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Note: Dates are generally approximate. Gamergate is a worldwide scandal.

16 Aug 2014[[[index.php?title=Timeline/August&action=edit&section=1|edit]]]

[[index.php?title=File:Eron_gjoni.jpeg|159x150px]] [[index.php?title=File:Eron_gjoni.jpeg|15x11px]] Programmer Eron Gjoni, writer of The Zoe Post

[[index.php?title=File:Nathangraysonheadshot.jpg|150x150px]] [[index.php?title=File:Nathangraysonheadshot.jpg|15x11px]] Gaming journalist Nathan Grayson, writer for Kotaku, one of the largest game news sites in the world.

The Zoe Post

  • Programmer Eron Gjoni publishes the Zoe Post:[1]
    • The long post outlines Eron's breakup with a game developer called Zoe Quinn. In the post, Eron outlines that Zoe displayed what others would later note was a general pattern of abuse against him -- actions in contrast with her public persona as a social activist in the indie game development scene. The post also reveals that, throughout their relationship, Quinn had had affairs with several prominent individuals in the games industry. Of particular interest to members of the gaming community, the post revealed that Quinn had an affair with games journalist Nathan Grayson, who is noted to write for Kotaku—one of the largest game news websites in the world.
    • Though it is not mentioned in Gjoni's post, Nathan Grayson gave Quinn's game, Depression Quest, special attention in a Rock Paper Shotgun article he wrote on 8 January 2014. The game was mentioned as a highlight in the group of 50 games, and was given top billing in the form of being the headline image.[2] Grayson also interviewed Quinn on a Rock Paper Shotgun video blog uploaded on 22 March.[3] After moving to Kotaku, Grayson wrote about Quinn yet again on 31 March 2014, in which he mentioned her role in a failed game jam TV show and mentioned her interest in starting her own jam.[4]
  • Eron first posts his revelations about Zoe Quinn in the somethingawful.com and Penny Arcade forums. The threads are swiftly deleted.[5]
  • Eron subsequently begins publishing his revelations on a wordpress blog. (1)
  • A fellow somethingawful.com forum poster informs Quinn of the existence of Eron's post via twitter. (AT)
  • Approximately 6 hours after the first forum posts, the first imageboard threads discussing Eron's post appear on 4chan. Archived Versions: (1), (2), (3). There is little consensus among the anonymous posters. These threads are also deleted.

17 Aug 2014[[[index.php?title=Timeline/August&action=edit&section=2|edit]]]

  • [[index.php?title=File:Mundanematt.jpg|120x120px]]

    Youtuber MundaneMatt's video about The Zoe Post is taken down by a DMCA copyright claim.

  • [[index.php?title=File:Phil_Fish.jpg|214x120px]]

    Indie game Developer Phil Fish calls gamers "witless manchildren", and berates a developer for speaking out against Quinn.

  • [[index.php?title=File:Internet_Aristocrat.png|76x120px]]

    Youtuber Internet Aristocrat

  • Zoe Quinn issues a Digital Millenium Copyright Act takedown notice on Mundane Matt's video, alleging copyright infringement due to the use of a static screenshot(DMCA notice). The video is taken down by Google. (The DMCA order would later be released on ~Aug 21st)
  • Threads appear in The Escapist Magazine forums discussing the controversy Thread. [AT]. Posting is subject to very heavy moderation.
  • After a long buildup discussing problems in the current "cliquey" "indie game royalty" scene, game designer Wolf Wozniak(@Ouren) alleges that he was sexually harassed by Zoe Quinn. He is castigated by twitter users including Phil Fish, backs down, and later deletes his tweets.

18 Aug 2014[[[index.php?title=Timeline/August&action=edit&section=3|edit]]]



Prominent Youtube game commentator TotalBiscuit, a.k.a. John Bain, posts about the DMCA takedown and emerging scandal.

  • Youtuber InternetAristocrat releases a video[6] discussing the ongoing fallout from Eron's post, and its implications for the state of games journalism. The video also discusses the suppression of the TFYC scandal on game news sites.
  • The #BurgersandFries public IRC chatroom is created for discussion of the rapidly emerging events. The first recorded logs begin on 18 Aug 2014.[7]
  • Prominent Youtube video game critic and commentator John Bain—better known by his handle TotalBiscuit—makes a twitlonger post discussing the Quinn scandal, criticizing the use of DMCA requests to take down critical work and mentions that "Games journalism as a whole has a massive nepotism problem, encouraged by the publishers and developers and actively partaken in by many outlets.".[8] He also notes the confusion and already intense debate surrounding the scandal. [TW] [AT]

19 Aug 2014[[[index.php?title=Timeline/August&action=edit&section=4|edit]]]

[[index.php?title=File:Games_nosh.png|150x150px]] [[index.php?title=File:Games_nosh.png|15x11px]] GamesNosh's publishes an article on events, only to have it blocked by their webhost

[[index.php?title=File:Reddit-alien.png|120x167px]] [[index.php?title=File:Reddit-alien.png|15x11px]] Reddit moderators heavily censors posts and users discussing the scandal.

