Saint Anita Vs Female Monsters

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The video "Saint Anita Vs Female Monsters" is a response to Sinister Seductress, the sixth episode of the second season of Tropes vs Women in Video Games.[1][2]

Video Summary

appaband claims that Sarkeesion makes false claims consistently. Though he notes some correctness in her explanation of DOOM. The notability of her correctness and the few places in which it is noted, speaks ill of his impression of her.

He discusses the opening shot from Sinister Seductress. A showing of Mass Effect 2. He describes the superiority of the character Samarra from the first Mass Effect over --- of Mass Effect 2. He believes Samarra to be at least a marginally better person. While he believes --- is "a time bomb, waiting to happen."


For a script of this video, visit the YouTube video. Select more actions and then select Transcript. The closed captions for the video will appear.

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