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Solution6 is a Twitter hashtag that trended on the night of 11/15/2014 and an ongoing operation/ARG.

This section is part of a series on the #GamerGate Illuminati


  • Solution 6 was an Operation in which a large portion of the #GamerGate hashtag posted a series of strange, cryptic messages to each other containing militaristic language. This hashtag received over 7,000 tweets on the night of November 15, 2014.[1]
  • Solution 6 has received criticism for being a secret operation and for its apparently invite-only nature.
  • Solution 6 has recently been revived as an ARG, apparently run by the /gg/ mods.


The purpose of Solution 6 is unknown. Opponents of #GamerGate have speculated that the name is a reference to the Community Solution 6 food drive and that the illuminati-referencing images and secret messages were a joke,[2] and that the hashtag was the result of a third-party viral marketing campaign. Others believe that Solution 6 is an elaborate hoax intended to troll everyone not "in" on the joke, and still others worry that Solution 6 is gamers' final resort and "nuclear option".[3]

At least one #Solution6 post also contained the hashtag #steganography, a reference to the art or practice of concealing a message, image, or file within another message, image, or file.[4]

Shortly after the genesis of the hashtag, the website was discovered. The function of this website is unknown.

The operation seems to have been declared a success at midnight on November 15.

On November 17, a video was posted on a twitter account called seeleorg. The video is titled "#Solution6: //SOUND ONLY #01//" and was posted by an account called "SOUND ONLY01", which appears to be a brand-new account. The video itself shows what appears to be a flickering test pattern with a strange upside-down triangle in the center, which appears to be the same image featured in the avatar of the seeleorg twitter account. The video's audio, featuring what appear to be telephone dial tones, appears to be the main focus of the video. The audio was later converted into an SSTV image, which features what appears to be an encrypted message. It was later revealed that there was another line in the image, displayed here. The image was later decoded, revealing what appears to be a message from the GamerGate Illuminati asking for "[their] trust, for when the time comes, all will be clear".

Also discovered on November 17 was a website, in the vein of, which features a login prompt.

A second video was uploaded on November 17. The video is similar to the first one, and presumably includes another encoded message. Another image was subsequently uncovered and decoded to reveal the following text:

We too are against the idea of

secret elitist groups. THis is not animal farm.

Regrettably, the very nature of Solution6 requires that it is kept a closely guarded secret, until the time is right. or it would be for naught

However, in the coming days expect additional transmissions. as a sign of good faith. we shall share what we can.

Several notable figures involved in the operation of and the GamerGate Wiki follow the @seeleorg twitter account, including the official twitter account of the website and wiki. The significance of this is as of yet unknown.

A new twitter account dedicated to Solution6 (@Solution6Primer) has been discovered. It appears to be sending coded messages to those in the Sol6 network. The precise meaning of these messages is as of yet unknown.


Nothing is known about the spread of Solution 6. No information regarding its origins is publicly available. Information may have been disseminated via the Operation SKYNET network. Everyone involved seemed to already know what Solution 6 was about by the time the hashtag began trending.



On the 12th of March 2013, a file named "Solution6 Map.png"[5] appeared on the Runescape 2007 wikia as one of a number of solutions to a Runescape Treasure Trail.[6]
Its entry reads: One of the sailors in Port Sarim is your next destination. Speak to Captain Tobias.
Captain Tobias is one of 3 sailors who allow access to Musa Point.[7]

The /gg/ mods are involved in Solution6, as evidenced by the thread about the video uploaded on November 17th[8] has being stickied and the existence of this banner on /gg/ itself.

Seele itself appears to be a reference to Neon Genesis Evangelion, as it is the name of a shadowy and mysterious organization in the show itself and has the same logo featured on the @seeleorg twitter account.

With the recent reveal of a twitter account and youtube channel dedicated to Solution6 on /gg/, some have begun to suspect that Solution6 is actually an ARG, though its objective remains unknown.



Solution6propaganda.png Looselips.jpg Cdc6.png



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