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Susan Arendt was managing editor of Joystiq.

Involvement in Gamergate

According to Milo Yiannopoulos, [1]

Arendt herself, of course, was a high-profile member of the notorious GameJournoPros mailing list... On the list, Arendt responded to Eron Gjoni, who wrote about his experiences being cheated on and lied to by Zoe Quinn, with the words: “fuck that guy.” She also called popular and influential YouTuber TotalBiscuit a “whiny git” and suggested he had “insanely thin skin.” Despite this, TotalBiscuit tweeted #SaveJoystiq when news broke that the site was due to be closed.
... In Facebook messages leaked to the internet, Arendt can be seen labelling a former boss, who commenters on the internet have speculated is Defy Media’s Alexander Macris, a “chickenshit” and encouraging Escapist staff member Jim Sterling to leave the company.

After the commercial failure of the game Sunset, Arendt wrote "In defense of games that aren’t fun" in GamesRadar to call for an arts fund for such games. [2]