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Literally Who is a phrasal term, which, when employed within the context of discussing Gamergate, denotes an individual who is of little pertinence to the topic, but who continues to be mentioned, regardless. It is an expression of false ignorance, the implication of its usage being that the person to whom it is referring is unimportant enough to the topic at hand so as to be wholly unknown by the speaker. 'Literally who' is also an epithet ascribed to the individuals themselves, thus, they are 'literally whos'. Some common examples of this phenomenon are Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, and Zoe Quinn, all of whom, despite being utterly impertinent to the goals and objectives of Gamergate, are continually conflated with it by both themselves and others so as to create a kind of misdirecting straw man. Their efficacy as diversions it apparently dubitable, however, as most tweets emblazoned with the #Gamergate hashtag make no mention of them.

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