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"ZachAttack," commonly stylized as "#ZachAttack," and also known as "Zack Attack" "Zach Attack," and "The Zac(k/h) Incident," was a Twitter sting operation involving several members of anti-GamerGate who attempted to dox Mombot, a known GamerGate supporter, in an attempt to prove that Mombot was a "fake woman" supporting GamerGate.[1]

Main Players

  • Mombot - Co-leader, co-organizer, bait
  • Rudderhouse - Co-leader, co-organizer, man on the inside
  • Zachary Miller - Non-existent 32 year-old, rich, straight, white, anime fan, served as the stand-in "real identity" of Mombot[1]

The ZachAttack Crew

The people involved in the attempted doxing are as follows: [2]

Before the Incident

In April of 2016, Rudderhouse approached Mombot with an idea to out anti-GamerGaters as the doxers and internet scum that they claimed GamerGate to be, by posing as an insider with knowledge on who Mombot "really" was.[1] In order to cement the ruse, Rudderhouse and Mombot engaged in very vocal arguments and namecalling on Twitter, with Rudderhouse eventually blocking Mombot and Mombot gloating on her Twitter.[1] As Mombot and Rudderhouse built up a fake identity for aGG to dox, another Twitter incident came to light that ended up aiding the operation, the outing of Robert Marmolejo.[4]

In a precursor to the CON Leaks, Mombot produced a Medium post confirming Marmolejo's involvement in Crash Override Network on August 9th. Marmolejo was, at the time, facing multiple accusations of sexual harassment on Twitter, and CON was denying his involvement with the organization when the accusations surfaced.

The Attack

The full ZachAttack chatlogs, as procured by Rudderhouse, can be found here: [1]

The Fallout