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Parent Company: UBM WebTech
Editor-in-Chief: Kris Graft
Boycott: yes

Gamasutra is a website, founded in 1997, that focuses on all aspects of video game development. It is owned and operated by UBM TechWeb (formerly a part of CMP Media), a division of Unite Business Media, and acts as the online sister publication to the print magazine Game Developer.

Gamasutra is part of the GameJournoPros mailing list and participated in the Gamers are Dead effort.

Role In GamerGate

On October 1, Intel pulled their advertisement campaign on GamaSutra in response to the GamerGate controversy. On October 3, Intel issued a statement declaring that they were not taking a side on the GamerGate controversy.

Articles Attacking Gamers

GameJournoPros Members

These are the gaming journalists that work (or previously worked) for Gamasutra and are part of the GamesJournoPro's Google mailing list.

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