Projects:Operation Autism Storm

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Projects:Operation Autism Storm
Type: Mailing campaign, boycott and meme war
Owner: None
Status: Starting up

Operation Autism Storm is a boycott and mailing campaign targeted at ad aggregate agencies used by CNN and its subsidiaries. The goal of the mailing campaign is to get the ad agencies to cancel their contracts with CNN resulting in major financial harm to the company. A Meme War in which anti-CNN memes are produced and sent.

CNN has been abusing its power as an international media company. The straw that trigger this operation was CNN publicly threatening to reveal the real name, address and other details of the 15 year old writer of an anti-CNN meme if he does not apologise or do it again. The nom de plume of the boy was HanA**holeSolo.


Email the sponsors of CNN.

Produce and send anti-CNN memes, frequently including the hashtag #OperationAutismStorm.


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