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There is concrete evidence that coordinated campaigns to invade, discredit, and harm GamerGate exist.

The following list is made up of known and documented attempts that have been found so far.

Date Discovered Date Started Details Links
2014/10/25 2014/10/16 ??

Users of the Something Awful forums admit to being behind the negative media response. One user is quoted as saying:

"The New York Times front page! We did it! Goon-started drama has hit the NYT!"
Topic on SomethingAwful, Archive
2014/09/13 2014/09/13

A Twitter user offers early demo codes for Super Smash Bros 3DS to people who tweet nasty things under the #GamerGate hashtag. Quote:

"Just got some more codes, first ten people to tweet "Drop Dead @TheQuinnspiracy #GamerGate gets a #SSB4 code!"
Archive, Infographic
2014/10/30 ?? 2014/10/12 Mateus threatens Anita Sarkeesian and admits to being "disguised as GG" Proof of threats and tweet Archive of Reddit Thread
2014/12/1 2014/12/1 Twitter users @saturatedknees and @TokyoRoseGG are a demoralizing effort, @saturatedknees deletes Twitter account shortly afterward [1]
More Here And Here


The clickbait blogger who harassed Anita -

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