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Article deletion

At 02:50 September 6 new user Nocturne25 added 9kb of contributions to a stub article on GamerGate.[1] The page was deleted at 11:18 September 6 by RHaworth for "G10: Attack page or negative unsourced BLP"[2] who then restored the page at 17:33 after requests by Kencf0618 and Sandstein.[3]

Nocturne25's edits have been deleted by a Wikipedia administrator.[1]

GameJournoPros article deletion

The Wikipedia page for the GameJournoPros mailing list was deleted on November 4, 2014 after a finding that it was not notable outside of the Gamergate controversy.


On 5 September, 2014, Mckaysalisbury resubmitted the article with the title "Gamergate controversy" and the text "GamerGate is an ongoing issue in the video game community, mostly surrounding mysogony [sic] and other types of intolerance"[4], citing an article by the heavily involved Stephen Totilo of Kotaku as its lone reference. The article is now a more verbose form of this accusation due to a number of prejudiced editors backed by colluding staff and administrators.

Despite the superficial hackles of "SPAs" and "external organization" that the remaining editors of the article frequently use to justify their own hardline stance, many of the editors and some administrators have communicated and posted to /r/GamerGhazi, an openly anti-gamer site. Ryulong, who was heavily involved in the creation and framing of the article, received $350 from a member of [5] after a promotion there by moderator IrbyTremor[6]. Ryulong continued to edit until 25 December, 2014[7] and edited related articles until he was finally banned for his antisocial behavior. Favorable admins continue to make edits and even blocks at his behest[8].

Origins of Zoe Quinn's Bio Page

On May 28, 2014, Shaun Edmonds attended a presentation[9] by University of Maryland alum Anastasia Salter about Zoe Quinn's game Depression Quest. Salter uses Twine in her courses[10] and touts it in seminars.[11] Salter studied with the creator of Twine, Chris Klimas, at the University of Baltimore.

On May 30, 2014, Shaun Edmonds created a WikiPedia account, at the encouragement of WikiPedia administrator Sarah Stierch.[12] Edmonds created Zoe Quinn's page on that same date, adding mentions to Twine. An editor nominated it for speedy deletion. Sarah Stierch removed the speedy deletion tag.[13]

After this, Shaun Edmonds added Zoe Quinn's page to the University of Maryland's Women’s Studies Summer Technology Institute's Edit-a-Thon, which was assisted by Sarah Stierch.[14]

Sarah Stierch was fired from the Wikimedia Foundation in January 2014 for receiving cash in exchange for editing articles.[15] However, she remains an administrator, under the username MissVain.

Revolution 60

Brianna Wu encouraged her fans to canvas the page in retaliation to claims made that the page was edited by a user with a conflict of interest. [3] [4]. Subsequently Ryulong was contacted through twitter by Cheong and began editing the page in their favour [5] [6]

Involved Wikimedia Employees

Wikipedia is run by a multimillion dollar non-profit organization called Wikimedia Foundation. In addition to the English Wikipedia, the Foundation oversees 289 wikis in most languages. After Wikipedia's success, revenues have increased every year since, taking in $48m in 2013, and $52m in 2014, and staff count has increased from less than ten in 2007 to nearly 300 now in 2015. The Foundation is now doing rather well, and has lots of resources to waste on superfluous staff and ill advised "community engagement" initiatives.


Eloquence, also Erik Moeller (WMF), is the outgoing deputy director of the Wikimedia Foundation. His job is to increase diversity by introducing new features which nobody asked for, nobody wants, and which might actually reduce community growth. A small sampling of these can be found here, but the worst disasters were:

  • Flow, which was to revolutionize talk pages. The lead designer is no longer working for the Foundation, and they would like your help with this project.
  • VisualEditor, a WYSIWYG editor, apparently designed to increase diversity at Wikipedia. Almost universally panned by the Wikipedia community, and as of this writing, only 16 of the last 5000 edits have been made using the VisualEditor.[7]
  • Media Viewer, a Facebook like "lightbox" viewer for images. Universally panned by Wikipedians, who started an RfC which determined the consensus was to remove Media Viewer from Wikipedia by default for both logged in and IP users. The RfC was ignored by Moeller and the Foundation, and a brief controversy followed:
  • The "Superprotect" controversy. After the English and German Wikipedia communities decided against utilizing the Media Viewer, Moeller wheel warred with the administrators of the German Wikipedia, which made international headlines

This summary from The Wikipedia Signpost is telling:

Frank [Schulenburg], too, is not looking at the real issues that the MV has ignited. The Foundation has a miserable cost / benefit ratio and for years now has spent millions on software development without producing anything that actually works. This is in large part due to the fact that decisions are made without consultation with the community. On the other hand, it has to do with the fact that people like Erik, Steven and Philippe were recruited from the community, but obviously have no experience in really getting a product "out the door" and completing a project successfully. It was a good idea to employ Rachel, so she can take care of the communication about software development. But unfortunately Erik has severely damaged her chances after less than two months.

In summation, Moeller and his team benefit from the Foundation's effort to "double down" on these feeble attempts at increasing female participation on Wikipedia, despite the fact that Wikipedia's female participation ratio is similar to other such sites, and despite the fact that many Wikipedians do not identify their gender to Wikipedia or remain simply anonymous. The studies can be found here.



An employee of Wikimedia Foundation, Oliver Keyes, known as Ironholds and Okeyes (WMF). Despite a history of making misogynistic threats in IRC chatrooms, Keyes closely monitors the Wikipedia GamerGate article, along with his friend Brandon Harris, aka Jorm.


Brandon Harris, aka Jorm, is a former employee of the Wikimedia Foundation and closely monitors the GamerGate article.


Kaldari is an employee of the Wikimedia Foundation and the creator of Wikiproject Feminism and Wikipedians Against Censorship.

On 20 October 2014, Kaldari described Wikipedia's critics as a "horde of pro-gamergate SPAs ... here to push a POV and continue their 'culture war'" and linked approvingly to an article describing critics of corruption in video game journalism as "sexist thugs."

Ryan's interesting history should be noted.

