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GitHub is a revision control system.


At 4:34 PM on October 3, 2014, GitHub programmer Jake Boxer deleted the Gamergate news page at the request of Nexxy, decribing it as "a terms of service violation" and "a central point for organizing harassment campaigns".[1][2]

This sparked a debate on the message board Pipedot, a recreation of Slashdot for users who prefered the older layout prior to October 2013. The archives of this thread can be found either here or here.

Example of alleged harassment

At the time of the deletion, the Gamergate page had said:

* Current Happenings
  • Second episode of Radio Nero released.
  • Intel pulls their ads from Gamasutra! They admit, they try to always do their best.
  • Patreon CEO considers taking down The Sarkeesian Effect due to "offensive content". Interestingly enough, it seems like he also held a talk at XOXO.
  • Cracked rejects pro #GamerGate article by Jamie Butterworth.

Attempted doxxing of Chriss

After Twitter user Chriss wrote to GitHub to complain about the deletion, a GitHub employee searched his social media profiles.[3][4]

Dreww's comments

On October 3, 2014, Github employee Drew Woods responded to the outrage of the above doxxing stating "today i learned that teens think that you aren't allowed to google their email when they complain to your company about trumped up bullshit" and "One day all these teen virgin baby boys will look back and remember how they saved video games while cheersing over mt dew #gamergate".[5][6]

On October 6, 2014, GitHub employee Drew Woods described the Gamergate investigation as "a campaign of sexist whiny Internet babies ... using rape and death threats"[7][8]

Similar controversies

In 2012, GitHub deleted comments in the node.js community discussing the banning of TheEmpath from the #node.js irc channel.[9][10]

In December 2013, GitHub deleted the repository for the programming language C+=.[11]

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