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This page is not an article and is merely a ground for posting possibly-relevant links to sort later. You are free to use said links in articles and subsequently remove them from this list. (

What Role did Shawn McGrath play in the Making of Fez?

The Verge Updates Affiliate Link Disclosure Following #GamerGate FTC Campaign

Letter from a Former Gamergater, Brianna Wu opinion's

Gamers For Diversity Crowdrise $120 raised, $70 from Lo Ping


GamerGate: How Consumers Are Influencing the Culture Battle, Scott Shackford, 20 November 2014

GamerGate Wistfully Interpreted Brian Whittemore November 27, 2014. - Image showing Guardian's bias against GamerGate

Have people lost their collective minds?

Nautilus Insurance Company v. Gawker Media LLC case file

‘Halo’ Franchise Director Receives Dozens Of Death Threats Over ‘Master Chief Collection’

Chan - BiTS - S02E07 - ARTE -

File:Ten year old doxxing and threats.jpg

Actually, It’s About…, Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris, November 30, 2014

Eurogamer Confirms Journalist Lauren Wainwright Threatened Legal Action, Erik Kain, 31 October 2012 9:41 AM -


FTC Forces Gawker’s Kotaku To make Disclosures for Affiliate Links -

Follow the money, find the story – Steve Tom Sawyer, Adrien / @Neirdan, November 27, 2014 (Dead link), Patreon of Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris showing connections to Mattie Brice, Anna Anthropy, Critical Distance

S.EXE: VA-11 HALL-A, RPS, Cara Ellison, October 10, 2014

Redshirt preview: a sci-fi "disempowerement fantasy" about social networking on, PCGamer, Cara Ellison, May 29, 2013

Christine Love's Patreon account

Redshirt, Hack 'N' Slash among this year's IndieCade finalists, Gamasutra, Alex Wawro, September 12, 2014

Learning about community and inclusiveness with Redshirt, Gamasutra, Leigh Alexander, January 17, 2014

Redshirt, or 'If The Starship Enterprise had Facebook', Gamasutra, Mike Rose, July 18, 2013

Being A Sexy Green Alien Babe Can Be Tough, Kotaku, Patricia Hernandez, November 22, 2013

And Then The Video Game Industry Woke Up, Kotaku, Kirk Hamilton, April 1, 2013

Redshirt Review: Lower Decks, Polygon, Danielle Riendeau, December 12, 2013

Secrets of GameJournoPros - a graphical synthesis of some of the most incriminating stories uncovered this far about the secret mailing list of the game journalism elite

Screen Capture Dump

Who the hell is Claire Schumann? -

Girls 'better than boys at making computer games' (mentions Gamergate being linked to harrassment in the closing sentence) -

Claire's comment she was being harassed

Conversation with SJWreptilian

Conversation with SJWIlluminati

The "get fucked" comment

Randi's Accusation 2/2

Randi's Accusation 1/2

Claire defending herself from a_man_in_black and DarkMossGarden part 2

Claire defending herself from a_man_in_black and DarkMossGarden part 1

Claire's reason for creating a second account

The ABCs of Gamergate -

The ABCs of Game Journalism -

Girls 'Better At Making Story-Based Video Games Than Boys' Study Reports Mentions Gamergate in the opening sentence but no where else -

The Gamergate Culture War: Big Picture Edition, PLEXICO GINGRICH, 23 November 2014 -

Pokemon is killing Nintendo, BGR cross-posted to Yahoo Games, Tero Kuittinen, November 26, 2014

Horse Genitals Taste of Hay and More Curious Delights from a Horsefucker, Gawker, Kelly Conaboy, November 21, 2014

#GamerGate: Here's why everybody in the video game world is fighting, Vox, Todd VanDerWerff, October 13, 2014

Gawker's Adrian Chen Pretends to Have Cancer to Prove That Reddit is Sexist


archive version of skysaga_eurogamer_the_guardian_and_radiant_worlds/?sort=confidence ( - which narrative is more believable? - moved to [1] once confirmed can we delete this link from this page? <= gold mine for good posts.

Hypocrisy of Kotaku - Quinn and helldump Quinn and helldump

More GamerGate Reading


Medium/Tumblr Content

  • Dear Gaming Journalists — Why I’m Still Here - (
  • - A lot of posts on Gamergate from a feminist perspective.

Perspectives on Advertising and Intel


One Angry Gamer Articles

GamerGate Videos

  • The Lie Heard Around the World GamerGate NotYourShield -
  • What the media isn't telling you about #gamergate -
  • GamerGate: The Outright Hypocrisy, Manipulation & Disrespect of Consumers by Media -
  • Anti-GamerGate Racism? COD Director Admits Brainwashing Fans, Pac-Man Fights Cancer + More! -
  • Quinnspiracy Theory: The Five Guys Saga -
  • Quinnspiracy Theory: In-N-Out Edition -
  • My #GamerGate musings - (done by a labor organizer, much needed voice from the left)
  • The Fine Young Capitalists: Small Steps and Giant Leaps (#GamerGate) -
  • Why I Am Here: Socks and #GamerGate -
  • On #GamerGate and Corruption -

DiGRA stuff

Developer Interviews


Writings From Developers themselves

Article's & blogs about the 8chan domain situation

  • Archived version of 8chan, the online message board that brought you the nastiest shit on the internet (and Gamergate!)-
  • Bots shilling for the 8chan, the online message board that brought you the nastiest shit on the internet (and Gamergate!) article -

Abuse reports received by CloudFlare via Hotwheels twitter

  • Let's make it 6. Brigadeers:I cannot research your claims until you stop DDoSing our network.Thanks for your reports. -

The Reports from the Tweets by Hotwheels

PC Gamer and Tyler Wilde's failure to disclose the relationship with a Ubisoft employee

Articles & videos by Tyler Wilde covering Ubisoft Games

Associate of Wilde response to the allegations

Our Interview with Allistair Pinsof (courtesy of techraptor)

Jason Schreier response to the Pinsof interview -

Pinsof response to the Kotaku article by Jason Schreier -

Infinite Ammo accidentally confirms parts of the story -

A recap of the events following the Pinsof interview -

Reactions to the Pinsof interview

Mark Kern and the Petition

  • "It's hard enough as devs to make games without your "journalism." K? Tks." Archive of tweet
  • "Just wanted to thank the GAMES journalists who have demonized our hobby and our customers to the mass media. NOT #LawAndOrderSVU @Kotaku" Archive of tweet
  • "Let's call out the media to help fix the mess they got us into" Archive of tweet
  • After much criticism of the initial petition. The petition was revised to hold Games journalist accountable - [2] [3][4]
  • Ben Kuchera's Response to the Petition - [5] [6][7] [8]
  • Damion Schubert's response to the petition [9]
  • Patrick Garratt from VG247 response to the petition "Developers shooting the messenger: stop blaming the press for sexist extremism in games" [10]
  • Adrian Chmielarz & Total Biscuit's response to the VG247 article [11][12]
  • Mark Kern gets a email about the petition from Pat Garratt - [13] Archive
  • VG247 refuses to allow Mark Kern a chance to respond - [14] Archive

  1. ## Game Journo Support
  1. ## ### "Trolling"
  • The large number of troll accounts (there's a list somewhere)

Other party involvement:

Speculation on their origins

  1. ## KotakuInAction Content
  • Lunar Archivist gets a response from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) about CBC’s coverage of GamerGate; [15]

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