Sarah Stierch

Former Wikimedia Foundation employee Sarah Stierch, now renamed "Missvain", was fired for paid editing, yet retains her sysop bit.[8] Until April, 2014, Stierch had a biography on Wikipedia. Despite an attempt to delete it in January 2013, it was kept with the closing admin promising:

In my decision I have also taken into account the fact that according to the subject more sources will likely be appearing in the near future. — Mr. Stradivarius ♪ talk ♪ 13:39, 28 January 2013 (UTC)

Those sources materialized, but in the form of negative publicity for the Wikimedia Foundation. It was after this negative publicity that a second attempt at deletion was successful, with the closing admin noting:

The result was delete. No point in dragging this out longer. —David Eppstein (talk) 21:22, 13 April 2014 (UTC)

Sue Gardner

Former executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation, which operates Wikipedia. Gardner's recent op-ed in the Los Angeles Times claims that part of the reason women are leaving the tech industry "in droves" is because of a toxic culture of sexism, and presents some examples:

Why would a woman want to work for Uber, whose chief executive told GQ he calls his company “Boob-er” because his wealth makes him attractive to women?

Who would want to work for Snapchat, whose CEO, five years ago in college, sent emails to his fraternity brothers characterizing female students as “bitches” and “frigid” and “sororisluts”? Why would a woman want to attend industry conferences that feature presenters miming masturbation from the stage, or presenting apps that help users “stare at tits”?

However, Ms Gardner has herself engaged in sexual banter with her employees at the Wikimedia Foundation, as seen in this selection (link, permalink, link):

[10:09am] <Thehelpfulone>: sgardner: I'd want to know what they do :D
[10:10am] <GerardM->: Oh well, how do you like this ?
[10:10am] <sgardner>: (Maybe there is something scheduled already, just a general chat. We'll check.)
[10:10am] <sgardner>: Thehelpfulone: we could ask Kat, right now :-)
[10:10am] <Thehelpfulone>: indeed, mindspillage what do you do?
[10:10am] <sgardner>: (Pinning her up against the wall, as Ironholds likes :-)
[10:10am] <mindspillage>: ...
[10:10am] <Ironholds>: ...
[10:10am] <sgardner>: LOL :-)
[10:10am] <Ironholds>: NOT what I meant
[10:10am] <StevenW>: She spills her mind, obviously. ;)
[10:11am] <Ironholds>: sgardner: you know the WMF covering psychiatric insurance?
[10:11am] <Ironholds>: does it just cover YOURS, or are you going to pay for the trauma I've just suffered? :p
[10:11am] <sgardner>: Most definitely :-)
[10:11am] <mindspillage>: Mostly, we send a lot of email. So part of it is the basic oversight role: reviewing the budget, the annual plan, evaluating the executive director ::eyes sgardner::. and the general functioning of the org...
[10:11am] <sgardner>: We have a wellness allowance, so people can get whatever help they need :-)

Gardner is responsible for recruiting Sarah Stierch to help the Foundation bridge the "gender gap", a perceived lack of female contributors to the site (see Gender bias on Wikipedia). How these numbers were determined remains unclear, as many contributors remain anonymous and some are unwilling to reveal their gender, or fall outside of binary gender constraints (intersex, transgender, etcetera), and some studies show Wikipedia's female participation rate is 13%, not very far from the 15% female participation rate of other "public thought-leadership forums".[9] Nonetheless, Jimmy Wales stated in a recent interview that the Wikimedia Foundation intends to "double down" on the "gender gap", with the aim of increasing female participation at Wikipedia to 25%.[10]

Gardner has lamented her failure to bridge the perceived "gender gap" and stated "I didn't solve it. We didn't solve it. The Wikimedia Foundation didn't solve it. The solution won't come from the Wikimedia Foundation." Stierch was later fired after she was exposed as a paid editor.[11]

Biased Administrators


Wikipedia administrator.[16]

Acroterion supported Dreadstar's permanent ban of Visitantehumanoide and claimed that Zoe Quinn "has been extensively harassed, primarily for being female in a male-dominated culture." [17]

At 22:32, 26 October 2014 (UTC), in ArmyLine's ANI discussion on sanctioning Tarc, Tarc described Agent Chieftain, who has been an editor since 2007, as "an example of the type of new user that is plaguing the article" and called for an administrator to "take necessary actions" against Agent Chieftain. At 01:17, 27 October 2014 (UTC), Acroterion indefinitely blocked Agent Chieftain for calling Tarc and Ryulong mentally challenged. Chieftain's post was deleted by an administrator. After discussion, Acroterion reduced the suspension to a 90-day topic ban.

At 00:23 27 October 2014 (UTC), Acroterion topic-banned ArmyLine for one year for "inappropriate behavior at ANI" that consisted of reporting Tarc for abusive behavior and requesting sanctions against TaraInDC for describing [Eron Gjoni]'s accusation of [Zoe Quinn] cheating on him, for which Gjoni provided chat logs as evidence, as "unfounded claims of ethical violations" and "unfounded gossip based on a melodramatic screed by a bitter ex."


Wikipedia administrator.[16]

At 11:22 31 August 2014‎, Bilby deleted a comment in Talk:Depression Quest by Retartist that had accused Zoe Quinn of sleeping with reviewers of her game. Bilby allowed Retartist to make a second comment accusing Quinn of a conflict of interest.[18]

At 00:38 2 September 2014, Bilby deleted a long list of topics for research and discussion from the talk page for Zoe Quinn. The reason given was "no."

At 13:22 2 September 2014, Bilby deleted a discussion of the dominant narratives of the story as "an unsourced accusation against a living person" for having claimed that "Zoe Quinn and her supporters have harassed many people who only were peripherally involved in reporting about it, and the censorship of the issue is well-documented ..."

At 06:53 6 September 2014, Bilby nominated the Gamergate page for deletion for "RD2: Violations of the biographies of living persons policy." [2] At that time, the page said:

The controversy began in August 2014 when video game developer Zoe Quinn's ex-boyfriend released details purportedly about her personal life and relationships with a video game journalist from Kotaku and game developers, leading to accusations of violations of journalistic ethics and counter-accusations of misogyny and slut-shaming ...

