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The '#GamerGate World Maps are a set of world maps created by the Twitter user @BYZPElad, in order to record and show the amount of countries #GamerGate supporters are from and to show that #GamerGate is a global revolt.

The maps themselves were created by searching through the hashtags #GamerGate, #NotYourShield and #GlobalGamers on Twitter for active supporters, #GamerGate supporters confirming what countries they were either born in or live in, and by #GamerGate supporters asking BYZPElad on Twitter to add their country to the map.

BYZPElad had made a thread on 8chan to find more people from countries that were green in the past. People who posted there from former green countries also posted images of their passports in order to prove it. Several topics were also made on KotakuinAction regarding the maps, which BYZPElad followed and used in order to find more people from former green countries.

Countries where #GamerGate supporters are confirmed to live or have been born in are colored purple in the maps and countries with no #GamerGate supporters confirmed to live or have been born in are colored green or gray depending on the version of the map. 4 Nations (Egypt, Iran, Slovakia, Croatia) on the MK3 map are colored blue. Supporters coming from those nations were first found in an old archived 8chan thread, But because of the potential use of proxies and anonymity on 8chan, BYZPElad decided to color the 4 nations differently to indicate That there are no credible user accounts to reference with said countries. North Korea is colored orange as a joke accourding to the original creator.

The maps themselves are an active project and BYZPElad is still accepting requests to add more countries for potential future versions.

The Current map and Older versions

Current version of the map: The MK5 #GamerGate world map

Older versions:

-The MK4 #GamerGate world map

-The MK3 #GamerGate world map

-The MK2 #GamerGate world map

-The original #GamerGate world map

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