Tifa's Tits controversy

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The Tifa's Tits controversy stemmed from a harassment campaign conducted primarily through the use of the "ethics department" at Square Enix.[1] Beginning in June 2019, a harassment campaign targeted several female characters in Japanese video games; notably Final Fantasy character Tifa Lockhart.

Original Character Design of Tifa Lockhart

  • white panties and short mini-skirt
  • big breasts
  • long legs

Community Response


KotakuInAction: Big breasts exist

KotakuInAction: Tifa DLC

Google Response


Possible Anita Involvement (Feminist Frequency)

Anita Sarkeesian offers confidential consulting services to AAA game industry [2] [3] [4]

It is therefore possible that the ethics department at Square Enix has either asked Anita for advice or Anita has contacted them directly and offered them her services, anything deemed 'sexist' would then be removed.

See Also

DDD Cup Denial: "The original breasts were completely unrealistic and looked ridiculous in FMV's." [5]