Black Kite

Wikipedia administrator.[16]

Black Kite called for the banning of Tutelary, citing "the extremely convincing evidence posted elsewhere" without producing any evidence.

Tarc, Black Kite, and TheRedPenOfDoom removed all mention of the Escapist forum DDOS from the Gamergate page.

Black Kite supported Future Perfect's topic ban of Titanium Dragon and closed the discussion.


Wikipedia administrator.[16]

Dreadstar imposed a permanent ban on new user Visitantehumanoide for commenting on the talk page for Zoe Quinn that ‎"The article doesn't present any of the acusations against Zoe" and "Question about Kotaku article reliability".

Dreadstar filed a request to delete a drawing of Gamergate mascot Vivian James on the grounds that it would not significantly increase a reader's understanding of the article. When another editor pointed out that the article gave conflicting descriptions of what Vivian James looked like and a picture was therefore appropriate, Dreadstar then described Vivian James "an attack on a BLP" to justify deleting the image.

On 10 October 2014, Dreadstar issued a permanent block on user Snakebyte42 for complaining about the behavior of Ryulong and NorthBySouthBaranof, citing for an excuse the "egregious WP:BLP violation" of having said in Talk that "A journalist failed to disclose a close relationship with someone he was writing about and giving positive coverage to."


Wikipedia administrator.[16]

At 03:50, 24 September 2014, Drmies blocked The Devil's Advocate for one day for arguing that Gamaliel is not a neutral party on the subject of Gamergate.

Future Perfect At Sunrise

Wikipedia administrator.[16]

Future Perfect At Sunrise topic-banned Titanium Dragon at the request of NorthBySouthBaranof for saying that Wikipedia should wait until there is evidence of who threatened Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian before blaming anyone for sending the threats. Future Perfect then deleted Titanium Dragon's response to the complaint.


Wikipedia administrator.[16]

On 21 September 2014, Gamaliel banned Titanium Dragon from discussing Gamergate on any page on Wikipedia. The ban on Titanium Dragon was later dismissed by Callanecc on formal grounds.

On 30 September 2014, Gamaliel imposed a 24-hour block on TabascoMan77

On 10 October 2014, Gamaliel supported Dreadstar's permanent block of Snakebyte42 for complaining about the behavior of Ryulong and NorthBySouthBaranof as "an obvious call". Gamaliel described Snakebyte42 as a single-purpose account even though Snakebyte42 had been active on another topic in September 2014.

HJ Mitchell

Wikipedia administrator.[16]

In the discussion of Tutelary and Titanium Dragon being doxxed, HJ Mitchell called for "a siteban for Tutelary per NOTHERE" and "a page/topic ban for Titanium Dragon."

He also topic banned and blocked Cla68 for replying to why a defamatory comment couldn’t be used (by restoring the comment that was removed by NBSB in order to provide context). [12] [13]


Wikipedia administrator.[16]

On 30 January, 2015, JzG referred to a user a "drama whore" after blocking him "preemptively", and attempted to blackmail him into accepting a topic ban covering "all articles related to gamergate (broadly construed), sexual identity and gender politics (broadly construed), editors and media involved in the aforementioned, including on Wikipedia noticeboards". The block was later lifted by a different administrator, though no action was taken against JzG.

On 4 February, 2015 JzG posted a diatribe in response to numerous queries about his actions on his user page: "I understand Reddit has already pitched in, and no doubt the usual griefers will be right along. Guess what? That's one more admin who's going to shrug and say "fuck this for a game". Never mind, it's someone else's problem now, I have nothing more to say on the matter." He has remained involved in the GamerGate drama since then, making statements such as: "Re a comment above: Wikipedians (as opposed to people whose sole purpose here is advancing the views of the Gamergate cult) would almost certainly recognise the reference". The user at the time was topic banned and was posting on their own talk page, suggesting JzG has been actively seeking out such conflicts.


Wikipedia administrator.[16]

PhilKnight placed an indefinite ban on TabascoMan77 for posting a message to Tarc's talk page:

Tarc, I understand that you have a predilection for being snarky. I, myself, can be the same way. However, I didn't appreciate your condescending tone (eg: "more than 24 hours, bro"). I'm not your "bro". I am an editor here, off and on. I meant my edit in WP:GOODFAITH. I understand why it was redacted and I support that. Try some WP:CIVILITY. Thank you.

Tarc replied:

civility reminders from an angry gamer is like a compassion lesson from the Unabomber

PhilKnight did not block Tarc.


Wikipedia administrator.[16]

On October 5, Protonk described the entire controversy as "a campaign of sexism and harassment."

On 11 October 2014, Protonk called Snakebyte42 "an editor who exclusively and problematically edits in a single topic area" even though Snakebyte42 had recently made edits to another topic area and had participated in one discussion thread on the Gamergate Talk page.


Wikipedia administrator.[16]

At 22:08, 28 September 2014, Ronhjones deleted a public domain image of Gamergate mascot Vivian James on the grounds that it "Violates non-free use policy"

Prejudiced Editors

At 03:07 - 3:29 6 September 2014, reappeared on Wikipedia after a 4-week suspension [19] to remove about 4kb of text from the Gamergate article for original research and use of what Wikipedia considers unreliable sources.[1] then left a message on Nocturne25's user talk to lecture Nocturne25 on being "encyclopaedic" and predicting that "someone will just come along and afd (delete it) the page."

This user's past "encyclopaedic" edits include:

  • Reverting the "vandalism" of a user describing the Israeli prime minister's spokesman as "chief spokesman" rather than's preferred encyclopedic terms "international spin-doctor" and "Chief Propagandist"
  • Adding "government shill" to the biography of Adrian Lamo

Statement by

I was happy for him to write the article, but the article in the state it was, was a piece of shit :) I'm not pro or anti gamer gate, I just thing the whole thing is dumb. o/


Said "describing the allegations against Quinn as anything other than false is a WP:BLP violation so please stop beating that dead horse."


Anthonyhcole called for a site-wide ban of Tutelary, Titanium Dragon, and PseudoSomething for "trying to smear the defamation of Quinn" by trying to discuss issues other than harassment of Zoe Quinn in the talk pages for Quinn and GamerGate.


