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Sad Puppies was a voting campaign intended to influence the outcome of the annual Hugo's Awards.

For the 2015 Hugo's, the Sad Puppies and overlapping Rabid Puppies slates swept several entire categories of nominations. During final voting at the Hugo's, however, all except one of those categories was voted "No Award", and that category, Best Film, was the only Puppy candidate to win any category. In the 2016, the Sad Puppies campaign was changed to used ranked recommendation lists rather than a slate, though the Rabid Puppy campaign did not follow suit. Only two categories were swept by the campaigns and subsequently voted for "No Award", and the only Puppy nominees to win categories were ones by popular creators unconnected to the campaigns. The Sad Puppy campaign did not return in 2017, and the Rabid Puppy campaign only mustered an estimated 80–90 members and 12 nominations.