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Ben Kuchera

Title Date Publication Link Archive Notes
Watch this amazing three-minute look at a possible human future across space Dec 01, 2014 Polygon
The quickest, cheapest way to gain XP and cash in Far Cry 4 Dec 01, 2014 Polygon
Cyber Monday brings insane SSD deals, so treat your gaming PC right Dec 01, 2014 Polygon
The Walking Dead spoils itself, gives West Coast fans the bird Dec 01, 2014 Polygon
Ubisoft shipped a broken game you can't return, free DLC doesn't make it right Nov 26, 2014 Polygon
This one tweet is everything amazing and terrible about modern games Nov 26, 2014 Polygon
GameStop cashes in on 3DS exploit with $40 used game Nov 26, 2014 Polygon
The Smash Bros. Wii U GameCube adapter just became much more interesting Nov 25, 2014 Polygon
Jurassic Park's Dr. Malcolm once told gamers to 'get the stink blown off,' and it's amazing Nov 25, 2014 Polygon
The Jurassic World trailer is here Nov 25, 2014 Polygon
Ubisoft warns players not to trust early reviews of The Crew Nov 25, 2014 Polygon
Astronauts explain why it's important that you, yes you, go into space Nov 25, 2014 Polygon
Internal e-mail from 2012 proves Blizzard was the first victim of Hearthstone addiction Nov 24, 2014 Polygon
Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1: 'Zer0 Sum' review: serial thriller Nov 25, 2014 Polygon
This is how you put a 'working' starship in your home Nov 24, 2014 Polygon
How the bow became the perfect video game weapon Nov 28, 2014 Polygon
Eve Online's amazing new trailer focuses on the players and their stories Nov 21, 2014 Polygon
Crossy Road has invented the 'endless Frogger,' and it's brilliant Nov 21, 2014 Polygon
Yes, GameStop's 10-year-old Super Smash Bros. prodigy was a publicity stunt Nov 21, 2014 Polygon
Riot wants to pay for your League of Legends security hacks and exploits Nov 21, 2014 Polygon
Mario Kart 8's take on F-Zero's music is the best thing ever Nov 19, 2014 Polygon
Ikea used smart level design to conquer the world Nov 19, 2014 Polygon
This goofy-looking device makes first-person shooters much more exciting Nov 19, 2014 Polygon
Barbie fails young girls wanting to make games in one image Nov 19, 2014 Polygon
Grand Theft Auto is dangerous again Nov 18, 2014 Polygon
GameStop announces pre-Black Friday deals, offers toy-collection help Nov 18, 2014 Polygon
Dealing with pirates? Give them free copies of your game Nov 18, 2014 Polygon
Dragon Age: Inquisition gets a chill-inducing launch trailer, come watch! Nov 17, 2014 Polygon
GamerGate, criticism, ideology and 'They Live' Nov 17, 2014 Polygon
The best Studio Ghibli films finally get Blu-ray releases tomorrow Nov 17, 2014 Polygon
Steam's Early Access program hasn't released many graduates Nov 14, 2014 Polygon
Gear VR is coming "early December," starting at $200 Nov 14, 2014 Polygon
Play Dragon Age: Inquisition right now through EA Access Nov 13, 2014 Polygon
New Avengers 2 trailer shows a bit more of James Spader's perfect Ultron Nov 12, 2014 Polygon
The relief of big games failing at launch Nov 12, 2014 Polygon
South Park's free-to-play jokes were based on a Family Guy game Nov 12, 2014 Polygon
How Assassin's Creed Unity weaponized review embargoes Nov 11, 2014 Polygon
Movies struggle with something gaming knows well: Getting information to the viewer Nov 10, 2014 Polygon
The Master Chief Collection will be missing Halo: CE-specific playlists at launch Nov 10, 2014 Polygon
I'm fixing Twitter, but that means leaving nice people behind Nov 10, 2014 Polygon
Ready for a free classic adventure game? GOG gives away Little Big Adventure Nov 07, 2014 Polygon
Come get your free PC copy of Metro 2033 Nov 07, 2014 Polygon
Next Mass Effect game to be penned by Halo 4's lead writer Nov 07, 2014 Polygon
Sharing history with your son ... when your history is Halo Nov 07, 2014 Polygon
Disney is giving Star Wars fans a brand new emotion: Hope Nov 06, 2014 Polygon
Is Gone Home a game? Why the argument is worth having Nov 06, 2014 Polygon
'South Park' mocks the true cost of free-to-play games Nov 06, 2014 Polygon
Turning off comments made YouTube's biggest star happier Nov 05, 2014 Polygon
Remember when Gabe Newell 'invented' Kickstarter in 2009? Nov 05, 2014 Polygon
The first 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' film is perfect, come watch it again Nov 05, 2014 Polygon
Call of Duty on Xbox One sacrifices resolution, gains framerate Nov 05, 2014 Polygon
Virtual reality lets me be something I used to only dream of: alone Nov 04, 2014 Polygon
Call of Duty's single-player campaigns are selfish, decadent and way too much fun Nov 04, 2014 Polygon
Why Mass Effect and Dragon Age have the best cosplay Nov 04, 2014 Polygon
'Furious 7' has a trailer, and it's the best kind of stupid Nov 03, 2014 Polygon
Why re-create a game's menus in VR when you can simply design reality around them? Nov 03, 2014 Polygon
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night recreated in LittleBigPlanet 3 beta, and it's adorable Nov 03, 2014 Polygon
Sunset Overdrive has filters for profanity and gore, guess which one was more work Nov 03, 2014 Polygon
The Galaxy Note 4 is a gigantic phone, but a great gaming device Nov 05, 2014 Polygon
Halo 2 Anniversary trailer shows off updated, beautiful cinematics Oct 29, 2014 Polygon
Iron Man takes on Thor's hammer in latest 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' footage Oct 29, 2014 Polygon
Marvel's amazing surprises did the impossible: Turned me off superhero movies Oct 28, 2014 Polygon
Game of Thrones shows the 'real' Iron Throne in latest volume, and it's amazing Oct 28, 2014 Polygon
Disney and GoG re-release classic Lucasfilm games, X-Wing was just the beginning Oct 28, 2014 Polygon
