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Tone Policing

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Tone Policing refers to the act of asking others to euphemize, minimize or muzzle their true thoughts or opinions in order to look better to the outside world, media or similar. It is most often used by moderates within GamerGate in order to appeal more to media outlets. However, it may also be used by trolls, detractors, or others, with the intended goal of dividing or co-opting a community. It's a controversial tactic with ambivalent results.


KotakuInAction has employed something which might be viewed as tone policing.[1] It's usually meant as a well-meaning act from the standpoint of certain individuals having concerns about how one person's behaviour might represent the group to outsiders. Examples include asking people to "Tone it down", "You shouldn't say X", "Don't be an ass, be respectful".


It has led to some controversy within GamerGate circles,[citation needed] and has resulted in some individuals claiming that others are 'SJW's' (Social Justice Warriors) since it's common among SJWs to engage in tone policing, which has the unintended consequence of sometimes dividing a community.


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