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Website http://www.ign.com/
Parent Company j2 Global
Owner Ziff Davis
Editor-in-Chief Steve Butts
Ethics Policy Standards and Practices

IGN (formerly Imagine Games Network) is the largest games website in the world, founded in 1996. IGN has remained relatively aloof from the #Gamergate scandal, commenting only on issues of harassment. While IGN did not participate in the "Gamers Are Dead" blitz, IGN has held that harassment is a problem in the gaming community. IGN was however fairly notorious for its practices long before #Gamergate occurred.[1]

Pre-Gamergate controversies


In 2012, an anonymous former IGN employee spoke with Zelda Informer.

The truth is that marketing and PR and readers have a major influence on reviews. I can tell you that just about every preview and review you read spouts out a lot of marketing’s message. Journalists don’t get it, see it, realize it, or accept it. But that is the truth
— Anonymous source[2]

Role In GamerGate

IGN has remained relatively quiet about the issues surrounding Gamergate. They did not declare the gamer identity dead, though did agree that gaming had a problem with harassment. They have announced upcoming change to their ethics policies.

  • Reporting on the Open letter against harassment on September 1, 2014,[3] referring to recent events involving Phil Fish, Zoe Quinn, and Feminist Frequency.
  • An article in October 2014 on the problem of harassment in the gaming community [4] calling for greater civility.
  • In early November 2014, IGN later stated that they did have a code of ethics policy and were in the process of making their standards and practices public.[5]
In August 6, 2018, one of IGN's editors, Filip Miucin plagiarizes a Dead Cells review from a little Youtuber, Boomstick Gaming. IGN fired Miucin and offer some sort of apology to the youtuber, this made Filip made an unconvincing apology video (Which he quickly took down).

Currently, the fired IGN editor is now striking down YouTube videos which mirror his apology video.[8][9] Upon further investigations, it's shown that Filip Miucin has a history of plagiarizing and copying from other gaming news sites, even Kotaku. [10][11][12] In August 14, 2018, IGN purged all of Miucin's articles and content from their site.[13][14]

GameJournoPros Members

These are the gaming journalists that are working (or previously worked) for IGN and who were are part of the GamesJournoPro's Google mailing list.

  • Alex Rubens - Also of: G4TV, PCWorld, Official Xbox Magazine, Polygon, @Gamer Magazine, Games Radar, Joystiq, Kotaku, Destructoid, Tech Hive, Game Informer
  • Andrew Hayward - Also of: StuffTV, TechHive, Macworld,Maclife, Jostiq
  • Brandon Justice - Also of: Gamefan, SEGA, EA, EGM
  • Dan (Dan Stapleton) - Also of: PC Gamer
  • Jason Venter - Also of: Honest Gamers Editor in Chief, Gamespot, GamesRadar, Joystiq
  • Leah B. Jackson, Riot Games eSports web content coordinator - Also of: G4
  • Meghan Sullivan
  • Mitch Dyer, Editor
  • Rob Zacny - Also of: PCGamesN, The Escapist, Polygon
  • Taylor Cocke, Web content coordinator at Riot Games/Lolesports - Also of: Edge
  • Will Tuttle, Sr. Communications Manager for Xbox and Editorial Overseer of Xbox Wire


IGN has some Steam curators: http://store.steampowered.com/curator/9869-IGN/ And http://store.steampowered.com/curator/913835-IGN-Blogs/

And a Russian one: https://store.steampowered.com/curator/10204951-IGN%C2%A0Russia/?appid=208650


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