Sunset Overdrive perfected checkpoints by putting fun above logic Oct 28, 2014 Polygon
Xbox One fans should be ecstatic their console is 'losing' to Sony's PlayStation 4 Oct 27, 2014 Polygon
Let's listen to songs celebrating the idea huge stars may be cannibals or serial killers Oct 24, 2014 Polygon
Come read the most expensive comic in history Oct 23, 2014 Polygon
'Breaking Bad' toys removed from Toys R Us, moms are the ones who knock Oct 22, 2014 Polygon
Watch 'Star Wars' episodes 1, 2 and 3 cut together into a single, more coherent story (All gone, sorry!) Oct 22, 2014 Polygon
'Flight of the Navigator' is a horror film about the terror of time dilation and missing children Oct 22, 2014 Polygon
Sony advertises sale with font inspired by Xbox One exclusive ... whoops Oct 21, 2014 Polygon
Guardians of the Galaxy's 'Awesome Mix Vol. 1' to get official release on cassette Oct 20, 2014 Polygon
Half-Life is still amazing, and its best parts are rarely replicated Oct 20, 2014 Polygon
A $10,000 Kickstarter may help create a deep-space VR Left 4 Dead-inspired space dogfighting sim (really!) Oct 20, 2014 Polygon
PlayStation celebrates women with epic sale of movies and games. Interesting timing, huh? Oct 17, 2014 Polygon
Shock culture is dead, making the Hatred trailer powerless and nearly comical Oct 17, 2014 Polygon
Teleport all you want, Destiny players. The grenade will still kill you Oct 17, 2014 Polygon
Do short games equal lost sales? One dev discusses the risks of brevity Oct 17, 2014 Polygon
No one loves anything as much as this guy loves finding rare Magic cards Oct 16, 2014 Polygon
Riot needs developers for non-League of Legends games (even if they're never released) Oct 16, 2014 Polygon
Mario Kart in real life? It'll cost you $800 Oct 15, 2014 Polygon
You need to get a free copy of Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000 Oct 15, 2014 Polygon
Destiny's 'haunted' loot cave makes me hopeful for the future of the game Oct 15, 2014 Polygon
Watch a Magic player win the geekiest $27,000 'lottery' of all time Oct 14, 2014 Polygon
Forget Windows, forget OS X, forget Linux: Humble Bundle is going truly multiplatform Oct 14, 2014 Polygon
To hell with longer games, tell me how SHORT your game is Oct 14, 2014 Polygon
Report: Iron Man to join Captain America 3 cast, begin Civil War storyline Oct 14, 2014 Polygon
Mario's jumping mechanics were perfect, take 10 minutes and find out why Oct 13, 2014 Polygon
An hour in hell: Hands-on with Alien: Isolation in virtual reality Oct 10, 2014 Polygon
Michael Ironside's Splinter Cell paycheck, and how he found humanity in killing Oct 10, 2014 Polygon
Destiny's Iron Banner event draws player complaints, rampant poor sportsmanship Oct 09, 2014 Polygon
Game of Thrones adventure game gets new teaser image: begin the rampant speculation! Oct 09, 2014 Polygon
David Letterman interacting with virtual idol Hatsune Miku is as awkward as you'd expect Oct 09, 2014 Polygon
You must experience Robocop reimagined as a Kraftwerk-style techno opera Oct 09, 2014 Polygon
This $150 box lets you read, create an infinite number of Choose Your Own Adventures Oct 08, 2014 Polygon
Skylanders Trap Team review: figure study Oct 08, 2014 Polygon
We can't stop writing about Destiny, but you can't stop reading about it Oct 07, 2014 Polygon
Destiny's latest patch tightens up matchmaking, ends quick scope bug Oct 06, 2014 Polygon
More Twin Peaks, more remakes, more updates, more everything, please Oct 06, 2014 Polygon
Sorry, Destiny Warlocks. Turns out we can sit down Oct 03, 2014 Polygon
Pizza Hut revives epic, nostalgia-filled 'Book It!' program with free pizza for adults Oct 03, 2014 Polygon
Want to get your indie game some attention? Draw PewDiePie Oct 03, 2014 Polygon
Alien: Isolation shows the death, and life, of the working class in space Oct 03, 2014 Polygon
Jaunt VR makes history repeatable, and every spectator becomes part of the show Oct 02, 2014 Polygon
$55,000 "joke" potato salad Kickstarter concludes with party, large donations to charity Sep 30, 2014 Polygon
You can farm loot caves without buying Destiny? FINALLY! Sep 29, 2014 Polygon
Yes, children (and adults) enter stores just to wreck electronics Sep 29, 2014 Polygon
Siskel and Ebert made their own 'tropes vs. women' video in 1980 Sep 29, 2014 Polygon
The insatiable desire for loot caves highlights Destiny's broken loot system Sep 26, 2014 Polygon
Waffles are great. Waffles with pixel art are better Sep 26, 2014 Polygon
Gear VR is a closed system, Oculus will control the flow of games Sep 25, 2014 Polygon
Canceling Titan was the ultimate proof of Blizzard's strength, not a weakness Sep 23, 2014 Polygon
Meet the level 30 Destiny player who makes us all look like filthy casuals Sep 23, 2014 Polygon
A new, beautiful way to watch 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' Sep 23, 2014 Polygon
'Gotham' leaves out Batman while taking inspiration from much better sources Sep 23, 2014 Polygon
This is the final prototype of the retail Oculus Rift, and we've played it Sep 22, 2014 Polygon
Crescent Bay is Oculus' newest version of the Rift hardware, and one step closer to retail Sep 20, 2014 Polygon
Place head inside breast to play demo Sep 18, 2014 Polygon
The harshest Destiny criticism is coming from a parody Twitter account Sep 17, 2014 Polygon
Destiny sales total $325M in first five days, Activision says Sep 17, 2014 Polygon
Destiny is a mediocre game with a lot of problems, and I can't stop playing Sep 16, 2014 Polygon
Microsoft spent $2.5 billion on Minecraft to buy the next generation of players Sep 15, 2014 Polygon
Obsession and madness mark the best episode of 'Doctor Who' in years Sep 15, 2014 Polygon