Aquillion called the removal of The Fine Young Capatalists in the Article claiming their involvment insignificant [14]

Dave Dial

On 26 October, 2014, Dave Dial called for ArmyLine to be topic-banned for reporting Tarc and described Armyline as a "4chan/8chan/reddit/MRA agenda driven SPA."

On 16 January, 2015, Dave Dial accused David Auerbach of being "very much pro-GG and anti-woman". This caused no other than Jimbo Wales to take notice and post the following on Dave Dial's talk page:

"This kind of personal attack is outrageous not least because it is false. Mr. Auerbach is neither pro-GG nor anti-feminism."

Dave Dial replied less than an hour later with the following:

"You are going to block me for having an opinion, Jimbo? I believe that it's true, and nothing you say or threaten me with is going to change it. Perhaps you should take a class on 'free speech' to coincide with the 'free speech activist' claim you make. Take some of the $500k you got from the UAE(a bastion of freedoms). Why don't you go back to trying to get more RTs on Twitter than David Cameron to show people how much you support a cause. In theory, but not practice. Thanks."

On the 19 January, 2015, Dave Dial blanked his page. As of February 18, 2015, he continues to be involved in the GamerGate proceedings on Wikipedia and has received no formal sanctions for his attacks.

Evergreen Fir

On October 29, EvergreenFir defended Ryulong as "not making personal attacks."

Butter and Cream Incident

On 18 October 2014, Butter and Cream reported Ryulong for edit warring on the Gamergate Talk page. Future Perfect responded by indefinitely blocking Butter and Cream "for acting as a tendentious single-purpose account trying to stir the shit on Gamergate controversy." NorthBySouthBaranof then said "Ryulong should be commended for acting to prevent this account from disrupting the encyclopedia any further and this matter should be closed."

Butter and Cream responded at that user's own talk page, saying:

Future_Perfect_at_Sunrise seems like a fairly corrupt admin. Is he friends with Ryulong or NorthBySouthBaranof? ... Admin shows up from nowhere, only attacks me. He didn't even know what had been going on. The admin board notices are left untouched. Someone had told him that I was the culprit.

Butter and Cream responded to the block by saying it was "Because the particular administrator didn't like my point ... the administrator also blocked another editor from having access to the talk page, and this editor simply agreed with me."

Beginning seven minutes after Future Perfect threatened Butter and Cream by saying "you're quite likely to have your access to this talkpage blocked pretty soon," somebody using Butter and Cream's account deleted the discussion disparaging Future Perfect from Butter and Cream's talk page and started spamming the talk page with the definitions of "larva", "newt", and "embryo". Phil Knight subsequently blocked Butter and Cream's talk page access.


On 10 October 2014, Johnuniq called for Tutelary to be indefinitely topic-banned for questioning Dreadstar's decision to block Snakebyte42.


Montanabw said that a drawing of Gamergate mascot Vivian James was "an attack on an individual and by association, similarly situated individuals, and hence it is a BLP violation"


NorthBySouthBaranof described the harassment of Zoe Quinn as "By far the most notable part of this, as discussed in a wide variety of reliable sources.",[20] removed "victim playing" as a subject of the controversy,[20] and engaged in edit warring on the GamerGate Talk page.[21]

After NorthBySouthBaranof repeatedly deleted sourced commentary from the talk page, Titanium Dragon threatened NorthBySouthBaranov with a ban. In response, NorthBySouthBaranof accused Titanium Dragon of "a singleminded obsession with depicting Zoe Quinn negatively through the use of fringe sources, promotion of scurrilous rumormongering and repeated insertion of material previously rev-deleted by administrators..." At that time, Titanium Dragon had made no edits to the GamerGate page but had been saying on the talk page that:

This was sparked by Zoe Quinn's ex's blog post. We need to note what is salient here and not go into the lurid details excessively ... Seeing as this is what set the whole thing off, it needs to be noted, and it is impossible to cover this incident without noting what set it off.

NorthBySouthBaranof described Gamergate as "a facade to justify harassment of Zoe Quinn and other females in gaming."

On October 18, 2014, NorthBySouthBaranof reported Titanium Dragon for requesting confirmation that death threats received by Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu came from the Gamergate campaign:

We really need to be careful about this death threat stuff; no one has been charged with anything as far as I know, there are concerns about their authenticity and seriousness, and in the past people have made threats against themselves for various messed up reasons.

Future Perfect At Sunrise immediately topic-banned Titanium Dragon and deleted that user's response. Black Kite supported Future Perfect's ban of Titanium Dragon and closed the discussion.

In the final arbitration decision, NorthBySouthBaranof was topic banned. Only, he's still allowed to talk about's anyone's guess.[22]

Ramba Ral

At 10:06 6 September 2014‎, Ramba Ral blanked the GamerGate page and nominated it for speedy deletion as an attack page.[23] At that time, the page said:

The basis of the controversy was the initial release of sensitive private and personal information of video game developer Zoe Quinn and her perceived relationship with video game journalists ...


At 29 September 2014, Ryulong called for user Loganmac to be banned for talking offsite about the politics on the Gamergate talk page. He started a witch hunt against all the editors that didn't share his biased POV, on the basis that all of them were sockpuppet accounts(SPA) and tried to get them perma-banned. Several admins/editors reviewed the list of users and determined that his claims were completely false, as several editors have made contributions in lots of articles before Gamergate.

Ryulong forbid using Breitbart as a secondary source for reporting on the GameJournoPros list, a story which Breitbart broke, because of "BLP violations inherent in its original involvement", which translated to English means that any citation to any Breitbart article on any subject would be legal grounds for Zoe Quinn to sue Wikipedia.

At 04:49, 27 October 2014, Tutelary reported Ryulong for making 15 reverts to Talk:Gamergate Controversy. Dreadstar closed the report as "Stale" at 19:13, 27 October 2014, less than a day later.

At 04:00, 28 October 2014, Ryulong asked Nandesuka to place sanctions on DungeonSiegeAddict510. Nandesuka saw no cause to take action.

