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Rome Viharo
Aliases: Bubblefish
Occupation: Writer

Rome Viharo is a disgruntled ex-Wikipedia editor who was banned and then created an entire website named Wikipedia We Have A Problem to pointlessly complain about his ban and whine about "harassment." Although complaining of being harassed, Viharo does the exact same thing, and has doxed Wikipedia editors on his website, while also spreading rumours (e.g. skeptics create articles on Wikipedia by receiving PayPal cash-payments, or RationalWiki "is gas lighting, lying, & covering up cross platform harassment") and the Guerilla Skepticism conspiracy theory.

Prior to his antics on Wikipedia, Viharo trolled online message-boards and forums, also resulting in bans. His various internet usernames include Bubblefish, PillyM, WWHP, Tumbleman, 23canaries and hoofish. In April 2018, Viharo appeared on the Gary Null Show to spread nonsense and misinformation about skeptics on Wikipedia and RationalWiki; Null is an alternative medicine quack.

He is in the same situation as Bryan Dunsheng See.

Wikipedia We Have A Problem

Wikipedia We Have A Problem is a fake news website that Viharo uses to publish misinformation, made-up stories and wild allegations about Wikipedia and RationalWiki admins.