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TV Tropes
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Owner: drewski, Fast Eddie (The Founder) (Retired)
Editor-in-Chief: itcdr
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Tv Tropes is an index of the tropes that are used to tell stories in movies, television, literature, and other forms of media. Their main goal is to be a wiki that's accessible, fun to read, and to be not locked into a specific fandom's viewpoint. [1][2] (Tropes are not to be confused with cliches).


Fast Eddie, was the mysterious founder who helped start Tv Tropes back in 2004 as a fan site for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, pointing out the tropes which appears in the show alone; the site expanded to include hundreds and thousands of entries, covering other forms of media, like video games, film, anime, and comics. He was the main admin for ten years before retiring, placing two administrators in his place: Drewski and Icdtr.[3][4]


The Google Incident/The Situation

On October 26, 2010, Fast Eddie notices that there's no advertisement on any of the pages. Since Google disabled Tv Trope's adsense without warning.[5] Later after an investigation, Fast Eddie drops the news that it was Google that reviewed Tv Tropes and states that it has family unfriendly content. Once the NSFG (The "Not Safe for Google"), like the rape, sexual harassment, and fetish fuel tropes got removed, merely placed behind a Curtain (a click-through confirmation system), until further notice Google restored the ad revenue.

The Second Google Incident

Another incident occurred, this is known as the "Second Google Incident," were Tv Tropes was scrambling to make ends meet. They already put down the problematic pages to meet with Google's policies, start and find other advertisers to make ends meet (and not to be overtly reliant on Google); though it was not enough. [6] This forced Tv Tropes to make a new policy, called the "Posse for Prevention of Pedophilia and Pure Porn" (Aka the "Panel to Purge Pornography, Pedophilia, and Perversity" or "Panel Preventing Perversity, Pornography, and Pedoshit." No one's sure anymore) and formed a group of five members. - Adannor, Dr. Psyche, JHM, Discar, and a fifth member - To enforce these new rules.[7]

Troper Exodus

Some Tropers, like Looney Toons, are displeased with the censorship and the restrictions on "acceptable content," and expressed concerns about it.[8] This made Fast Eddie start banning them and other users left and right.[9] Those Tropers formed All The Tropes, which has ALL the tropes, even the not safe for Google ones.

Role in Gamergate


  • Trope-tan is the mascot and the personification of Tv Tropes, she was drawn by Fawriel, a Vigilante Taxonomist. Her pet is Tropey, the Wonder Dog. [11][12]

In All The Tropes, they affectionately call Tv Tropes "The Other Tropes Wiki."[13]

The group is invite only, their goal is to get together to hang out and talk all things Warhammer 40000.

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