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Polytron is the company of Phil Fish and Jason DeGroot and created the video game Fez.

Polytron hack

In August 2014, Polytron was hacked by someone claiming to be the head moderator of 4chan's /v/ community who left the message "ALL SJW MUST DIE" and threatened "we are coming for you." [1]

Inside job theory

An anonymous poster claimed that "it is practically impossible for /v/ or anyone else with outside access to Fish's server to have hacked it and released the info" due to Cloudflare's use of two-factor authentication, and suggested that the hack was an inside job.


Indie Fund investors

In 2009, Polytron had a valuation of $140,000 and received funding from several investors who would later found the Indie Fund.[1]

Indie Fund investors

A Polytron financial document shows repayments on these early loans being made to the Indie Fund.[1]

Other investors

Return on investment

Investors were entitled to a share of the profits from the first year of console sales and the first half-year of PC sales. The investors were said to have earned $697,118 in revenues by September 2012.[1]

Fez development delays

September 2011

In September 2011, Polytron delayed the release of Fez until April 2012.

ShortFatOtaku claim

Fez would win the Independent Games Festival grand prize on March 8, 2012.[3] ShortFatOtaku's "Indie-fensible" video implies that the delay was timed to maximize profits for investors.[1]

Indie Game movie

see also: Wikipedia

Polytron was a subject of the movie "Indie Game" which won an award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.[3]

Relationship to game conferences

Independent Games Festival

In 2011, Polytron principals Nathan Vella, Ron Carmel, Marc Sheppart, Phil Fish, and Kyle Gabler were members of the 8-person Independent Games Festival jury.[2] The game had been scheduled for release in time for submission to the festival, but was delayed and submitted the next year.[1]

In 2012, Polytron's game Fez won the grand prize at the Independent Games Festival. Other award winners included Indie Fund games Dear Esther and Antichamber.[2]


In 2009, Polytron investor Kellee Santiago had been chair of the IndieCade awards jury.[2]

In 2012, Polytron's game Fez won the grand prize and Best Story/World awards at IndieCade.[2]


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