Leeroy Jenkins, Starving Buzzard to be nerfed in upcoming Hearthstone update Sep 12, 2014 Polygon
What future games should steal from Destiny's menus Sep 12, 2014 Polygon
Take a look at Disney's bizarre first attempt at a Roger Rabbit film Sep 12, 2014 Polygon
No, wait, THIS is the new Batmobile Sep 11, 2014 Polygon
This is the new Batmobile, apparently Sep 10, 2014 Polygon
How some $1,000 backers of this gaming Kickstarter made their money back, and more Sep 10, 2014 Polygon
The iPhone 6 could make playing your favorite games much harder Sep 09, 2014 Polygon
Bungie discusses the lack of day-one reviews for Destiny Sep 08, 2014 Polygon
Destiny is likely coming to PC, but don't hold your breath for an announcement Sep 08, 2014 Polygon
Marvel changes the course of comics history with a single letter Sep 05, 2014 Polygon
Oculus hints at virtual reality controller Sep 05, 2014 Polygon
Oculus had to dig into Android to make VR work on a phone Sep 05, 2014 Polygon
We are here (and here is much smaller than you ever dreamed) Sep 05, 2014 Polygon
Want to be happier? Buy video games Sep 03, 2014 Polygon
Samsung Gear VR gives us hints at what to expect from retail Oculus Rift Sep 03, 2014 Polygon
Samsung and Oculus offer first details on cellphone-powered VR headset, the Gear VR Sep 03, 2014 Polygon
YouTube's biggest gaming celebrity shuts off comments for good Sep 02, 2014 Polygon
This is a video game (and it's the best thing ever) Sep 02, 2014 Polygon
Ambitious, beautiful multiplayer space combat game GoD Factory: Wingmen launches today Aug 29, 2014 Polygon
He is Groot: cosplayer drops jaws with custom suit Aug 29, 2014 Polygon
Nintendo lays off 320 workers in Europe, despite speaking against the practice last year Aug 29, 2014 Polygon
Xenoblade Chronicles is coming to the new 3DS, won't work on older hardware Aug 29, 2014 Polygon
The New Nintendo 3DS is everything fun, exhausting, about Nintendo's strategy Aug 29, 2014 Polygon
The pitch versus the reality: what one of gaming's biggest Kickstarters looks like now Aug 28, 2014 Polygon
Gaming and parenting don't always mix, so I play with the devil Aug 26, 2014 Polygon
Can't wait for Half-Life 3? Try Half-Life 2 in VR Aug 25, 2014 Polygon
'Doctor Who' is now darker, stranger and more honest Aug 25, 2014 Polygon
Want to pitch your indie game? Learn from the guy who's directing Star Wars VIII Aug 22, 2014 Polygon
Netflix shows off experimental virtual reality interface Aug 21, 2014 Polygon
Swing Copters, clones and the dismal failure of the 'open' app store Aug 21, 2014 Polygon
Demos are dead, long live demos Aug 21, 2014 Polygon
Interest in motion control may have waned, Sony says, but hold onto those Move controllers Aug 20, 2014 Polygon
Want to save time and money? Stop buying games at launch Aug 20, 2014 Polygon
1080p will come to Xbox One games, but at a cost Aug 19, 2014 Polygon
Nintendo uses copyright on best Pokémon fan project. It's super effective Aug 18, 2014 Polygon
You can watch an 'unaltered' version of Star Wars in HD today, if you bend the law Aug 18, 2014 Polygon
Behold the tender art of not dying of starvation in Clockwork Empires Aug 15, 2014 Polygon
Of course you want to grow your own Bulbasaur Aug 15, 2014 Polygon
Gaming is not the most important thing in my life Aug 15, 2014 Polygon
This could be the Stars Wars: Episode VII Storm Trooper helmet Aug 15, 2014 Polygon
Tomb Raider's Xbox exclusivity likely means more sales, higher profits Aug 13, 2014 Polygon
Sony takes a victory lap with PS4 and indies, doesn't invite Vita Aug 12, 2014 Polygon
Classic Halo 2 map Sanctuary returns in The Master Chief Collection Aug 12, 2014 Polygon
League of Legends critics are trying to sell themselves, not fix the game Aug 11, 2014 Polygon
A quick history of Source 2, the possibly released engine that may power Half-Life 3 Aug 11, 2014 Polygon
Matrix fight scene. NES-style sound effects. Friday. Aug 08, 2014 Polygon
Microsoft ads imply Xbox is losing to PS4 ... but at least they're still fighting Aug 08, 2014 Polygon
Hearthstone is almost perfectly balanced, no matter who goes first Aug 08, 2014 Polygon
BioWare's next game gets teased, shocked and exploded Aug 07, 2014 Polygon
How not to get hired at Insomniac Games Aug 07, 2014 Polygon
You can export your console Diablo 3 save, as long as you're upgrading to Xbox One or PS4 Aug 06, 2014 Polygon
Star Citizen's $49M crowdfunded budget isn't outrageous, but the risk to the industry is real Aug 06, 2014 Polygon
Going deep with the composer of the Watch Dogs score and Song Exploder Aug 06, 2014 Polygon
The Wii U name is still hurting Nintendo Aug 05, 2014 Polygon
Nintendo loses one of its few known forces for positive change Aug 04, 2014 Polygon
'Guardians of the Galaxy' continues to close Marvel's Gauntlet around 'Avengers 3' Aug 04, 2014 Polygon
See Thanos plus Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver from Avengers 2 in this Marvel highlight reel Aug 01, 2014 Polygon
Why it costs at least $5,000 to release an indie game on Xbox One Aug 01, 2014 Polygon
Pinky and the Brain return, and it's incredibly unsafe for work Aug 01, 2014 Polygon
Surprising things are hidden in the latest version of the Oculus Rift Jul 31, 2014 Polygon
Vin Diesel is the Muzzy of our generation Jul 31, 2014 Polygon
Twitter can fix its harassment problem, but why mess with success? Jul 30, 2014 Polygon
Deadpool's Hollywood screen test begins with Gwen Stefani, ends with a decapitated head Jul 30, 2014 Polygon
The days of owning games are coming to an end Jul 29, 2014 Polygon
Legend of Zelda in virtual reality is both familiar and completely terrifying Jul 29, 2014 Polygon
The Nic Cage-led Superman movie was delightfully bizarre, and doomed Jul 25, 2014 Polygon
