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The Conflicts Forum was founded by MI6 agent Alistair Crooke "in order to conduct talks with Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Jamiat-i-Islami."[1] Its partners include U.S. Central Intelligence Agency National Intelligence Council member Graham Fuller and South African intelligence minister and Communist Party Central Committee member Ronnie Kasrils.

As described by Dr. Jonathan Spyer, Conflicts Forum seeks to "bring about the basic change in perception that will bring Hamas and Hizbullah into the mainstream" using "activist groups and mobilizers of opinion in order to shift the debate on Islamism from a predominantly defensive posture to a positive assertion of Islamist values and thinking".[2]


Members as of 2014: [3]

  • Alastair Crooke - director, based in Beirut
  • Sayyed Mohamed Marandi - policy associate
  • Aisling Byrne - projects coordinator
  • Yousra Samaha - projects officer

Board of Advisers:

  • Tom Clark - Treasurer. Is "a political activist in the UK and is involved in various projects related to Palestine/Israel."
  • Faisal Devji
  • Graham Fuller - former CIA station chief in Kabul and former vice-chair of the CIA's National Intelligence Council
  • Ronnie Kasrils - former South African Minister of Intelligence, a former member of the ANC's National Executive Committee and the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party
  • Hillary Mann Leverett - CEO of Strategic Energy and Global Analysis (STRATEGA)
  • Sayyed Mohammad Marandi
  • Ismail Patel - Director of Friends of Al-Aqsa in Leicester
  • Dr Zeinab As-Saffar
  • Salma Yaqoub - founder of the Respect party


  • Lord Alderice - Northern Irish politician
  • Moazzam Begg - founder of CagePrisoners
  • Milt Bearden - CIA station chief in Pakistan who fed arms to the Afghan mujahideen during the 1980s


Conflicts Forum is associated with Oxfam and Avaaz campaigns manager Paul Hilder.[2]


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