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In this section please write an introduction to the site. It must contain the name of the site and its speciality. It also must have a small description of it's role in the Gamergate controversy. If the site has authors involved in GameJournoPros please highlight it here. Remember that this is just an introduction to the whole article, save the details for the rest of it.

Pre-Gamergate controversies

If the site had participated in any kind of controversy due to their poor journalistic efforts or conflicts of interest prior to the events of Gamergate, please mention them here.

Basic controversy format

Begin with a description of the event's context, such as the background, the people involved, and the basic information relating to it. Then, explain the exact sequence of events in more detail, and include information about the fallout and the reaction of other industry players. Cite sources using reference tags.[1]

Example of controversy

On August 8 2006, developer X's game 'Generic' was covered by writer Y. In wich he/she spoke positively about this game. Writer Y has been friends with developer X since 2003 and are relatively close, something reflected in their tweets exchanges,[2] blogs or even past articles where they talk about living together, visiting each other or even working together before.[3] These connections weren't disclosed in the article. Site.com didn't address the problem when it was pointed out, instead blamed the backlash and criticism they got for this on sexism, racism and harassment.[4]

Role In GamerGate

Gamers are Dead

Mention here if the site was part of the 'Gamers are dead' effort.

Other coverage of Gamergate

Here describe the role the site has played during the controversy, be it positive or negative. If the site is a boycott target please use archived versions of the articles (archive.today or peeep.us) as reference links.

On September 07 2014, Writer Y wrote an article talking about GamerGate. He/she depicted GamerGate as X and Y, using foo as evidence. He/She also spoke about bar, blaming GamerGate for it.[5]

On October 02 2014, Writer XY wrote an article about Y developer being harassed allegedly by GamerGate, describing how she was attacked by it despite no real evidence proving these claims.[6]

Site Modification or reforms due to Gamergate

If the site made any change due to GamerGates influence mention them here, be sure to cite the source, if the source is a boycott target please use an archived version of the page.

On November 10 2014, Unethical Game Journalism Plus makes a change on it's ethics policy so writers must disclose their relationships with the subject of the article and must recuse themselves in case this is an impediment of for them to remain neutral.

On December 02 2014, Unethical Game Journalism Plus is now forced by law to disclose referal links.

GameJournoPros Members

Example: These are the gaming journalists that are working (or previously worked) for Unethical Game Journalism Plus and are part of the GamesJournoPro's Google mailing list.


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