In the face of recent wins, Nintendo's lack of online functions is no longer forgivable Jul 23, 2014 Polygon
When men were men and women weren't invited: Looking back at Unreal Tournament's 'sexy' announcer Jul 23, 2014 Polygon
New Star Wars: Episode VII teaser shows the updated X-Wing Jul 21, 2014 Polygon
Dark, satanic and dangerous: What we need from the new Doom Jul 18, 2014 Polygon
Radial G is fast, beautiful and shows mastery of virtual reality design Jul 16, 2014 Polygon
The new Thor is a woman: big news from an unexpected source Jul 15, 2014 Polygon
'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' makes a strong argument for humanity's extinction Jul 14, 2014 Polygon
Sony thinking about adding an 'early access' program to the PlayStation 4 Jul 11, 2014 Polygon
You shouldn't pre-order Alien: Isolation (or any other game) Jul 10, 2014 Polygon
Valiant Hearts introduced me to a villain who helped feed the world Jul 08, 2014 Polygon
The potato salad Kickstarter is better than your crowdfunding campaign Jul 07, 2014 Polygon
Mountain could be a $1 joke, and I think I'm the butt Jul 03, 2014 Polygon
Gender segregation ruins everything beautiful about Hearthstone and eSports Jul 02, 2014 Polygon
How does a 'terrible' movie make $300 million in three days? Jun 30, 2014 Polygon
Game of Thrones, VHS tapes, Zelda and Shovel Knight: Why we love demakes and old technology Jun 26, 2014 Polygon
Destiny's Teen rating fixes Halo's goofiest problem: a Mature rating that never made sense Jun 26, 2014 Polygon
Lucky's Tale, and the untapped potential of third-person virtual reality games Jun 25, 2014 Polygon
Watch the only game starring Mario, an X-Wing, the TARDIS, Nyancat and Walter White Jun 24, 2014 Polygon
I won't buy Battlefield Hardline at launch, and neither should you Jun 24, 2014 Polygon
Sony's PlayStation 4 DLC formula is free, creative, and effective Jun 23, 2014 Polygon
Winning isn't enough in Mario Kart 8, this is how you humiliate your opponent Jun 23, 2014 Polygon
Rian Johnson, Star Wars: Episode 8's rumored director, is already a genre fan's best friend Jun 20, 2014 Polygon
Your work contradicts Einstein, so what's next? A haptic gaming vest, obviously Jun 20, 2014 Polygon
This video is a lot about internet fame, and a little about Phil Fish Jun 19, 2014 Polygon
Amazon has a phone: Every business, including gaming, needs to pay attention Jun 19, 2014 Polygon
Destiny's worst bit is one of our favorite actors, and we're worried Jun 17, 2014 Polygon
Oculus VR heads discuss the problem with PC-driven VR, and standalone hardware Jun 16, 2014 Polygon
Game of Thrones has burnt down most of its own structure, and that's a risky move Jun 16, 2014 Polygon
Busting a fresh move in Destiny gives you an advantage in competitive multiplayer Jun 13, 2014 Polygon
H1Z1 asks the question: If a tree falls in the woods, do you hunt down and kill the one responsible? Jun 13, 2014 Polygon
Why a cat? Because everyone can identify with the character. Jun 12, 2014 Polygon
Explaining Destiny's reliance on current-gen systems for success, and hope for PC version Jun 12, 2014 Polygon
All the pee came out: My adventures in getting killed by an alien in virtual reality Jun 12, 2014 Polygon
The three secret ingredients that make an amazing E3 meeting Jun 12, 2014 Polygon
DayZ's Dean Hall explains why you may want to wait to buy the game, and the value of brutal honesty Jun 11, 2014 Polygon
I had a terrible time playing Evolve, and now I can't wait to buy it Jun 11, 2014 Polygon
Tales from the Borderlands allows Telltale to finally have fun with people killing each other Jun 10, 2014 Polygon
The Wii U could take off and compete with Sony and Microsoft ... in 2015 Jun 10, 2014 Polygon
Sony confirms two new Project Morpheus demos at E3 Jun 09, 2014 Polygon
Come watch the new Mirror's Edge 2 footage, and let's discuss what the first game did wrong Jun 09, 2014 Polygon
Rise of the Tomb Raider's trailer does the amazing: It makes an action hero seem human Jun 09, 2014 Polygon
Five of the most interesting reveals of the Xbox press conference Jun 09, 2014 Polygon
Dear Sony: You're No. 1 but Microsoft is coming for you. Let's talk about E3 Jun 08, 2014 Polygon
From Jumping Flash to Bushido Blade: The games that would get an E3 sequel in a just world Jun 08, 2014 Polygon
Why software (not hardware) is quickly becoming the most exciting thing about Oculus VR Jun 08, 2014 Polygon
A few changes to League of Legends' most popular map could change the entire game Jun 06, 2014 Polygon
E3 is loud, expensive, sexist and violent: It's also the only place to be next week Jun 05, 2014 Polygon
Prepare for goatfall: How one game's patch notes tell the amazing story of Flappy Goat Jun 03, 2014 Polygon
As Nintendo grows desperate, the chances your dreams will come true increase Jun 04, 2014 Polygon
This is the man bringing your favorite anime to virtual reality Jun 07, 2014 Polygon
The Mortal Kombat X teaser is everything wrong with modern trailers Jun 02, 2014 Polygon
Oculus and Samsung's rumored mobile VR helmet is perfect weapon in fight for mainstream acceptance May 30, 2014 Polygon
'We kill people based on metadata,' and other ways Watch Dogs explores modern war May 30, 2014 Polygon
Watch Dogs is a hot mess on PC, stay away for now May 28, 2014 Polygon
It's time to stop caring about new IP (just because it's new IP) May 27, 2014 Polygon
Hand-drawn video game maps are physical memories, so let's see yours May 23, 2014 Polygon
Harmonix fans may be funding a flop, and that's fine by us May 22, 2014 Polygon
Blizzard explains why Heroes of the Storm isn't Dota for babies May 21, 2014 Polygon
Wolfenstein is the rare game that shows sex as both fun and healing May 20, 2014 Polygon
Two Icelandic developers took me underground to discuss the future of VR May 19, 2014 Polygon