Ryulong reverted an edit by Fyrius which had added a reference to as an example of what "those supporting the hashtag state."

Ryulong and Loganmac

At 08:34, 3 October 2014, LoganMac reported Ryulong for harassment on Wikipedia and offsite.

User Ryuolong has been constanly uncivil to new editors and people he calls "Gaters", he told me on social media to "learn to fucking read" Since then I've seen his twitter account (since he mentioned me, I had no interest in looking up his name as he did with me), where he has called GamerGate supporters "gamergate douche", "gamergate fags", "toxic people", "shitnuggets", "priviliged white guys", "fucking middle class straight white men" He calls the Vivian James (the GamerGate "mascot" of sorts) drawing "nice shit avatar" And countless other examples

... Also, as you can see above after I posted a screencap criticizing Wikipedia as a site, he looked up my twitter and reddit. He posted on ANI for this in an attempt to get me topic banned, yet knowing this was ONLY offsite behaviour, he tried to state I'm a SPA He then posted on the GamerGate talk page "so basically it's time we showed LoganMac the door"

It's worth noting, this is a person who already got desysopped for "inappropriate off-wiki behavior" and whose uncivil behaviour has been remarked by several other users

Mass ban request

Ryulong issued a call for Wikipedia administrators to "Nip Gamergate in the bud" by mass-deleting several "brand new accounts and long dormant accounts arriving who have done nothing on the English Wikipedia except contribute solely to the article, its talk page, and several related articles and talk pages." These accounts included:

  • AnyyVen: New account as of October 17. Mostly edits to Gamergate Talk. Edited Revenge porn in October.
  • ArmyLine: Editing since 2012. Including articles like David Horowitz, Laboratory animal sources, and University of Toronot Students Center.
  • Artman40: Editing since 2006. Wide variety of edits, including a lot of science articles and gaming articles. Edited Kepler (spacecraft), Plasmodium. Medusa, Binary star, etc in October.
  • Bosstopher: Editing since 2011. Edits include various biographical pages and talk pages on historical events and biographies. Edited Kaarle Krohn in October. Saints Cyril and Methodius, Gregorian mission and others in September.
  • Butter and Cream: New account, claims to be an experienced IP address editor. Was blocked for disagreeing with Ryulong.
  • Cs california: Editing since 2006. Edits include botanical articles, gaming articles, and food/cooking articles. Edited Passiflora antioquiensis in October, Pol Pot, Micropenis, Arisaema sazensoo and Arisaema yamatense in August. Is administrator of two offsite Wikia wikis.
  • DavidHOzAu: Editing since February 2006. Edits include many gaming topics, android software development and engineering. Edited Engineering in October.
  • Derpen: New account as of September 12, only edits to Gamergate Talk and related. Wrote a neutral account of Gamergate on Urban Dictionary.
  • DownWIthSJWs: New account as of October 22, only edits to Talk:Gamergate. Had a comment deleted by Tarc for saying that [15] and [16] have superior articles on the subject and "certain editors (you know who, I won't mention names) are determined to fill the article with opinion and yellow journalism, instead of just listing the facts chronologically."
  • east718: Wikipedia administrator. Described by Ryulong as an example of "zombie accounts that have become SPAs" for describing Ryulong's complaint as "a transparent attempt by Ryulong to get people who disagree with him blocked/topic banned."
  • Exefisher: New account as of October 5, only edits to Gamergate Talk. First action was a question about Gamergate to the BLP Noticeboard.
  • Ginnygog: Editing since October 2014. Only one edit on the *talk page* of Gamergate. Not controversial.
  • Halfhat: Editing since April 2014. Edits include Phil mason, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and lots of user talk pages. Edited Kooper, Goomba, and Net (device) in October.
  • Iamaom: Editing since 2009. Edits include lots of user pages and lingustics pages. Has only made three contributions to the Gamergate talk page, and isn't very controversial.
  • Ironlion45: Editing since 2005. Edited Mising White Women Syndrome in July 2014 and Talk:Fertilization in March 2014. Described by Ryulong as another example of "editors like yourself who have come to the English Wikipedia push an agenda" for describing Ryulong's complaint as "blacklisting people simply because you disagree with them."
  • Javier2005: Editing since February 2014. Edits include Jack White, Fermatta Music Academy, Foxit Reader, clickbait, Anita Sarkeesian and others. Edited Clickbait in October and Fermatta Music Academy in August.
  • Kau-12: Editing since 2006. Edits about a game called Exteel.
  • Lasati: Editing since 2007. Edits on video game design and Gerhard Klopher.
  • Loganmac: Editing since 2008. Edits include a bunch of band stuff like As I Lay Dying and a TV show called My Life as Liz. On the talk page for Edge of Tomorrow in September, as well as the "Wikipedia: Non-free content review" page.
  • Muscat Hoe: Editing since September 2014. Edits include Left 4 Dead 2, the Keratin 5 protein, the page on the Birdman film, and others. Edited Valerie Arem, Birdman(film), Inferno (Dan Brown novel) and others in October.
  • Nathan905RB: New account as of October 16. Only edits to Gamergate Talk and related. First action was to request protection of the [17] article for being "heavily biased towards supporters of Gamergate."
  • Pepsiwithcoke: Editing since 2012. Edits include WWE, Madison Rising, Classic Game Room, Spencer Gifts, New York Knicks, and others.
  • Racuce: New account as of October 9. Admitted to have joined to focus on the subject.
  • Ranze: Editing since 2012. Including articles like ThunderCats (1985 TV series), Tokimeki High School, Roman Polanski, The Jim Henson Company, and others. Edited David Benoit, Insert key, List of fallacies, Formal fallacy, Dora the Explorer, etc in October.
  • Retartist: Editing since 2013. Edits include various tech and political articles.
  • Skeeveo: New account as of October 9. Edits only discuss the POV of the Gamergate page.
  • Skrelk: Editing since 2006. Edits are widespread. Edited Competition between Airbus and Boeing and Nuclear weapon in October.
  • SmoledMan: Editing since 2012. Edits include articles on Windows 8, Microsoft, energy, the Chicago Transit Authority, and others. Only has three posts on Gamergate, all in the talk page.
  • Snakebyte42 Editing since 2012. Lots of comic edits. Edited Tales of Zestiria, Moon Knight and The Dark Knight (film) in September.
  • Tabascoman77: Editing since 2007. Edits include various films, etc.
  • Theawesome67: Editing since 2013. Mostly talk page edits, only one of which is on the GamerGate talk page. On the talk page for Lego Ninjago and edited "Wikipedia:Sandbox" in October.
  • Thronedrei: Edited Misaki Momose and Mayu Watanabe in September.
  • Torga: Editing since 2008. Edits include topics like Prostitution in Europe, Suikoden, and the film Idiocracy. Edited Alexander Dale Oen, Øygarden, John Alvheim, Stoltenberg, Idiocracy and Suikoden in September.
  • Tupin: Editing since 2008. Only two edits on the Gamergate page. Other edits include GLaDOS and Galactic Empire.
  • Thronedrei: Editing since December 2008. Edits include a whole bunch of Gundam stuff.
  • Uncle Crimbo: New user as of October 16. First and only action repeated The Red Pen Of Doom's insult of that user's opponents back at that user. Was permanently banned by HJ Mitchell. No action was taken against The Red Pen Of Doom.
  • Will McRoy: Editing since 2013. Edits include Council on Foreign Relations, Boreal forest of Canada, Are Your Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, Sri Chinmoy, Anita Sarkeesian, and others.
  • Willhesucceed: Edited Mediabistro/Mecklermedia/TV Newser in October. Made edits about NHK in October. Edited Mariah Carey in October.
  • YellowSandals: New account as of October 19. Only edits to Gamergate Talk.

