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{{Website Infobox
{{Website Infobox
| name = Something Awful
| name = Something Awful
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| type
| website = [https://www.somethingawful.com/ Something Awful]
| website = [https://www.somethingawful.com/ Something Awful]

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Something Awful
Website: [Something Awful]

Founded in 1999 by Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka, Something Awful (aka SA) was a funny website/forum community.[1][2]

Role in Gamergate


In November 19, 2007, Ubisoft hired an attorney and sued some of the Goons for posting a link that led to a pornographic parody cartoon that's based on one of their lead designers, Jade Raymond. The French company demanded that the obscene image be immediately removed and the goon's identity to be turned over.[3][4]





Lowtax signed up for reddit after seeing KotakuInAction's thread talking about the sjws accused him of being a pedophile. [9][10] Just to clarify some things, like "He never said anything positive about furries in the 10 years" that he knew Shmorky, the latter never lived with him or stayed at his house, and ceased doing videos with Smorky.

In September 20, 2014, even though Lowtax does not care about Gamergate, he finds it ridiculous that sites are prohibiting its discussion.[11][12]

In October 30, 2014, SA published a funny Gamergate parody article, CatGate: The Search for Ethics in Cat Journalism. [13][14]

In October 11, 2014, Lowtax tweeted that he's getting busted for his "tireless crusade to dox and harass people" with his site's members, when he was mentioned in the FBI reports.[15][16]

In 2015, carpetalist found out that every Gamergate thread gets nuked, through the means of subterfuge and Lowtax was no where to be found.[17]

In September 2015, thesquibblyone, a redditor, posted in KotakuInAction, that Something Awful had an "open day", just to remind Gamergate and Not Your Shield to take advantage of the browsing without paying opportunity and to get archiving what they can see.[18][19]

In September 21, 2015, Lowtax tweeted "Dear reddit, keep your fucking crazy ass Gamergaters off Something Awful. If possible also place them in a room filled with carbon monoxide."[20] He accused the members of KotakuIn Action of attempting to crash the forums, he refused to answer after some are requiring proof about these claims.[21]

In October 15, 2015, some of the Goons rejoiced, once they heard that TotalBiscuit's cancer returned and he will eventually die.[22][23]

In May 26, 2016, Bob Mackey (aka Bobservo) penned an article criticizing James Rolfe, who stated that he won't see and review the upcoming Ghostbusters movie.[24]A Day Late and A Dollar Short (KIA/archive) - [31]</ref>

Sometime in December 8, 2016, someone gave Brianna Wu a tip that Something Awful was scheming to abduct her dog, [25][26] Her response was to blame Gamergate.[27]



It's members are called "Goons."[29]

Something Awful has a Steam group:[30] https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SomethingAwful


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