Blizzard set out to make a StarCraft mod, and instead reinvented gaming's most popular genre May 21, 2014 Polygon
Mario Kart 8 made my kids put down their iPods, and that's worth celebrating May 15, 2014 Polygon
When you die in VR, you could get sick in real life: The challenges of Eve: Valkyrie May 14, 2014 Polygon
Microsoft listens: A Kinect-less Xbox One is the best weapon to fight Sony May 13, 2014 Polygon
Wii U could be dying, EA kills support for classic games ... what are you owed when a purchase goes bad? May 12, 2014 Polygon
It's free, as long as you make it: The new Unreal Tournament is a bit creepy, a bit brilliant May 8, 2014 Polygon
Zero Cool as a Blade Runner: Technolust demo is virtual reality's best living diorama May 7, 2014 Polygon
CCP hints at master plan for the Eve Universe: Three games, one universe, one platform May 6, 2014 Polygon
Burning Napalm, an Eve Online corporation, bought a beer for every Fanfest attendee May 3, 2014 Polygon
CCP denies end to Dust 514 development, promises player migration to Project Legion May 3, 2014 Polygon
Why Eve Online's economist thinks bitcoin could be a scam May 5, 2014 Polygon
CCP VP admits Dust 514 wasn't a great game, promises to do better with Project Legion as fans riot May 3, 2014 Polygon
CCP's MMA brawl pits 10 developers against one UFC fighter: Gunnar Nelson May 2, 2014 Polygon
Eve Online ditches expansion model, will now offer 10 updates per year May 2, 2014 Polygon
Project Legion is a new PC shooter from the people behind Eve Online May 2, 2014 Polygon
CCP CEO on World of Darkness cancellation: 'We are now the Eve Universe company' May 2, 2014 Polygon
Eve: Valkyrie moves to Unreal Engine 4, adds Starbuck May 1, 2014 Polygon
CCP's Eve Online monument in Iceland honors the players by making their names immortal May 1, 2014 Polygon
Nintendo may be drowning, but it's invested in doing so silently Apr 29, 2014 Polygon
Investors put up millions for a virtual reality treadmill and now it could come to consoles Apr 24, 2014 Polygon
The Dreamcast was the beginning, and the end, of the golden age of peripherals Apr 23, 2014 Polygon
Game of Thrones is the first 'free-to-play' TV show, and gaming is racing to catch up Apr 21, 2014 Polygon
VR headsets replacing standard displays is likely, not insane Apr 17, 2014 Polygon
A eulogy for World of Darkness, written by (and for) a White Wolf fan Apr 16, 2014 Polygon
From gatekeepers to guns for hire: The new role of indie game publishers Apr 15, 2014 Polygon
Heartbleed and gaming have devolved our lives into a series of security questions Apr 11, 2014 Polygon
Kinect Sports Rivals proves the Xbox One Kinect still isn't serious gaming hardware Apr 08, 2014 Polygon
Parenthood makes gaming better by making time your most precious resource Apr 04, 2014 Polygon
Let's put down the guns in virtual reality, and learn to pick up anything else Apr 03, 2014 Polygon
Lichdom: Battlemage gave the male and female heroes a life, a writer and a voice Mar 28, 2014 Polygon
Virtual reality fans should thank Facebook, at least for now Mar 26, 2014 Polygon
Oculus VR heads talk Facebook, cheaper retail kits, better hardware and piles of cash Mar 25, 2014 Polygon
VR game creators react to Facebook's $2 billion purchase of Oculus Mar 25, 2014 Polygon
The Oculus Rift will control the future of VR, and that's just fine by Sony Mar 24, 2014 Polygon
Eve: Valkyrie is a Rift exclusive, a PlayStation 4 exclusive and an amazing ride Mar 21, 2014 Polygon
The evolution of the virtual soldier: Hands-on with the latest version of the Virtuix Omni Mar 21, 2014 Polygon
Having it all: Can you be a good indie developer AND a parent? Mar 20, 2014 Polygon
Project Morpheus, Sony's PlayStation 4 virtual reality helmet, is much better than expected Mar 19, 2014 Polygon
Developer Zoe Quinn offers real-world advice, support for dealing with online harassment Mar 19, 2014 Polygon
The real-life holodeck didn't work quite as well as advertised Mar 19, 2014 Polygon
CCP states EVE: Valkyrie's Oculus co-publishing deal was exclusive to the PC, game coming to PS4 Mar 18, 2014 Polygon
Oculus is hoping that Sony's Project Morpheus headset delivers a great VR experience Mar 19, 2014 Polygon
New Oculus Rift dev kit goes on sale for $350 today, likely ships in July Mar 19, 2014 Polygon
GameFace is the surprisingly unterrible self-contained Android-based VR headset Mar 19, 2014 Polygon
Finding treasures in the code: Why the source code of classic games matters, even to non-coders Mar 17, 2014 Polygon
Chroma: When unpaid testing and QA becomes a front seat to game development Mar 17, 2014 Polygon
Monaco creator's new game Armada will invite the masses into a controller-based RTS Mar 12, 2014 Polygon
The developer who convinced Sony and Kickstarter backers to help his Xbox One game Mar 14, 2014 Polygon
Hands on with what could be one of the Oculus Rift's best launch titles Mar 07, 2014 Polygon
Our game consoles are likely spying on us, and this is business as usual Feb 28, 2014 Polygon
Resolution or frame rate? Consoles need to join PCs and give players a choice Feb 21, 2014 Polygon
TowerFall, incubated on Ouya, may be PS4's first streaming killer app Feb 19, 2014 Polygon
Being someone else: How virtual reality is allowing men and women to swap bodies Mar 04, 2014 Polygon
The passion of the checkpoint: Why gaming's most frustrating failure is so hard to fix Feb 25, 2014 Polygon
Microsoft needs to admit the Xbox One Kinect is a peripheral, not a pack-in Feb 17, 2014 Polygon
What Respawn and Titanfall can teach the industry about next-gen development Feb 15, 2014 Polygon
Titanfall is the perfect game for people who are terrible at first-person shooters Feb 14, 2014 Polygon
