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Type: Video Hosting/ Sharing Site
Website: vid.me


According to Vidme, they're small team consisting of twelve humans and six dogs. [1] [2] Founded by two entrepreneurs, Warren Shaeffer and Alex Benzer, in 2014. The idea to simplified video publishing, trying to build around the community and develope new ways for content creators to build an audience and earn money.

Role in Gamergate

In November, Vidme makes fun of YouTube's Heroes program. [3] [4] [5] This and the adpocalyspe which plagues Youtube, made Vidme (and other content sharing sites, like Bitchute) really appealing to disillusion content creators.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag[6] Which hammered Vidme's mission that it's gonna be creators first and with little advertiser influence (ideally none) [7][8]

In July 12, 2017, Vidme teamed up with other internet social sites to fight against the Federal Communications Commission (aka the FCC), who were plotting to revoke Net Neutrality.[9][10]

August 19, 2017. According to a Hinny Pennies podcast, Vidme eventually began censoring verified and featured creators without warning, .[11]

Sometime in December 1, 2017, Willaim Shaeffer, one of the Vidme founders made an article that Vidme is going to be suspended - Both the main site and its' apps. New sign ups and uploads will be disabled effectively on that day. Though he thanks those who have supported vidme, its team, and mission, for the past few years. [12][13] It's also do in part that advertisers want to target a specific audiences and be completely "brand safe", few are willing to do direct deals with platforms that don't have enormous scale. In addition, storing and delivering videos are extremely costly. [14][15]

Known GGers in Vidme

Top Hats and Champagne

Netscape 9


  • Vidme's mascot is a cute robot of sorts named Astro.
  • Vidme content creators are nicknamed "Vidizen".

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