EvergreenFir agreed that fifteen of these were single-purpose accounts. Obsidi called for twelve of these accounts to be topic-banned for a month and for Ryulong to be topic-banned for two days. Future Perfect closed the discussion 18 hours after it was opened. Tutelary removed the closure notice. NorthBySouthBaranof readded it.


ArmyLine noted that the first sentence of Wikipedia's article on the Gamergate controversy "claims that the ex-boyfriend lied about Zoe's unethical actions" and suggested that Wikipedia "ban whoever added it" as a BLP violation. TaraInDC described this as "posting unfounded claims of ethical violations by a BLP subject left, right and center today" and requested that ArmyLine be banned. TaraInDC further described Eron Gjoni's accusation of Zoe Quinn cheating on him, for which Gjoni provided chat logs as evidence, as "unfounded claims of ethical violations" and "unfounded gossip based on a melodramatic screed by a bitter ex." After ArmyLine requested boomerang sanctions against TaraInDC for insulting him and for BLP violations against Eron Gjoni, Acroterion topic-banned Armyline.

Mass ban request

TaraInDC said that "something more than the sanctions does need to be done" about users Annyven, Dungeonsiegeaddict510, Filthylaugh, Galexander, Halfhat, Loganmac, Muscat Hoe, Strongjam, Swim Jonse, Willhesucceed, TuxedoMonkey, and YellowSandals.


On September 16, 2014, Tarc told Zoe Quinn that "Some of us have been trying to keep the shenanigans out of your Wikipedia bio, seems like the lunacy there is receding."

Tarc began the censorship of MyMoloboaccount's then-unedited sandbox copy of the Gamergate page under the false pretense of it being a "POV fork", linking to a definition that allows for POV forks in the user namespace:

New drafts should be written in the "user:" or "talk:" namespace and not in the main namespace; however, accidents happen and those who think they have found a POV fork, in turn, should check to see whether the article title indicates a temporary subpage and whether the talk page of the main article indicates that this is a place to work on consensus rather than to dodge it.

Tarc, Black Kite, and TheRedPenOfDoom removed all mention of the Escapist forum DDOS from the Gamergate page.

At 16:24, 10 November 2014, Tarc filed a deletion request against a page in Retartist's user space that collected evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Tarc and other editors in preparation for a proposed ArbCom case.


Gave Gamaliel a "Barnstar of Civility" after Gamaliel banned Titanium Dragon.

Tarc, Black Kite, and TheRedPenOfDoom removed all mention of the Escapist forum DDOS from the Gamergate page.

TRPoD describes Gamergate as:

If you insist, yes, there is a progameragate "side", the one covered by reliable sources is the side that sends death threats to women. No true gamergater is going to be a wuss and talk about "ethics" when we can drive women from their homes. In an amorphous and chaotic movement with no defined leaders, goals, or even principles, you cannot simply choose a particular subset of the voices that you wish and claim that they are the representatives of some sort of "pro" "side". The media has reviewed and rejected, multiple times, the vague, wide-ranging, contradictory and false content of gamergate tweets and what is left as a coherent piece is misogynistic terrorism.


Tivanir2 called for an indefinite block of Tabascoman77 for saying that he would write a news article critical of Wikipedia administrators' actions regarding Gamergate. The discussion was closed by Euryalus and Black Kite with the decision to take no action. PhilKnight banned Tabascoman77 shortly after the decision was made to take no action against that user.


Woodroar described an unedited copy of Wikipedia's locked Gamergate page in a user's sandbox as "a rather outrageous BLP violation." [24]

Woodroar filed a complaint against Titanium Dragon, demanding sanctions on that user for:

  • saying that someone was "questioned" instead of spoken to by an employer
  • saying that an investigation "found no evidence of wrongdoing" rather than that the allegations were shown to be false.
  • saying that Zoe Quinn was "the target of social media outrage" because of "her involvement with The Fine Young Capitalists, her own attacks on people online via social media (and just regular old media), the censorship campaign, ect."

The complaint was closed by Callanecc who threatened everyone involved with sanctions for insulting each other.

Troll accounts

A few accounts have harassed editors who are hostile to claims of corruption in journalism.

    • - First contribution November 1. Claimed to be an experienced editor. Accused Ryulong of "harassment" for posting a generic welcome template to the user's talk page.
    • Harris_Beckford - Account created November 1. Spammed fruit-related content and harassed Dwaipayanc, NorthBySouthBaranof, and Ryulong.

