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TV Tropes is a wiki that collects and expands descriptions and examples of various conventions and devices (tropes) found within creative works. Since its establishment in 2004, the site has shifted focus from covering only television and film tropes to covering those in other types of media such as literature, comics, video games, music, advertisements, and toys.

Full of censorship, outdated memes, people that don't know about what they are talking about and SJW narratives.

Main alternative to this website is called All The Tropes.


Fast Eddie, was the mysterious found who helped start Tv Tropes back in 2004 as a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan site, pointing out the tropes which appears in the show alone; the site eventually expanded to include hundreds and thousands of entries, covering other forms of media, like video games, films, anime, and comics. He was the main admin for a decade before retiring, placing two administrators in his place: Drewski and Icdtr.[1][2]


The Google Incident/The Situation

October 26, 2010, was when Fast Eddie finds that there's no more advertisement on the Tv Tropes site. It's because Google disable the adsense without warning. After investigating he drops the news that Google deems Tv Tropes as family unfriendly, because of some of its content. Once the "Not Safe For Google" (aka NSFG) content, like rape, sexual harassment, fetish fuel, and other similar tropes got removed, placing them behind a Curtain (a click-through confirmation system), until further notice and when Google restores the ad revenue.[3]

The Second Google Incident

Another incident occurred, known as the "Second Google Incident," has Tv Tropes scrambling to make ends meet. They already put down the problematic pages just to meet with Google's policies, start and find other means and advertisers (and to not be overtly reliant on Google); though doing this was not enough. This forced Tv Tropes to make a new policy, called the "Posse for Prevention of Pedophilia and Pure Porn" (Aka the "Panel to Purge Pornography, Pedophilia, and Perversity" or the "Panel Preventing Perversity, Pornography, and Pedoshit." No one's sure anymore) and formed a group of five members to enforce these new rules. - They are Adannor, Dr. Psyche, JHM, Discar, and a soon to be announce fifth member.[4]

Role In Gamergate

On August 19, TV Tropes moderator Blackcat locked a discussion thread about Zoe Quinn. On September 18, 2014, TV Tropes moderator Fighteer removed the mention of Gamergate from the Streisand Effect article and threatened to ban any user who brought up the subject. The subject remained up as an example of Internet Counterattack and Scandalgate. Tiny evidence is mention is all that remains of it in the Internet Counterattack involving Zoe Quinn, since all the references in the Scandelgate example were destroyed.

In 2015, SeptimusHeap deleted Gamergate and the whole "Audience Reaction" parts from the Internet Counterattack trope page, stating that the page is only about the fictional "In Universe" usage.[5][6]

True Neutral No Longer

In 2018, according to a troper, Chasem, Star Wars Episode 8, was the most progressive movie and is very much needed - Due to Donald Trump winning the 2016 election. Stating that The Last Jedi is pure and unabashingly "liberal" and pro-women (for some weird reason, since women, minorities, aliens, and the LGBTQ characters were never pushed out or excluded). Even comparing the current administration to the "Big Cats" in Canto Bight[7] According to LightDragnman1, a reddit user, this review also reflects what the Tv Tropers' current reasoning and mentality that's becoming more apparent in recent years.[8][9][10]

In May 2019, Tv Tropes' ideological biases getting in the way of writing simple pages, for example the "Game of Thrones" entries spiral down into whining and complaining about feminism and politics, even twisting facts. - This hits one in the head like a jackhammer, even with just a casual browse.[11]


  • Trope-tan is the mascot/ personification of Tv Tropes, she was drawn by Fawriel, a Vigilante Taxonomist. Her pet is Tropey, the Wonder Dog.[12][13]
  • In All The Tropes, they affectionately calls Tv Tropes "The Other Tropes Wiki."
  • Tv Tropes bans any troper who brings up "Fuck No, Tv Tropes." A tumblr blog that showed a small sample of the darkness of what goes on behind the scenes. - The problems which the blog highlights are still relevant today.[16]


All The Tropes


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