Enter the Streisand Effect

  • UK based gaming website GamesNosh is one of the first sites to publish an article reporting on the scandal.[9] Their webhost subsequently blocks the article and asks them to remove it completely,.[10] Gamers resort to viewing the article on The Wayback Machine. Zoe Quinn then asks for contact information and also asked them to remove it from the archives,[11] resulting in the removal of the page from the archive. The article was later restored.

Censorship on Reddit

  • TotalBiscuit's twitlonger post is submitted on Reddit to the /r/gaming subreddit forum. To prevent discussion, /r/gaming moderators end up deleting almost 25,000 comments in the thread.[12] One of the /r/Gaming moderators was revealed to have been in contact with Quinn. The same moderator stated that the mass deletions were to prevent "doxxing".
  • The moderator XavierMendel of /r/Games was later removed from their position for resisting the extensive censorship taking place on reddit, and gave an audio interview audio interview, and made two written accounts detailing the heavy censorship of the scandal which took place in the /r/Games subreddit alone between Aug 18th to the 22nd, including manual and automatic deletions, and shadowbanning of users. 1, 2.

GameJournoPros and The Escapist Forums

[[index.php?title=File:Ben_Kuchera.jpg|150x105px]] [[index.php?title=File:Ben_Kuchera.jpg|15x11px]] On the GJP email list, Polygon editor Ben Kuchera pressured The Escapist to censor discussion as well.

[[index.php?title=File:4chan-logo.png|150x93px]] [[index.php?title=File:4chan-logo.png|15x11px]] 4chan becomes one of the last major sites where gamers could discuss the scandal.

  • Most major gaming websites such as NeoGAF, and the Gamespot forums heavily moderate, edit, delete, and censor discussion of the controversy. 4chan /v/ mods are allegedly also deleting some threads. The Escapist remains one of the few major websites still permitting open discussion of the controversy.[13]

4chan's /v/ board

  • The other major gaming website where discussion of the topic is still quasi-permitted is the video games, or "/v/" board on the anonymous imageboard site 4chan. Despite thread deletions, discussion takes places owing to the sheer volume of gamers making new threads.
  • Zoe Quinn's tumblr and twitter accounts are allegedly hacked and her information doxxed by "4CHAN.ORG/V/". Members of the 4chan /v/ board are immediately skeptical, not least due to the uncharacteristic use of a capitalized /V/ to describe the board. Investigation shows the posted information to be unrelated to Quinn. The incident is viewed with skepticism by posters on /v/ and elsewhere. 4chan thread archives of incident 1, 2.
  • Steam users are reportedly being banned from the depression quest forums after critiquing depression quest. The bans are given for "abuse".

20 Aug 2014[[[index.php?title=Timeline/August&action=edit&section=5|edit]]]

[[index.php?title=File:Stephen_Totilo.jpg|150x150px]] [[index.php?title=File:Stephen_Totilo.jpg|15x11px]] Stephen Totilo, editor of Kotaku, addresses some of the allegations raised over previous days.

[[index.php?title=File:Jon_Tron.jpg|200x150px]] [[index.php?title=File:Jon_Tron.jpg|15x11px]] Youtuber Jontron's tweets concerning the scandal draw the ire of many twitter users.

  • Technology website TechRaptor publishes an article on the scandal, its implications for practices in the games industry, and the huge ongoing censorship of gamers trying to discuss these issues.[14]
  • The Editor of Kotaku, Stephen Totilo issues a statement, saying that neither he nor the leadership team has found compelling evidence that Nathan Grayson was trading sex for positive coverage in the case of Zoe Quinn, while also confirming that a romantic relationship had occurred. Totilo states that he believes no breaches of ethics occurred in regards to an accusation that Grayson was trading sex for favorable reviews and no further action need be taken. Totilo had earlier made a series of tweets on this event. [TW]
  • TotalBiscuit reveals that he has been called a "misogynist" and "nazi" for making his previous statements [TW]
  • Youtube comedian and game critic Jon Jafari—better known as "JonTron"—tweets about his earlier encounter with Zoe Quinn during the failed Polaris GAME_JAM in March,[15][16] and on the current concerns about journalism,[17] and the behavior of social justice proponents.[18] After linking to a NSFW satirical comic series on the scandal, also featuring himself and Phil Fish, Jontron receives a barrage of criticism.[19][20][21]
  • It is revealed that Quinn's game Depression Quest was one of the selections for IndieCade's Night Games event,[22] of which holding the main Curator chair is Robin Arnott,[23] one of the people Eron alleges Quinn had an affair with.

