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Game Infobox


Game articles must be related to Gamer Gate for now. This is a work in progress

Optional. Name of the game. Use if name is different than the page name.
Optional. Image of legally sourced art. Don't include 'File:'.
Name over the publishing house if one exists.
Name of the company that developed the game. Personal projects can have people listed, and groups can be listed here as well, if no company exists.
Key People
Optional. Any key people should be listed here.
Release Date
The date of initial public release and the date of final release.
Ethics Issues
If this games' reviews are in contention the answer is yes.


Developer(s): Ludeon Studios
Publisher(s): Ludeon Studios
Key People: Tynan Sylvester
Release Date(s): WW: November 04, 2013 (Alpha)
WW: July 15, 2016 (Early Access)
Twitter: Yes
{{Game Infobox
| name = RimWorld
| image = 
| Developer = [[Ludeon Studios]]
| Publisher = Ludeon Studios
| Distributor = 
| Key People = [[Tynan Sylvester]]
| Release Date = WW: November 04, 2013 (Alpha)<br />WW: July 15, 2016 (Early Access)
| Ethics Issues = Yes