Doxxing of Titanium Dragon

Nathalie Collida doxxed Titanium Dragon in retaliation for his contributions to the Talk discussions on Wikipedia. [25] Titanium Dragon identified Collida's accomplices as tarantino, James P. Persica, and Eric Barbour.

Alleged Chinese spy ring

Wikipediocracy describes itself as:

by Nathalie Collida and Andreas Kolbe With research contributions from Delicious carbuncle and Eric Barbour.

On June 19, 2008, Wikipedia user Oaklybuns accused Delicious carbuncle of being a Chinese spy.

Information reaching me today, 19th june, 2008 indicated that an Editor of the English language Wikipedia who edits with the name "Delicious Carbuncle" was on june 8th, 2008 commissioned by a Chinese secret service agent named "Xing", to lead a group of Editors and Administrators to remove all records about the Nigerian Poet, Chidi Anthony Opara from the English language Wikipedia because of one of the Poet's works titled "Ruins Of Freedom" published on some websites, which is highly critical of China's Administration in Tibet. My information further stated that the removal of the records started on 11th june, 2008 and was concluded yesterday, 18th june, 2008. Please conduct further thorough investigations on this, for the sake of Wikipedia's credibility.

Carbuncle responded by jokingly adopting a banner announcing "This user may be under the control of a Chinese secret service agent named Xing", remarking "Isn't the internet fun?"

Indie Task Force

Wikipedia's Indie Task Force uses Polytron's Fez character as its mascot. An accusation of racketeering involving [18] was one of the major incidents of the Gamergate controversy.


  • Mishae
  • H3llkn0wz
  • Reach Out to the Truth
  • PresN
  • Masem
  • Teancum
  • New Age Retro Hippie
  • Yiosie2356
  • Questfan
  • Robbie301
  • Resolutionsmasher
  • Someone another
  • Dudeaga
  • Alfredofreak
  • Crumblewolf
  • XapApp
  • Ev149
  • RunningUranium
  • NicDonalds
  • Shadowsinthelight
  • Hahc21
  • Tezero
  • Ugog Nizdast

Icon selection

Czar suggested using Fez as the group's icon, and sought suggestions for a more neutral image.

Contemporary controversies

JaysonSunshine block

On 29 April 2011, JaysonSunshine posted a six-paragraph essay on his user page alleging the existence of a cultural taboo against discussing pedophilia in a "rational" and "scientific" manner, citing the Rind et al controversy. On 27 August 2014‎, RHaworth deleted the essay from JaysonSunshine's user page. After failing to resolve the dispute in talk, JaysonSunshine took RHaworth to arbitration where other editors sided with RHaworth.

At 05:06, 28 August 2014, Worm_That_Turned indefinitely blocked JaysonSunshine for having "carried on with the subject of Rind et al" in private email.

Maup Caransa edit war

On 8 September 2014, Viriditas accused Wikipedia administrator Drmies of edit warring to keep "highly problematic wording, bordering on unintentional antisemitic stereotypes and language" in the Maup Caransa page, showing four unexplained reverts in just over 24 hours. Wikipedia administrator John closed the report because the four reverts were not within 24 hours. After Viriditas overturned John's decision on account of John being an interested party, Wikipedia administrator Spartaz blocked Viriditas for three days.

John Barrowman edit war

On 26 January 2014, Wikipedia administrator John removed tabloid sources from the page for actor John Barrowman and threatened to block editor Viriditas for having reverted the change on account of the sources being reliable for the information referenced. Viriditas justified the inclusion of the sources.

On 17–23 September 2014, Wikipedia administrators John, Spartaz, and Drmies conducted an edit war on the John Barrowman page by repeatedly deleting a section sourced to a Mirror interview of John Barrowman. On September 18, John blocked Viriditas for reverting the edit. The block was lifted the same day by PhilKnight.

Ryulong and Nanshu

Nashu and Ryulong feuded in early 2014, which resulted in Atama giving Nanshu a warning in February and a one-day block in April after insulting Ryulong.

After Ryulong deleted several of Nanshu's edits to the pages for several minor East Asian languages in early October 2014, Nanshu filed a complaint and sought to have Rylong banned from Wikipedia.

Sturmgewehr88 accused Nanshu of having "literally made up his own grouping of the Ryūkyūan languages based off of a non-mainstream source..." and noted that "Ryulong has made significant contributions to all of the Ryūkyūan language articles and to Ryūkyūan subjects in general. It is obvious that he has a strong understanding of this subject..."

CSDarrow block

On 3 September 2014, Dreadstar issued a permanent block on CSDarrow for calling Roger Whitcomb, Wikipedia's source for a claim that the Men's Rights Movement supports the decriminalization of martial rape, "a lone, well known radical nutcase who has not been active in over a decade." Dreadstar justified the block as a "biography of a living person" (BLP) rule violation and refused to lift the block after being informed that Whitcomb had been dead for years. The block was lifted by PhilKnight.

On 10 September 2014, HJ Mitchell issued a one-year block on CSDarrow for removing the reference to Roger Whitcomb "without a clear consensus" while the article was under protection. CSDarrow claimed to have a clear consensus for the edit. Bbb23 had protected the article to prevent this specific edit due to the lack of a consensus. The block was supported unanimously by several editors citing CSDarrow's history of edit warring on the same article, lack of contributions to other articles, and the fact that CSDarrow had presented a defense. Of these editors, only Blackmane addressed the question of whether or not CSDarrow had a clear consensus.

The Federalist and Neil deGrasse Tyson

On October 17, Andyvphil accused Dreadstar of edit warring on the article for The Federalist by removing a well-sourced section which described how Federalist columnist Sean Davis had accused Neil deGrasse Tyson of misquoting George W. Bush. HJ Mitchell and Drmies had previously discussed the issue with Andyvphil. NorthBySouthBaranof described Dreadstar's edits as "Good-faith invocations of BLP." Protonk dismissed Andyvphil's report as "a trumped up version of the admin protected the wrong revision."

