournoList page edit skirmish

On October 29, 2014, Sy9045 added a section to Wikipedia's page on JournoList that included excerpts from leaked emails condemning Republican figures. Oshwah deleted the new section on the grounds that "the sources provided do not seem to pertain directly to the quoted content that is being added to this article." Oswah initially described Sys9045's edits as vandalism, then later apologised after reading the sources.

Twitter user GitGudGG had suggested that there might be a "possible link to GameJournoPros."


Wikpedia has an unofficial mascot, name Wikipe-tan, who was created by Deviantart user, Kasuga39. Sometime in January 2006, Wikipe-tan became the mascot, even though it's unofficial.[21][22]

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