21 Aug 2014[[[index.php?title=Timeline/August&action=edit&section=6|edit]]]

[[index.php?title=File:TFYC_logo.png|150x100px]] [[index.php?title=File:TFYC_logo.png|15x11px]] TFYC participated in an interview in which they described their project's difficulties with Zoe Quinn.

[[index.php?title=File:Polytron.png|150x190px]] [[index.php?title=File:Polytron.png|15x11px]] The Polytron website is hacked and company data is leaked online by someone claiming to be the "head mod" at (capitalised) "/V/"

  • Independent gaming website Niche Gamer publish an article on ongoing events,[25] covering the corruption and hypocricy among games journalists, the heavy handed censorship of gamers, and the damage being done to gaming by nepotism and agenda-pushing.
  • The Fine Young Capitalists (TFYC), a gamejam dedicated to helping women get into the gaming industry, posts an interview video describing how Zoe Quinn tried to shut down their project[26] and how one of her associates doxxed one of their members, which lead to their project almost shutting down completely.
  • The /pol/ and /v/ 4chan boards propose donating to help fund TFYC's feminist gamejam.[27] Over the next few days, 4chan would help raise more than $23,000 for TFYC.[28]
  • The website Internet Outrage Database publishes an article[29] covering the extensive abuse and vitriol received by Youtubers TotalBiscuit, JonTron and BroTeam for speaking publicly about the scandal.

The Polytron Hack

  • Questions remain unanswered about the hacking. 4chan /v/ posters were again skeptical over a second use of an uncharacteristic capitalized /V/,[31] and posters who later analyzed the incident discovered that the Polytron's Cloudfare server was extremely difficult to hack, and analysis of the linked data suggested it had been created from files on a portable drive, not a webserver, almost 5 hours prior to Polytron's webpage being defaced. 4chan thread archives: 1, 2, 3
  • The leaked data would later become a basis for investigations into the IGF.

22 Aug 2014[[[index.php?title=Timeline/August&action=edit&section=7|edit]]]



Together with TFYC, 4chan users design the female gamer character Vivian James.

Vivian James

  • 4chan donates enough money to TFYC to unlock the reward allowing them to create a character for use in their game, resulting in the creation of Vivian James. The female gamer character is designed with input from 4chan users, and will appear the upcoming TFYC game 4chan posters are now helping to fund. Vivian James later becomes one of the major memes in the #Gamergate scandal.[32]
  • Youtuber InternetAristocrat releases a second video on the controversy,[33] discussing the among games journalists and websites, contrasted with the intense interest among gamers. The video also contrasts the journalists omertà with their earlier frenzies over Max Temkin, and David Jaffe, and discusses the Patreon donations made by various journalists to Quinn, and the Polaris GAME_JAM controversy.

23 Aug 2014[[[index.php?title=Timeline/August&action=edit&section=8|edit]]]



The first of many Patreon donations between journalists and indie developers are revealed.

  • Extensive censorship and shadow-banning of gamers continues on Reddit.[34]
  • Polygon Editor Ben Kuchera is revealed to have been donating to Zoe Quinn's Patreon fund since Jan 2014. Kuchera wrote a positive article in Polygon in May [35] about Quinn based on her alleged online harassment by WizardChan in Dec 2013, which lead to her game being green-lighted on Steam.[36][37]

24 Aug 2014[[[index.php?title=Timeline/August&action=edit&section=9|edit]]]

TFYC IndieGoGo page hacked

  • The Fine Young Capitalists' (TFYC) indiegogo gamejam page is hacked and changed to appear as if the campaign has been "closed". The defacement addresses the capitalized "/V/". The account was hacked due to someone guessing TFYC's password. TFYC later restored their page and announced that no money was lost as a result of the hacking.[38] Article on Incident. 4chan Thread Archive
  • Youtuber MundaneMatt is interviewed by Youtuber ReviewTechUSA, discussing events of the previous week, the DMCA takedown of his video, the emerging scandal surrounding Eron's post, the code of silence surrounding it, and Phil Fish's involvement.

[[index.php?title=File:TFYC_IndieGoGo_page_hacked.jpg|150x125px]] [[index.php?title=File:TFYC_IndieGoGo_page_hacked.jpg|15x11px]] TFYC's donation page is hacked and made to appear as if the campaign had been "closed".