Infamous: Second Son on the PlayStation 4 has the perfect runway for success Feb 12, 2014 Polygon
The true cost of Eve Online's massive space battles can't be measured in cash alone Feb 12, 2014 Polygon
The cold war on the Adults Only rating must stop if gaming is to grow up Feb 10, 2014 Polygon
Why it took a year to make, and then break down, an amazing puzzle game Feb 06, 2014 Polygon
Threes Art Experiments Feb 06, 2014 Polygon
My kids are learning to be better people by learning how to code games Feb 05, 2014 Polygon
Forcing players to wait is one of the best weapons of Telltale's episodic games Feb 03, 2014 Polygon
Why the Adults Only rating may be pointless and harmful to games as an art form Feb 10, 2014 Polygon
Octodad is a secret hero for the oppressed, the hidden and the hurting Jan 31, 2014 Polygon
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: The deadly combination of isolation and cooperation Jan 30, 2014 Polygon
Skyrim's success is the best argument against The Elder Scrolls Online Feb 07, 2014 Polygon
GameStop, Tomb Raider, and how retail and online competition remains unfair Jan 28, 2014 Polygon
On being alone, protecting your gaming space, and expecting the same from what you play Jan 24, 2014 Polygon
Disclosure can help YouTube content creators take the power back from the publishers Jan 23, 2014 Polygon
How a 2D skating game is harder, and more 'real,' than the Tony Hawk series Jan 23, 2014 Polygon
The Broken Age 'embargo' was a modern attempt to find meaning in rarity, and it won't be the last Jan 21, 2014 Polygon
The Wii U is a symptom of a larger disease: Nintendo isn't dying, but it needs to adapt Jan 17, 2014 Polygon
From epic to album: Behind the scenes with the soundtrack of The Banner Saga Jan 20, 2014 Polygon
Rust turned me into a boring, methodical bandit and looter Jan 14, 2014 Polygon
Polygon's Games of the Year 2013 #6: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Jan 14, 2014 Polygon
EA continues race to the bottom with unexplained SimCity offline reversal Jan 13, 2014 Polygon
This virtual reality game about cheating dolphins in an undersea classroom shows 'real' next-gen play Jan 10, 2014 Polygon
Adding physical buttons to the iPhone solves a problem that doesn't exist Jan 09, 2014 Polygon
Titanfall anger is based on a misunderstanding of what the game is trying to do Jan 08, 2014 Polygon
I am ready to subscribe to a gaming PC Jan 08, 2014 Polygon
Oculus unveils new Rift prototype with positional tracking and mysterious OLED display Jan 07, 2014 Polygon
The Steam Machines play fewer games than your PC, with less functionality Jan 07, 2014 Polygon
Your stack of shame is a lantern for your future, and a gift to the industry Jan 06, 2014 Polygon
Battlefield 4 spotlights EA's inability to launch games, treat players with dignity Jan 03, 2014 Polygon
Unfinished, unfair and brutally difficult: What developers should steal from DayZ Jan 02, 2014 Polygon
Happy pirates, wider audience: Why making sure a pirated game works is good business Jan 02, 2014 Polygon

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Danielle Riendeau

Title Date Publication Link Archive Notes
Stephen Colbert defends the new Star Wars lightsaber Dec 02, 2014 Polygon
Why Mockingjay Part 1 is the smartest Hunger Games movie Dec 01, 2014 Polygon
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare does right by women warriors Nov 26, 2014 Polygon
I learned a little bit of Japanese thanks to the new Pokemon games Nov 24, 2014 Polygon
Feminist hacker Barbie doesn't need your goddamned help, Steven and Brian Nov 21, 2014 Polygon
What it's like to jump into Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as a Pokemon newbie Nov 21, 2014 Polygon
Three reasons Codename: Steam is the most interesting upcoming 3DS game Nov 19, 2014 Polygon
There's no way any game is wackier than GAME OF THE YEAR: 420BLAZEIT Nov 17, 2014 Polygon
Super Mario, minus the jump: the making of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Nov 17, 2014 Polygon
Watch this dual-controller GoldenEye speedrun right now Nov 14, 2014 Polygon
Why Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is a viral success Nov 13, 2014 Polygon
Stop playing Candy Crush and watch your kid: iPhones linked to childhood injuries Nov 12, 2014 Polygon
'The Tale of the Princess Kaguya' is a surprisingly feminist fairy tale Nov 12, 2014 Polygon
Watch 8-player Smash at its wackiest Nov 10, 2014 Polygon
'Big Hero 6' is a smart, sweet superhero flick Nov 06, 2014 Polygon
'Interstellar' is ambitious, flawed and inspiring Nov 06, 2014 Polygon
Grabbing treasure with Captain Toad (updated) Nov 06, 2014 Polygon
Watch us take Link and his motorcycle for a ride in Mario Kart 8 Nov 05, 2014 Polygon
A comic that explores the dark side of gold farming Nov 05, 2014 Polygon
New Mirror's Edge speed run will make you seasick Nov 03, 2014 Polygon
Why Alien Isolation deserves to be as influential as the movies Oct 29, 2014 Polygon
Free horror games for cheap thrills Oct 28, 2014 Polygon
Check out Super Smash Bros. for Wii U's 8-player mode in action Oct 24, 2014 Polygon
Alien: Isolation has the best woman protagonist since … 'Alien' Oct 17, 2014 Polygon
Get Payday The Heist for free on Steam Oct 16, 2014 Polygon
Classic zombies, updated looks in the Resident Evil Remaster Oct 09, 2014 Polygon
Jennifer Lawrence: 'It's my body, and it should be my choice' Oct 07, 2014 Polygon
Destiny's story, explained Oct 06, 2014 Polygon
7 Minutes of the GameCube's weirdest secrets Oct 06, 2014 Polygon
Why we can't stop talking about P.T. Oct 03, 2014 Polygon
Want free copies of Steam games? Just say you're a YouTuber Oct 01, 2014 Polygon
Cersei flips the bird in 'Game of Thrones' set photos Oct 01, 2014 Polygon
