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-- Known largely for hovering and swooping around small mammals


I have a mind more turbulent than a shoal of herring
an interest in every unusual thing.


I used to work freelance helping struggling PhD students understand and respond to problems raised by their supervisors, including conceptual and structural concerns and matters of advanced language usage. This was mainly within the Department of Public Health at University of Sheffield, UK.

I am now a professional software engineer, creating a new web and cloud based system for managing universities, to replace one currently used by over 70% of UK universities.

Template:Indent "[W]e can no more take cognizance of our `height' than you can of your `extra-height'. Even I - who have been in Spaceland, and have had the privilege of understanding for twenty-four hours the meaning of `height' - even I cannot now comprehend it, nor realize it by the sense of sight or by any process of reason; I can but apprehend it by faith." -- Flatland, A Romance of Many Dimensions


Intend to significantly expand Ten realms. Feel this may be difficult within the limitations of what appear to now be the unchangeable rules of Wikipedia. Within limitations we must find freedom, for when we retreat from tyranny it extends everywhere. Where we do battle we necessarily subjugate by force of arms. Instead we must learn to find the way of life that the better nature of tyrants always by necessity seeks to create. Within the world of the asuras exists the world of bodhisattva.


Murdoch Murdoch (censored)

Farmers and Fishermen: Two Centuries of Work in Essex County, Massachusetts, 1630-1850 (only interesting part censored, repeatedly)

Recommended Reading

The Asuras


It's ok to leave messages and stuff on my talk page if you feel like it. I won't bite :).


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A nice cup of tea...

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