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Operation 5 Horsemen

Type Data gathering

'Operation 5 Horsemen' is a project aimed at addressing the biased article covering GamerGate on Wikipedia. This includes documenting violations of Wikipedia policies by the most active editors to the article, inconsistencies in the enforcement of policies, and the contradictory and illogical comments made on talk pages in justifying the state of the article.


The primary reason that the GamerGate article on Wikipedia is in the biased state that it is that the five most active editors, the "five horsemen," are all anti-GamerGate and are tag teaming the article to block out opposing viewpoints and prevent consensus from making the article more neutral. The five horsemen are aided and abetted by a number of administrators who are enabling or turning a blind eye to policy violations. Wikipedia should not be complacent in this behavior, because Wikipedia's neutral point of view policy is one of the three most important guiding principles of their content.


Phase 1. Rally the Troops

To help out with OP 5 Horsemen. Utilizing Operation SKYNET would be the best way to do this, as well as the main GamerGate and NYS tags. As well as that, post this on various GG hubs, such as /gamergate/, KotakuInAction, and others. Keep gathering people for Operation 5 Horsemen until Sunday.

Phase 2, finding evidence

Once people have been gathered, document instances of policy violations, hipocracy (such as declaring Forbes not a reliable source while allowing Gawker articles), and other biased actions. There are a few wikipedia links below for convencience. While you may want to create an account and report shit yourself, do not create single-purpose accounts. Additionally, do not engage in taunting, personal attacks, or doxxing. Truth is on our side. And the logs speak the truth.

Phase 3. collection

Post discoveries to the talk page of this page. After a day or so, someone will collect a list of the links, and then pass it on to another editor, and jimmy himself. of course, since there will be a lot of archive links, you have do the following if you want this to work:

  1. Put the original URL next to the archive URL
  2. Give a brief summary of the content of the archive, such as "Ryulong talking to Gamaliel regarding editors"
  3. (Optional) Put the date of archiving on it.

Phase 4. Sit back and enjoy the show

Once the evidence is collected, and presented, there's no stopping the happenings train.


The 5 Horsemen

Complacent Admins

Suspected Admins

These administrators are not confirmed to have been complacent in the biased GamerGate article.

WikiProject Feminism

Due to a strong desire to label GamerGate as a sexist movement, it is believed that a lot of the Wikipedia-based discussion that results in the persistent bias on the GamerGate article comes from Wikiproject Feminism, and its talk page.