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7 March 2016

  • The Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker court case begins. Gawker's founder and managing editor, Nick Denton, is among Gawker's defendants.[1]

12 March 2016

  • The GamerGate Wiki is finally revived after long periods of inactivity due to reasons beyound our control.

14 March 2016

  • SXSW's director, Hugh Forrest, urges[2][3] Mercedes Carrera to delete tweets[4] and a video[5] criticizing Randi Harper and the Online Harrassment Summit panel.

15 March 2016

  • Mercedes Carrera refuses to self-censor and resigns from the SXSW SavePoint panel.[6]
  • The pro-GamerGate SXSW SavePoint panel proceeds as planned and runs without incident. Lynn Walsh, Nick Robalik, and Perry Jones host and discuss topics related to ethics in journalism and gaming journalism.[7]

16 March 2016

  • Independent game developer duo Digital Homicide files a lawsuit against Jim Sterling for reasons of assault, libel, and slander.[8]
  • GamerGate is featured in an episode of Syfy's "The Internet Ruined My Life". The episode focuses on Brianna Wu's interpretation of events and the official episode description [falsely] states that "The sole purpose of [GamerGate] is to harass female gamers and other women who work in the video industry."[9]

18 March 2016

  • The jury of the Hulk Hogan v. Gawker lawsuit rules that Gawker was in violation of Hogan's privacy by publishing his sex tape and must award Hogan $115M in damages.[10]

19 March 2016

21 March 2016

  • The Hogan v. Gawker jury awards Hogan an additional $25M in punitive damages, bringing Gawker's owed total to an approximate $140M.[11]