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What is Chan culture?

Chan Culture is a blanket term that refers to the mentality of the myriad users of imageboards such as 4chan, and InfiniteChan. The defining characteristic of the boards is the requirement that all users post messages and communicate in near total anonymity. The decorum and accountability that would normally be associated with having an established identity is minimized, and the resulting unrestrained communication regarding the chosen discussion has been dubbed by the media and public at large as Chan Culture.

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Chan Etiquette

What is trolling?

Trolling is in essence the use of various lines of communication available to the Internet in order to obtain a strong reaction, ideally negative from a designated victim or group of victims.


…is the practice of one, or many users posting irrelevant messages or comments on a targets page/blog/Facebook/Twitter. This can generally be done with one message, or many messages of the same theme.



…is the practice or methodology of derailing or hijacking a post to no clear end. It is generally done so in the form of incoherent statements, memes or image macros and is usually in some casual manner tied to the original thread, though in an outlandish or often irrelevant manner.

Raiding and "Swatting"

Warning: In the list "Swatting" is illegal (in some cases), and done by 4chan's anonymous and anti-GamerGate alike.

Raiding is when…

Swatting comes in many forms, though the pure terminology stems from the practice of calling the local police of the target in question, and making a superfulous allegation such as a hostage situation, meth laboratory or some other large scale crime to elicit a SWAT Team like reaction. Swatting can however be as mundane as ordering a pizza to someones home, or as extreme as actually contacting the FBI, ATF or local police to elicit a raid on a persons home.


Defined as Distributed Denial of Service (ing). It is the practice of overloading a server or routers infrastructure by flooding it with data. Commonly the practiced is used via the ping network layer or by querying all available ports on a system at the same time, relenlessly. Resulting in the server being unable to accept legitimate requests.

LOIC, HOIC and other software's are commonly used for this.


Doxing is the practice of digging up all available (and in some cases, unavailable) information about an anonymous person on the internet, then posting it to a public site (i.e. Twitter, 4chan, 8chan, Tumblr, Facebook). Generally it is used to reveal a persons true identity, where they live, phone numbers and various other means of communication and contact that the victim did not want revealed.

Doxing has been practiced by both 4Chan Anonymous, and Anti-GamerGate.

High-end hacking

Warning: This the only item on the list that is a grey area. Proceed with caution.

k/i/tties and /i/kits?

Who or what is anonymous?

Due to the anonymity of users on sites such as 4chan and 8chan, users of the site are often simply known as "anonymous." Though this does not necessairily apply to the hacktivist group Anonymous. The distinct line between where anonymous posters, and those wearing Guy Fawkes masks lay, and the actual hacktivism group begins is unclear to those outside of the group itself.

What happened to "Anonymoose"?

When people start seeing Anonymous as an organization instead of an ideal, problem sets in. Occupy Wall Street. Million Mask March.

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