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1 June 2015

Michael Koretzky releases an AirPlay update and announces Lynn Walsh, Executive Producer of NBC San Diego's investigative-journalism team and Secretary Treasurer of the Society of Professional Journalists, as a panelist;[1]

  • In an article about Harmonix' Rock Band 4, with the blasé attitude of someone who is "standing at a safe distance, drinking fizzy water, eating puff pastry canapes and chatting to another colleague about politics in the Philippines" during the game's press event, Polygon's Senior Reporter Colin Campbell remarks:[2]
  • All video games are stupid, of course. That whole thing of, "you're not really shooting terrorists or winning the World Cup, you're just pressing buttons" is patronizing and simplistic but every now and again you come across a game that has so little emotional connection to who you are that you end up standing there, gazing at the screen and saying "I'm just pressing buttons and my life has no meaning," to a slightly bemused PR person. (Rock Band 4 Is Doing a Lot of the Fun Things You Want It to Do [3]
  • Chris Scullion [4]An Open Letter to Journalists Who Don't Give a Shit; [5] [6]
  • Milo Yiannopoulos [7]How the Latest Ultra-Violent Video Game Proves the Law of Heckle Shekels;[8]
  • Paolo Munoz [9]uploads From an Indie Game Dev: Why I'm in #GamerGate; [10]
  • CrankyTRex writes[11] #GamerGate Scores Again: FTC Updates Disclosure Guidelines; [12] [13]
  • Attack On Gaming's Gaming Admiral posts [14] GamerGate a Hate Group, I Think Not – #GGinSydney Meetup; [Attack On Gaming] [15]
  • Qu Qu releases RECAP: #GamerGate DOUBLE WEEK Summary May 16th-29th.[16]


  • Leigh Alexander writes an article[17] about the taste of gamers, who, according to her, "imagine themselves as part of an elite class of especially-discerning consumer",[18] and mentions game designer Naomi Clark without disclosing their personal relationship;[19] [] [8chan Bread on /v/https://archive.is/XeV8L#selection-14859.3-14869.0] [KotakuInActionhttps://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/388wv2/leigh_alexander_once_again_fails_to_disclose_her/] [20]

  • BoogiepopRobin updates his pastebin[21] on Kotaku's Nathan Grayson because he failed to disclose[22] his personal relationship with indie developer Nina Freeman in yet another article[23]; [KotakuInActionhttps://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/38be01/kotakus_nathan_grayson_is_mad_valve_is_offering/] [AT]
  • TotalBiscuit performs a dramatic reading of Colin Campbell's article[24][25], Rock Band 4 Is Doing a Lot of the Fun Things You Want It to Do, in Masterpiece Theatre Presents - Games Journalism; [26]
  • William Usher posts #GamerGate Meetup in San Jose Goes Off Without a Hitch; [One Angry Gamer] [27]
  • Martyr of Video Culture Replay uploads #GamerGate: Anne Rice VS Randi Harper;[28]
  • New video by the Honey Badger Brigade: Badgerpod Gamergate 18: Threat(oid)s. [29]


  • New article by William Usher: FTC Endorsement Guide Now Includes Game Reviews, YouTubers, Affiliate Links; [[30]] archive.is
  • Robert Shimshock writes Former Game Journalist Condemns Polygon Writer's "Complete Disregard" for Rock Band 4 Preview; Breitbart archive.is