On 21 October 2014, Andyvphil reported Gamaliel for making a personal attack and allegedly misusing administrator tools. Deflecting from the issue of Gamaliel's actions, Dave Dial, Drmies, Black Kite, and Ivanvector accused Andyvphil of a "racist" "BLP violation" for having said that Neil deGrasse Tyson had once "washed out" of a postgraduate program and "got special consideration on account of his race" to enter another postgraduate program at Colombia University, which had a racial preference system at the time. UltraExactZZ called for Andyvphil to be topic-banned. This was supported by Tivanir2, Nick, and Dave Dial before anyone presented an of Andyvphil's conduct. The block was further supported by a dozen other editors. NE2 justified banning Andyvphil on the grounds that "since August 2014 he's edited exclusively at a handful of topics all related to U.S. right-wing politics" and added in a comment that "His problem is that he's too conservative. Get it?" Carrite and Baseball Bugs justified the ban on the grounds of edits that Andyvphil had made in 2008 and already been sanctioned for. John further deleted a long debate between Andyvphil and Viriditas from Andyvphil's talk page, citing BLP, and threatened further sanctions on Andyvphil for asking John to list one single thing from the discussion that was a BLP violation. In opposition, TParis said "The revdel'd diff looked a bit weak to me to call this editor a racist. It amounted to saying that the sources support the fact that NDGT didn't complete his first thesis. And then a question that could be seen as race baiting but could have been a honest question." Wikidemon noted that "nobody has even attempted to make a case for a topic ban" and Gaijin42 noted that Andyvphil's claims about Tyson had been supported by Neil deGrasse Tyson in two interviews. HJ Mitchell noted that "nobody has presented a shred of evidence" against Andyvphil. Beeblebrox imposed a permanent ban on Andyvphil editing articles about living persons.


A play on the subreddits /r/tumblrinaction, /r/kotakuinaction, /r/wikiinaction was created to outline corruption, biased administrators, double standards and other ethical skirmishes on Wikipedia.

JournoList page edit skirmish

On October 29, 2014, Sy9045 added a section to Wikipedia's page on JournoList that included excerpts from leaked emails condemning Republican figures. Oshwah deleted the new section on the grounds that "the sources provided do not seem to pertain directly to the quoted content that is being added to this article." Oswah initially described Sys9045's edits as vandalism, then later apologised after reading the sources.

Twitter user GitGudGG had suggested that there might be a "possible link to GJP."


Mark Bernstein is a Wikipedia editor on Wikipedia, and uses his real name as his Wikipedia username. On January 23rd, while Mark Bernstein was blocked for violating his topic ban on GamerGate, The Guardian published an article condemning Wikipedia for blocking 5 feminist editors from the site. The article had a few fatal flaws: They based their facts from Mark Bernstein's blog, which erroneously stated that 5 feminist editors were going to be banned.[26] They also put out this article while the arbitration case was still ongoing, and no one had been blocked. [27] In addition to the Guardian, other publications quickly made similar articles condemning Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee for the supposed banning of 5 feminist editors. Wikipedians created an article on ArbitrationGate[19] only to find it up for deletion, and closed as "delete" within two hours, despite their policy of allowing these discussions to run for seven days.[20]

Crash Override Network

One of Wikipedia's administrator, MastCell, has locked the Crash Override Network page after removing the mention about their illicit involvement with harassment, sabotage, doxing, and targeted abuse, all of which were documented in the leaked chat logs. Their reason is there's not enough reliable coverage from the Mainstream Media.

On September 13, 2016, Mastcell stated on Wikipedia's talk page:[28]

<quote> "First of all, contentious material touching on living people needs exceptionally strong sourcing. Lacking such sourcing, the material should not appear, and it is in fact a serious violation of policy to keep re-inserting poorly sourced material attacking living people. Secondly, the burden of proof is on those wishing to include the contentious matterial, meaning that it should not appear in the article unless/untile there is a clear consensus that it is relevant and properly sourced.

"In accordance with WP:BLP, and with my responsibility as an administrator to enforce it, I've removed the material from the article pending further discussion here and/or at WP:RS/N. Further violations of WP:BLP are likely to result in sanctions against individual editors, particularly since this topic area is subject to discretionary sanctions and editors should be working harder to comply with policy, rather than skirting it." <quote/>

Mastcell is basically saying that the chat logs is too contentious to add to the article without "exceptionally strong sourcing."

Relationship to Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has excluded the defunct website Wikipedia Watch from the Wayback Machine. The website had hosted a list of complaints about Tarc compiled by Daniel Brandt.[29]


Wikipedia Indefinitely Blocks Veteran Editor for Being Pro-GamerGate Off-Site

Guide for editing Wikipedia

Before editing Wikipedia, it is good to get acquainted with several written and unwritten rules of Wikipedia, especially when editing areas where editors would be more than happy to get each other banned. This is not usually an issue in areas where relatively noncontroversial issues where people are not focused on the slightest mistakes everyone makes, but careful observation of the rules is important when wading into the more "dangerous" areas.

  • Lurk before editing: especially when editing "dangerous" areas, so that you can get acquainted with all the "customs" of Wikipedia. People tend to look down on editors who don't seem to know what they're doing.
  • Seniority is important: editors and administrators tend to favor those who have been there for a long time and have edited in a variety of issues. A bonus is added if that particular editor is or has been an administrator. Generally the more edit a user has, and the more topic areas they are on, the more well-regarded that editor is. Enforcement of this pseudo-policy is typically done through words such as "SPAs (single purpose accounts)," "zombie accounts," and "new editors."
  • Avoid dispute: editors tend to be disadvantaged if they tend to get involved in long disputes with other editors. Generally it is a bad idea to get very outspoken or involved with length discussions on disputes. This is especially true if you try to argue a minority viewpoint. If you find yourself in a dispute, it is normally a good idea to stand back and not try to "win" the dispute. Staying there as an editor and keeping up your good reputation is more important than winning arguments and having your way.
  • Don't express your opinions: as soon as an editor is known to be biased towards a certain position, their words are immediately considered less valuable than someone who is viewed as "neutral." Even if you have an opinion, making a simple vote when a poll comes up is much better than making lengthy posts that express yourself more fully.
  • Don't connect your off-Wikipedia identities: it can only count against you.


In All The Tropes, Wikipedia is known as "The Other Wiki."[30]

See also


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