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I'm Mundane Matt...I haz opinions and shit.
Occupation: Youtube Producer

MundaneMatt is a commentator, who is active on YouTube since 2012. He covers daily news from around the web, including news involving gaming, movie, and crazy weird stories that might have slipped through the cracks. [1]

Role in Gamergate


Two people doxxed Mundane Matt, saying that they won't reveal his addresses, business number, and family unless he complies to their list of demands, one of which is cutting his friendship ties with ReviewTechUSA. However, he beats them to the punch. [2]

Hell Hath No Fury

In August 18, 2014, Mundane Matt was force to reupload his vid about Zoe Quinn, Eron Gjoni, and the game journalism corruption. Because Zoe was flagging his video earlier when he first put it up.

CON Leaks

He is one of the many Youtubers that those from Crash Override Network wants to shut down entirely. [3] Rob, one of the members wants to complied a list of dirt that he finds on Total Biscuit and Mundane Mat.

Honey Badger News

On August 4, 2018, Mundane Matt was one of the first YouTubers to report that the Honey Badgers Brigade lost their case against Calgary Expo. typhonblue confirms that Mundane Matt's vid is legit in Kotaku In Action and the Honey Badger Brigade blog.[4][5]

Admits to False Flagging

Sometime in an August 2018 stream, Mundane Matt admits to false flagging other anti-sjw Youtubers when they criticize him. He was seen in the stream with multiple tabs open and others (The Ralph Retort, Mister Metokur, theQuartering, etc) called him out on it, like flagging the souless Matt show.[6][7] MundaneMatt was then saying that "they got under his skin and he wasn't in a good state of mind/bad mood." During those times and he's sorry, but his reputation and maybe his career is over, because who would believe a word that MundaneMatt says or if a video gets flag, people will assume he did it.

Finding Matt





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