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Tencent Notes:



Tencent: A Corporate Behemoth

By Caledonia

Many of you will know of Tencent, the Chinese megacorporation that is involving itself in gaming to an alarming extent. The purpose of this post is to simply raise awareness of how many companies are either owned/operated, invested into or are simply in some form of partnership with the Chinese conglomerate. This list is intended to help those who want to be informed about Tencent and to help those who wish to avoid Tencent as much as they can in future.

Online Services Tencent QQ (Instant messaging) WeChat (Popular social media application) Pengyuo (Another popular social media app) Qzone (ANOTHER social media app) Tencent Maps (Mapping service) Tencent Video (Video streaming site) Tencent Weibo (Microblogging site) Foxmail (email) Sogou Search (Search engine) QQ Player (Media player) Juwai .com (Real estate website) Tencent Credit (Credit score site) Tencent Traveller (web browser) Gaming Tencent Games, a subsidiary which operates: WeGame (gaming platform) Tencent Gaming Platform (TGP) Box (game console) TiMi Mobile (Subsidiary) - Developers of CoD: Mobile Investments in: Grinding Gear Games (80% ownership) Ubisoft (5% ownership) Riot Games (100% ownership) Glu Mobile (14.46% ownership) Epic Games (40-48% ownership) Bluehole (11.5% ownership) Activision-Blizzard (5% ownership) Paradox Interactive (5% ownership) Supercell (5% ownership) Frontier Developments (9% ownership) Kakao (13.5% ownership) Fatshark (36% ownership) Funcom (29% ownership) Sharkmob (100% ownership) Discord ($158M in funding) Entertainment: iTQQ Television Tencent Pictures (Film division) Tencent Video Tencent Comic Tapas Media (U.S. partner of Tencent Comic) Tencent Music Entertainment: Manages QQ Music, Kuguo and Kuwo apps Partnered with Sony Music, Spotify, Warner and Universal Music. Education VIPKID (Online teaching platform) E-Commerce PaiPai .com (auction site) Tencent Pay (online payments) JD .com (e-commerce site) - 15% Zhuanzhuan .com (partially owned) Additional WeSure Internet Insurance (partnered with Ping An Insurance) Skydance Media (5-10%) Snap Inc (Snapchat) - (10%) The Lego Group (partnered) Wanda Group (42.48%) - Owns AMC Theatres Carrefour S.A. (French multinational, partner) Luckin Coffee (partner) L'Oreal (partner for digital marketing) SenSat (British AI and drone startup, recieved $10M in funding) Rapoo (Chinese UAV manufacturer) Reddit ($150M investment)

This list is by no means a complete list of ALL of Tencents investments, partners and subsidiaries, but regardless is meant to inform you as to just how large a commercial enterprise Tencent is.

Thank you for reading.