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Miraheze is a free wiki hosting service supported by donations from its userbase and backers. It tends to use fairly up-to-date releases of the MediaWiki wiki software,[1] and it offer its consumers what is perhaps the most comprehensive and extensive wiki management and customization systems available from among the free wiki hosts, allowing its consumers more technical freedom than most other free wiki hosts do. It is the current host of several wikis that are open to pro-Gamergate views, including All The Tropes, the Rotten Websites Wiki, and the Crappy Games Wiki.

Its "Content Policy" is fairly lenient, theoretically permitting wikis on nearly every topic and of nearly any point of view. However, in May 2017,[2] it adopted a "Code of Conduct", which demands that its users to be "nice", "welcoming", considerate, and accommodating to anyone and everyone and to "assume good faith" (i.e. wiki defenders are not permitted to hold or state suspicions), leaving Miraheze's wikis open to infiltration and subversion, as codes of conduct often do.[3] It also encourages special treatment for certain groups:

Discrimination (unless required by law), particularly against marginalized and otherwise underrepresented groups [shall be deemed harassment]. Targeted outreach to such groups is allowed and encouraged.

How the Code of Conduct actually works in practice is not entirely known, as the Code has been largely untested; the "Code of Conduct Commission" has (thankfully) yet to ban anyone.[4]

The Code of Conduct also states, "Disclosure of some identifying information is not consent to disclose other identifying information," which typically means that even if a person links to their Twitter account on their wiki userpage and reveals their name and political motives on that Twitter account, a wiki defender isn't permitted to say, "Person X is a subversive agent. They revealed their name and political motives on their Twitter account, which they linked to on their wiki userpage."

Despite its adoption by the Miraheze community, the Code of Conduct is not linked or referenced to in Miraheze's "Terms of Use",[5] nor is it linked or referenced to on Miraheze's account creation page. Thus, users can, within reason, claim never to have agreed to the Code. Nevertheless, this is possibly an oversight on the part of Miraheze staff as the Terms of Use was adopted months before the Code of Conduct.


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