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Shitty Webcomics was a Tumblr blog dedicated to webcomics the page mods considered to be bad, before being shadowbanned on Tumblr.[1][2] Today the Tumblr is about more than webcomics, and usually consists of the mods opinions on feminism, racism and social justice, as well as answers to submitted questions.

GamerGate report

On August 22, a contributor to Shitty Webcomics claiming to be a game journalist reported being threatened at their workplace for discussing GamerGate.

Been writing at gaming sites for over a decade now. I do it as a hobby because it allows me to write about something I love while still keeping my job as a journalist because my hours are flexible as a game journalist, so I can pop a news article or game review in my off time at work.

Anyway, this whole Zoe Quinn thing has put lots of sites on high alert. I brought up the whole thing with coworkers at the site I work at, and they just dismissed the issue. when I pressed the issue the implication quickly turned from a dismissive handwave to a *very* threatening “talk about this any more and you will be fired.” I’ve been talking to some writers at other minor sites and this seems to be happening on all points. Every site is toeing the line because they are very afraid of what this might mean for the “industry” - and I use that term loosely because the game journalism industry is to the journalism industry where shitting in a kiddie pool is to Olympic Swimming. They feel that if the game industry were to suffer a schism of infighting due to this the integrity and credibility (which is funny, because they already had none) of game journalism would evaporate immediately. That’s why there’s this air of “we must remain united and hold the line. Anyone who breaks formation is a traitor who must be exterminated.”

While the author did not disclose the workplace, Shitty Webcomics pasted the Kotaku logo over the article.


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