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Operation Chickasaw
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Operation Chickasaw was about Net Neutrality aftermath.[1]

Given that Google, Twitter, Apple, Facebook, and other major providers are publicly-accessible entities that have monopoly control over the Internet, it’s clear that Marsh v. Alabama prohibits them from censoring right-wingers. The statute also applies to ISPs, since they wield a monopoly over Internet access. All it would take to shut down online censorship is a halfway-decent lawyer arguing that these left-wing Big Tech companies are literally violating the Constitution.

Big Tech Companies are already violating the Constitution, and ISPs would too if they throttle![2][3]


Using a tweet as an example (baring in mind you can also use GAB or Minds):


> Don't write clickbait, briefly explain why Net Neutrality was unnecessary by one of the points mentioned in the archive- in fact, include it as well. > Tailor to your audience. Most of your followers Right Wing? Tell them how Google and Twitter are already breaking the constitution for silencing conservatives. Most of Your Audience like Net Neutrality? Explain how it's already in the Constitution! > If you focus on one point- include a screencap where in the post it says it- and highlight it in the archive. This gives you a new URL that'll highlight the same area and scroll down for whoever clicks on it, like so: https://archive.is/yAryk#selection-615.0-637.42 - include the original URL as well (https://archive.is/yAryk) > Include #NetNeutrality because it's trending,and those into it will see it when searching as well. > Post your tweet here to spread the info quicker via old-fashioned SignalBooster tactics.

You can also write to your senator! (Literally search "How do I contact my senator" or "How do I contact the senator of [state] and you'll find it.) < TL;DR (more posts below but summarized here) > Make Tweets, Infographs and the like to spread on social media. > Write to your senator. > Repackage the archive to manipulate leftists. > Keep pushing.



[Link to thread on gamergatehq]

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