Liam Neeson cracks skulls, talks gruffly in 'Tak3n' trailer Sep 30, 2014 Polygon
Watch the first half hour of Fatal Frame V Sep 29, 2014 Polygon
P.T. fan film is as terrifying as the game Sep 26, 2014 Polygon
Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' will be epic Sep 26, 2014 Polygon
'Jupiter Ascending' trailer is gorgeous, over-the-top Sep 25, 2014 Polygon
Road Redemption is like a crazier, deeper Road Rash Sep 25, 2014 Polygon
There will be no aliens in the next Alien film Sep 24, 2014 Polygon
Vin Diesel shares first look at 'Fast & Furious 7' Sep 24, 2014 Polygon
Explore real-life Westeros in 'Game of Thrones' tours Sep 23, 2014 Polygon
Check out Tyrion and Arya in 'Game of Thrones' season 5 Sep 23, 2014 Polygon
The Maze Runner is (very slightly) smarter than it looks Sep 22, 2014 Polygon
P.T. ghost haunts Metal Gear Solid 5 Sep 22, 2014 Polygon
'Are Video Games Sexist' rebuttal song makes the world better Sep 19, 2014 Polygon
Get your face on a Marvel action figure — unless you're a woman Sep 19, 2014 Polygon
Sylvio is a Silent Hill-inspired nightmare Sep 19, 2014 Polygon
Silent Hill superfan holds creepy world record Sep 18, 2014 Polygon
P.T. concept demo features crazed toys, monsters Sep 18, 2014 Polygon
Six months of survival in Alien: Isolation Sep 17, 2014 Polygon
A game that explores the lives of the queer & hurt Sep 17, 2014 Polygon
Clan beats Destiny's first raid after 14 hours Sep 16, 2014 Polygon
Reggie Fils-Aime yells at pancakes, announces Super Smash Club Canada Sep 16, 2014 Polygon
Super Smash Bros 3DS final smashes, compared to Brawl Sep 16, 2014 Polygon
New Donkey Kong Country game made in Doom engine Sep 15, 2014 Polygon
Pikachu-clad dude picked the wrong day to storm the White House lawn Sep 11, 2014 Polygon
A game that explores abusive relationships Sep 12, 2014 Polygon
Super Smash Bros. 3DS secret characters found so far (update) Sep 11, 2014 Polygon
Will Ferrell to stream games because he hates cancer Sep 10, 2014 Polygon
Let's do nothing in video games is not flattering to Luigi Sep 10, 2014 Polygon
Super Smash Babies are the cutest thing you'll see today Sep 09, 2014 Polygon
Trading in 203 copies of Night Trap Sep 09, 2014 Polygon
The best Alien game is a text adventure Sep 08, 2014 Polygon
'Game of Thrones' star baffled by the NES Sep 08, 2014 Polygon
Camping trips, aliens and sandwiches in this Bik gameplay video Sep 05, 2014 Polygon
Real life women revolutionaries would make amazing Assassin's Creed protagonists Sep 05, 2014 Polygon
Guy lived in woods for 27 years, stole Pokemon from kids Sep 04, 2014 Polygon
Resident Evil Revelations 2's grimy island look Sep 03, 2014 Polygon
Pokemon color palettes are like a rainbow explosion Sep 03, 2014 Polygon
P.T. photos depict your everyday haunted house Sep 02, 2014 Polygon
Arcades in movies supercut is breezy, fabulously coiffed Sep 02, 2014 Polygon
Solving Silent Hills' playable trailer Aug 22, 2014 Polygon
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter trailer shows off murder scenes, idyllic countryside Aug 21, 2014 Polygon
Robin Williams' Genie may be immortalized in World of Warcraft Aug 20, 2014 Polygon
Mad Max developer working on 'surprises,' possibly Just Cause 3 Aug 20, 2014 Polygon
Get cyberpunks drunk in VA-11 HALL-A, the world's first dystopian booze 'em up Aug 20, 2014 Polygon
Kevin Smith is making a superhero movie about teenage girls Aug 19, 2014 Polygon
No more Jar Jar: new Star Wars films to focus on practical effects Aug 19, 2014 Polygon
Silent Hills 'pants soiling' scares won't measure up to P.T. Aug 18, 2014 Polygon
Three Fourths Home is all about driving, family bonds Aug 18, 2014 Polygon
Hilarious P.T. reaction video shows those pants-soiling scares Aug 15, 2014 Polygon
Some fans have figured out Game of Thrones' ending Aug 13, 2014 Polygon
Nintendo created concept art of Link as a woman Aug 13, 2014 Polygon
Oracle is a beautiful, bizarre, trip to ancient Greece Aug 12, 2014 Polygon
Rayman creator shows off Wild Aug 12, 2014 Polygon
'Guardians of the Galaxy', women writers and kicking down doors Aug 15, 2014 Polygon
Michael Fassbender is totally excited for the Assassin's Creed film Aug 11, 2014 Polygon
Play as Waluigi in Ocarina of Time Aug 11, 2014 Polygon
Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space looks freaky Aug 08, 2014 Polygon
Would you watch a Resident Evil cop show? (update) Aug 08, 2014 Polygon
The new 'Ninja Turtles' movie is actually fun Aug 07, 2014 Polygon
Check out Peter Quill's crib from 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Aug 06, 2014 Polygon
Diablo 3 tops PC charts with 20 million copies sold Aug 05, 2014 Polygon
Everything wrong with DC's superhero films in one image Aug 04, 2014 Polygon
Xibalba is a free hit of FPS nostalgia Aug 01, 2014 Polygon
Sonic fan art expert rates the pornographic potential for Sonic Boom cast Jul 31, 2014 Polygon
The Sun Also Rises is the prettiest game about war Jul 31, 2014 Polygon
A video history of Crytek in two minutes Jul 30, 2014 Polygon
The industry is trying to resurrect GaymerX, $3,000 at a time Jul 29, 2014 Polygon
Velvet Sundown is like a goofy BioWare RPG, minus the combat Jul 29, 2014 Polygon
Watch The Last of Us: One Night Live right now (update) Jul 28, 2014 Polygon
NIS America allegedly backtracks out of GaymerX sponsorship Jul 28, 2014 Polygon
Wonder Woman's new look isn't half bad Jul 28, 2014 Polygon
Which film is better: 'Alien' or 'Aliens'? We find out Jul 25, 2014 Polygon
A card game that teaches catcallers to stop being pigs Jul 23, 2014 Polygon
Son races deceased father's ghost in Xbox racer, makes internet cry Jul 23, 2014 Polygon
Fan-made Smash Bros. has better characters Jul 22, 2014 Polygon
