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Aliases RogueStar
Occupation Developer
Affiliations RoguestarGamez

Slate Villena (commonly known by his online alias, RogueStar) is an Indie Game Developer and former writer at Gamasutra. He has been actively participating in the consumer revolt hashtag, GamerGate.


Censored and Blacklisted from Gamasutra

On October 8, 2014, APG Nation interviewed Slade and described his experience of being blacklisted by Gamasutra. In the article he described his writing style as controversial and his articles were featured twice a week over a period of 3 years. On 2012, despite his popularity, all of his articles were deleted without any notice and he was no longer able to comment in the site.[1]

Slade also mentioned in 2010, he got into an argument on the definition of 'gamer' with Nicholas Lovell. He explained that this was product of numerous parties trying to invade the gaming culture, imposing their definitions in search of empowerment, be it social or economic, at the expense of gamers.[2]

His final article in Gamasutra was about the possibility for game developers with no audio skills to use the Google Translate's text-to-speech function to create a robotic voice for games. In it he said "Zynga stock, investors beware".[3]

Role In Gamergate

Indie-fensible Videos

Roguestar was one of the people collaborating with Cameralady on the 2nd video of the Indie-fensible series by Cameralady. The video series covered the shady behaviors and conflict of interests found between the IGF and IndieCade judges and developers participating on them.

Operation Vox Populi

Rogue Star Games announced the Twitter campaign #OperationVoxPopuli and later claimed it was a trick to see how the Gamer Haters reacted.

2 days ago, I announce #OperationVoxPopuli. 5PM EST launch this past Sunday.

> around that time, tons of flamewars

> character assassination attempts on me, all over the place

> skype twitter bot actively swarming. lots of random questions tagging me and random GG supporters.

> random skype connects and calls, DOZENS of them aimed at me

all of that over a google document that introduces new targets, new tweaks to emailing campaign. really simple stuff.

QED: the experiment last night showed that the enemy is COORDINATED. multiple parties. web tech, twitter and skype API abuse involved.

On October 5, Twitter user TheIvyClover1 reported:

The enemy has breached our 8chan board (/gg/) and begun to spread a targeted campaign against users with a high enough follower count. Remember that email from silverstring media asking for PR help? they wanted to know which users were influential on twitter. It isn't hard to find out. So what happened so far?

- Internet Aristrocrat has been doxxed at his work place on 8chan. Why? Who would do that?

- jayd has been attacked as a "shill queen"

- Mundane Matt (who is irrelevant at this point as far as I care) is being brought back into the light despite not having done much recently.

-LW's Mallorie_Nasrallahquestionable murder claim out of the blue just when we were totally rid of her. Even after we resisted spreading the information, it kept popping right back up on 8chan, like a turd that won't flush.

- Devi came back in right after the Intel victory and after waiting a while, launched a fierce attack on Nero attempting to split us all with the same identity politics we want to keep out of gaming.

- Now, RogueStars small anti-Vox operation is coming under incredible scrutiny whereas no one minded before operations such as Digging DiGRA or Operation Preemptive Strike (that he spread, not wrote for the record)

IRC log controversy

After the The Escapist removed an interview with him, Villena accused Alex Lifschitz et al of "malicious intent to slander", saying "they even FAKED A LOG to get my article taken down." The disputed log purports to show Villena calling for "finding ways to crack ZQ emails" and "tweeting to TeamMeat about IGF video."

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