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Type Mailing campaign
Owner None
Status Ongoing

'Operation Disrespectful Nod' is a mailing campaign targeting advertisers on unethical video game journalism sites, especially those that participated in Gamers are Dead, asking the advertisers to reconsider their association with these publications. The publications which engage in unethical behavior are toxic to gamers, so the letters are an appeal to these companies to protect the integrity of their product by severing ties to unethical media.


Compose personalized emails to advertisers explaining that their advertisements on these websites, where they slander their own customers and call them dead, are detrimental to the value of their brands, and continued advertisements can lead to an negative association for their brand. It's OK to use templates, but advertisers receiving the same letter over and over are more likely to disregard the letters. Don't mention GamerGate, because our goal is not to convince them of GamerGate's legitimacy, nor to gain their support of GamerGate, but instead, convince them to act in defense of their brand's image.


Sample letters: http://pastebin.com/JiUdj4Q8
Infograph: http://i.imgur.com/8kId8XQ.jpg



Respectful Nodding Man bobblehead edition


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These are articles that you can include in emails to demonstrate the toxic nature of these publications.





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