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Wolfgang Wozniak is the founder of the Wolfgame development company.

Sexual Harassment Claim

On August 17, Wolf Wozniak claimed: [1]

Zoe Quinn sexually harassed me at a friend's wedding in early March. I didn't think anything of it at the time.

In response, Phil Fish stated:

you crashed that wedding. nobody invited you. nobody wanted you there. you little shit.

In addition, Alex Lifschitz said: [2]

Look at you. You're a fucking disgrace, Wozniak. You know exactly why you said it and why you chose this time. You two-faced fucker who makes games unsafe. You tailcoat-riding scum. 

After these attacks, Wozniak deleted his tweets, apologized, and then tweeted a link to Zoe's game. <ref>Wolf Wozniak (Gamergate Wiki (archive) -[1]</ref

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