[[index.php?title=File:Polygon_and_kotaku_logos.png|150x101px]] [[index.php?title=File:Polygon_and_kotaku_logos.png|15x11px]] Gamers' investigations uncover several conflicts of interest among journalists at Vox Media's Polygon, and Gawker media's Kotaku.

  • Eron Gjoni, author of the original Zoe Quinn post, writes a long blog post[39] about the events of the previous week.[40] Gjoni also interviewed in the #burgersandfries IRC channel.[41]
  • The KotakuInAction subreddit is created to avoid the ongoing censorship in other gaming subreddits. Reddit admin disruption and down-voting brigades remain a constant problem for the subreddit over the coming months.

More game journalism ethical breaches found

  • Despite their editor's previous statements,[42] Kotaku is revealed to be breaking their own ethics policy.[43] Kotaku Journalist Patricia Hernandez had written multiple stories[44] about a games developer who is her close personal friend.[45]
  • It is revealed that Kotaku writer Nathan Grayson is friends [46] with game developer Robin Arnott. Grayson gave Arnott's game Soundself a glowing review in Kotaku.[47] Grayson also promoted Arnott's work several times on Kotaku [48][49][50][51][52] during 2014, sometimes receiving an abnormal amount of coverage. At no point in his coverage did Grayson recuse himself or disclose his friendship with Arnott.[53][54]
  • Polygon game journalist Danielle Riendeau is revealed to have appeared together with Gone Home score composer and good friend Chris Remo appear on an IdleThumbs podcast, one week before Riendaeu gave Gone Home a 10/10 review[55] on Polygon.[56]

25 Aug 2014[[[index.php?title=Timeline/August&action=edit&section=10|edit]]]

[[index.php?title=File:Devin_faraci_gamers_isis.jpg|150x130px]] [[index.php?title=File:Devin_faraci_gamers_isis.jpg|15x11px]] Devin Faraci becomes one of the first to compare "Quinn's detractors' to the terrorist group ISIS.

[[index.php?title=File:Feminist_frequency_logo.png|150x84px]] [[index.php?title=File:Feminist_frequency_logo.png|15x11px]] Feminist Frequency releases a video claiming that AAA video games use "mutilated eroticized female bodies" to "sexually arouse straight male viewers".

  • In the middle of the ongoing furore, Feminist Frequency release their latest Tropes vs Women video. The video makes claims that several popular video game titles sexually objectify women, and even promote necrophilia. Over selected clips, the video claims that the games use exotic dancer, prostitutes, and even "mutilated eroticized female bodies";, to "sexually arouse straight male viewers". The video claims that several AAA games "capitalize on scenes of sexual violence [..] gleefully".

26 Aug 2014[[[index.php?title=Timeline/August&action=edit&section=11|edit]]]



Polygon EiC Chris Grant disagreed that donations to developers constitutes conflicts of interest.

  • Information surfaces that Kotaku writer Patricia Hernandez covered Drink and The Hunt for Gay Planet, which were games developed by her friend Anna Anthropy. Hernandez and Anthropy had been roommates for several months and shared a close friendship that was not disclosed in Hernandez's coverage.[58]
  • In response to earlier revelations Kotaku editor Stephen Totilo releases a statement on their stance towards Patreon donations from writers to Developers, which Kotaku now regards as a conflict of interest which it is now "nixing".



Joss Whedon tweets in praise of @femfreq's video.

  • After some pressure, Polygon editor in chief Chris Grant also releases a statement, saying they have asked all staff to disclose any Patreon contribution they have made to developers. Polygon did not state that it found such donations constituted a conflict of interest. Polygon also stated that articles would be retroactively updated to note such contributions, and that notices of such updates would be given. As of, 23 Nov 2014, no notices of any such updates have been made.

27 Aug 2014[[[index.php?title=Timeline/August&action=edit&section=12|edit]]]



Hollywood actor Adam Baldwin coins the #Gamergate hashtag in a tweet

Creation of the #Gamergate hashtag

  • Hollywood actor Adam Baldwin coins the hashtag "#Gamergate" in a tweet [60] linking to Internet Aristocrat's video. The scandal now has a name.

Baldwin later explains that the tag was a reference to the Watergate scandal,[61] and the usual -gate suffix attached to scandals in the US.