$169 worth of awesome games (and Daikatana) Jul 22, 2014 Polygon
Maniac Mansion design doc highlights a simpler, funnier era Jul 21, 2014 Polygon
How to fly in Spintires Jul 17, 2014 Polygon
'Sopranos' intro reenacted in GTA 5 Jul 10, 2014 Polygon
This free, quick game shares the risks and rewards of coming out Jul 11, 2014 Polygon
Dungeons & Dragons now allows, and encourages, all forms of sexual identity Jul 09, 2014 Polygon
Valiant Hearts review: medal of honor Jul 09, 2014 Polygon
Why it took a Korean movie to craft a successful BioShock story Jul 03, 2014 Polygon Jul 03, 2014
Munin review: nevermore Jun 30, 2014 Polygon
The best games of E3 had no guns Jun 23, 2014 Polygon
ESL pushes for more U.S. programming Jun 17, 2014 Polygon
Lorne Lanning: 'I believe in the power of media to make a better world' Jun 17, 2014 Polygon
Hyrule Warriors producer 'happy to say' there are strong female characters in the game Jun 16, 2014 Polygon
Splatoon producer: it’s ‘kind of like vandalism’ Jun 16, 2014 Polygon
Cube and Star: an Arbitrary Love is ‘joyful, colorful confusion’ Jun 14, 2014 Polygon
Mario Maker is as joyful as that Miyamoto photo Jun 13, 2014 Polygon
E3 Trailers: White guys rule Jun 12, 2014 Polygon
Mario vs. Donkey Kong offers more Mario making Jun 10, 2014 Polygon
There were more severed heads than women presenters at E3 2014 Jun 10, 2014 Polygon
Shape Up to gamify pushups, piano dancing Jun 09, 2014 Polygon
Always Sometimes Monsters review: working class hero Jun 05, 2014 Polygon
Transistor review: a girl and her sword May 20, 2014 Polygon
Full Bore review: deeper and deeper May 8, 2014 Polygon
Republique: Metamorphosis review: the castle May 7, 2014 Polygon
NES Remix 2 review: playing with power Apr 29, 2014 Polygon
Moebius: Empire Rising review: remedial history Apr 24, 2014 Polygon
Kirby: Triple Deluxe review: brainpower Apr 28, 2014 Polygon
Game jams are a cure for jaded gamers as well as developers Apr 11, 2014 Polygon
MLB 14 The Show Apr 04, 2014 Polygon
Banished screenshots Mar 25, 2014 Polygon
First the choir, then everyone else: GDC needs to incentivize attendance of the advocacy track (correction) Mar 24, 2014 Polygon
Firewatch developer: suspend disbelief by 'going on a date with the player' Mar 18, 2014 Polygon
Rogue Legacy developers: use solutions that are cheap, fast and reusable Mar 17, 2014 Polygon
Escape Goat 2 review: get smart Mar 25, 2014 Polygon
Avoid stereotypes in gaming sexuality by writing a person first Feb 20, 2014 Polygon
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze review: summer boy Feb 17, 2014 Polygon
Bravely Default review: headstrong Jan 30, 2014 Polygon
Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God review: heartburn Jan 23, 2014 Polygon
The Banner Saga review: planet caravan Jan 14, 2014 Polygon
Warframe review: unnamed soldier Jan 08, 2014 Polygon
NES Remix review: now and then Dec 23, 2013 Polygon
Republique: Exordium review: connected Dec 19, 2013 Polygon
Redshirt review: lower decks Dec 12, 2013 Polygon
The Novelist review: compromise Dec 11, 2013 Polygon
Fighter Within review: low blow Nov 26, 2013 Polygon
LocoCycle review: flat tire Nov 20, 2013 Polygon
Dead Rising 3 review: paradise city Nov 18, 2013 Polygon
Super Mario 3D World review: silly symphony Nov 19, 2013 Polygon
Opinion: We need more spaces like the Queerness and Games Conference Nov 07, 2013 Polygon
Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games review: thin ice Nov 05, 2013 Polygon
Opinion: Horror games should explore what actually scares us Oct 28, 2013 Polygon
Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate review: Trust Oct 25, 2013 Polygon
Skylanders Swap Force review: Toy Story Oct 18, 2013 Polygon
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut review: all tomorrow's parties Oct 18, 2013 Polygon
Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure review: words with friends Sep 30, 2013 Polygon
Foul Play review: standing ovation Sep 24, 2013 Polygon Sep 24, 2013
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD review: sail away Sep 18, 2013 Polygon
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows review: shredded Sep 04, 2013 Polygon
Memoria review: unforgettable Sep 05, 2013 Polygon
Rayman Legends review: particle man Aug 26, 2013 Polygon
Flashback review: partial recall Aug 21, 2013 Polygon
Opinion: Finding someone like me in Gone Home Aug 19, 2013 Polygon
Gone Home review: living room Aug 15, 2013 Polygon
Saints Row 4 review: suit and tie Aug 14, 2013 Polygon
Dragon's Crown review: heavy metal Jul 31, 2013 Polygon
Deus Ex: The Fall Review: Shock to the System Jul 22, 2013 Polygon
Deadpool review: Voices in my head Jun 25, 2013 Polygon
Don’t Starve review: eat to live Jun 26, 2013 Polygon
The Division: A Massive step forward Jun 14, 2013 Polygon
Nintendo thinking on a different frequency with playable Princess Peach Jun 12, 2013 Polygon
Super Mario 3D World: Keeping Mario weird Jun 13, 2013 Polygon
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D review: The Wild Side May 17, 2013 Polygon
Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move review: Small Wonder May 8, 2013 Polygon
Poker Night 2 review: On the table May 2, 2013 Polygon
Monaco: What's Yours is Mine review: best-laid plans Apr 24, 2013 Polygon
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers Review: Dream of the 90s Apr 16, 2013 Polygon
Alien Spidy review: spider in sheep's clothing Apr 10, 2013 Polygon
BattleBlock Theater review: blocked and loaded Apr 03, 2013 Polygon
Authenticity vs. reality: designing DayZ Mar 28, 2013 Polygon
Finding feature inspiration at CD Projekt Red Mar 27, 2013 Polygon
Anodyne review: pixel logic Mar 18, 2013 Polygon

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