Gamers' consumer emails proposed

  • The twitter user @MissAngerist, who had previously criticized TFYC for accepting donations from 4chan's /v/, makes a twitlonger post admitting that she had been unfair to 4chan[62] and that she had subsequently learned how the TFYC feminist project was almost shutdown by Zoe Quinn. She also discusses how a lot of harassment around the issue is coming from the social justice side. [TW]

Feminist Frequency Tweets

  • Polygon's sister site Verge is quick to tie the threats into the ongoing scandal between gamers and games journalists resulting from Eron Gjoni's post. Sarkeesian's threats will later be conflated with the ongoing scandal in the "Gamers are Dead" article barrage.

28 Aug 2014[[[index.php?title=Timeline/August&action=edit&section=13|edit]]]

The "Gamers are Dead" articles



A montage of the "Gamers are Dead" attack articles published by gaming websites on Aug 28th 2014. The articles condemned gamers as angry and hateful, and celebrated the death of the gamer identity and culture.

GameJournoPros : The articles constitutes a massive smear campaign by the online games media on the worldwide gaming community. Many of the articles explicitly tie the previous scandal stemming from Eron Gjoni's revelations into the recent threats faced by Anita Sarkeesian. Editorial collusion between games websites in the creation of this narrative is heavily suspected. These suspicions are later validated by the UK journalist Milo Yiannopoulos' exposure of the secretive GameJournoPros mailing list..

Gamers Respond



The #Gamergate hashtag explodes on twitter as gamers protest against the "Gamers are Dead" articles.

  • In response to these articles, the #Gamergate hashtag explodes on Twitter over the coming days as gamers object to the slander and stereotyping of the gaming community by unethical journalists.
  • Youtuber MundaneMatt releases a video response to the ongoing onslaught of attack articles by journalists on gamers, stating that the gamer identity is is alive and well, and that it is the behaviour and attitudes of game journalists that have let down gaming.

29th Aug 2014[[[index.php?title=Timeline/August&action=edit&section=14|edit]]]



Feminist scholar CH Sommers comments on the scandal, criticizing the way in which gamers and gaming are being politicized.

  • Second wave Feminist scholar Christina H. Sommers makes a tweet on how gamers are not political,[74] and are not hurting anyone. Sommers later notes that are being bullied by gender-war opportunists, and are no longer being defended by their own press. Her tweets prompt an insightful comment[75] from twitter user @macdatmurphy, which is well recieved by gamers.
  • Gamers continue to discuss the recent attack articles and surrounding issue at the few sites still permitting discussion. Many gamers suspect orchestration and shutdown of criticism by games journalists.[76] Suggestions of collusion similar to Ezra Klein's main-stream media JournoList scandal are made,[77] and will later be vindicated by the discovery of the GameJournoPros secret email list.

30 Aug 2014[[[index.php?title=Timeline/August&action=edit&section=15|edit]]]

[[index.php?title=File:Alexander_"Archon"_Macris.jpg|123x150px]] [[index.php?title=File:Alexander_"Archon"_Macris.jpg|15x11px]] Alexander Macris, GM of The Escapist, states that it will continue to use the term "gamer".

[[index.php?title=File:Techraptor.jpeg|150x150px]] [[index.php?title=File:Techraptor.jpeg|15x11px]] Technology site TechRaptor's webpage is taken down by their webhost.

  • Independent gaming website Gamesnosh publish an article on the fallout from the "Gamers are Dead" attack pieces, referring to events using the term "#Gamergate".[78]
  • The technology website TechRaptor, one of the few independent websites covering the scandal, is temporarily taken down after their webhost deletes their IP without explanation.[79] Techraptor's main Reddit account and subreddit are also banned, but it is later claimed that the bans were unrelated to their involvement in #GamerGate.[80] Techraptor receives a tweet telling them to "Get on the right side of history".[81]
  • Youtuber InternetAristocrat releases the third video,[82] covering the earlier denial and censorship of the games press, in contrast to the ballooning nature of the scandal and gamers' intense discussions. The escalation to derision of gamers culminating the in the "Gamers are Dead" article is noted. The connections of many individuals involved to the PR company Silverstring Media are also discussed.

31 Aug 2014[[[index.php?title=Timeline/August&action=edit&section=16|edit]]]



Youtuber LEOPirate releases a video discussing GamerGate.

  • Youtuber LEOPirate releases a video,[83] covering recent events, discussing journalists corrupt efforts to smear the gamer identity, and urging gamers not to support corrupt sites. The video also covers how gamers have raised over $20,000 to date for a feminist game jam.
  • Youtuber Boogie2988 makes a post on 4chan's /v/ board and supports gamergate[84][85]
  • Niche Gamer publishes an editorial[86] criticizing the viewpoints of many of the games journalists currently attacking gaming, particularly their assertions that "fun" should not be an important part of video games.



Before GamerGateAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember



See also[[[index.php?title=Timeline/August&action=edit&section=17|edit]]]

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